Highly disturbing Video of Ethiopian Women In Saudi Arabia

Meanwhile Ethiopia to send 45,000 maids every month to Saudi Arabia:

JEDDAH – Ethiopia is facilitating procedures to send 45,000 maids to the Kingdom every month, an informed source at the Ethiopian Embassy in Saudi Arabia has said.

Ethiopian housemaids have been high in demand after the Kingdom stopped recruiting housemaids from four countries, including Kenya, because the Kingdom has been unable to reach a satisfactory agreement with these countries, Asharq Al-Awsat reported Wednesday.

Noor Adeen Masfa, Vice Consul for Economic Affairs in Jeddah, said his department and committees from the Ethiopian Ministry of Labor met several times to facilitate the travel of housemaids to the Kingdom after they are properly trained in Ethiopia.

“We decided to finish procedures of 1,500 housemaids due to the increasing demand for Ethiopian housemaids by Saudi families. Ethiopian housemaids are trained well on Saudi customs and traditions, besides the percentage of runaways is low,” he said.

Unavailability of sufficient flights from Addis Ababa has also caused the delay in the travel of a large number of housemaids.

Some Saudi families have complained that their Ethiopian housemaids left their households after coming to the Kingdom to work illegally because they get lucrative offers from private companies and brokers. Masfa said this matter was studied and discussed. Deterring penalties will be put on housemaids who do that, he said.

“Some Saudi families employ housemaids illegally and pay them SR2,000 a month. That’s why many housemaids run away,” he added.

Masfa said the Ministry of Labor in Ethiopia is considering to put conditions in the contracts to allow housemaids use a cell phone and talk to their families and the consulate in the Kingdom.

“Saudi recruitment offices have welcomed this idea,” he said. – SG

7 Responses to “Highly disturbing Video of Ethiopian Women In Saudi Arabia”

  1. talking the family on cell phone is not abig deal for them & it's can't be the solution am leaving hear and I can be witness for so many abusing of maids really it's very sad for me to see most of our sister's are waiting their client in the airport on very bad & unaccepted condition without food and emergency exit in case of fire most of them arrived from home country only on single dress , without money due to their are not able to come out from airport without their sponsor they are getting big depression , mental and physical health problem house maid left their household after arrived in saud arabia due to bad treatment ofcorse not all of them treated badly and left their house hold but most of them our government has to facilitate good condition for them in co ordenation with Saudi government and Saudi human write commission and our embassy has to find out the solution for people who waiting for many days and a month and more in the airport they has to be visited by our consulate on daily basis to see their condition and facilitate there need as well as ethiopian comunity in saudi arabia has to do more on this matter hop a day will come all of us remain to gather in our home land lates work for our country re insanse and econommic grouth.

  2. Its so out of humanity so rudeless. Any way what's the response about this situation what did they say the humanity society and Ethiopian community , Government? are we still in Slavery?

  3. ethio says:

    sorry for ethiopian government he is a simbol. i never heard any government like this in the world ignorant we should stop travling to uncivlized arab or back word peoples.

  4. Selamawit Solomon says:

    As far as TPLF and its looting wing EFFORT is concerned and if it benfitted and enrich TPLF/EFFORT Every thing Ethiopia and Ethiopians is For sale .The conversation got to be how to Stop this TPLF Gulags from dismembering the ancient nation of Ethiopia .IF ITS NOT NOW WHEN -IF ITS NOT US(ETHIOPIANS) WHO WILL LIBRATE US ???

  5. Selamawit Solomon says:

    The root-Source of all Ethiopians misery is TPLF and TPLF only -Unless we struggle to form the democratic regime in Ethiopia such a crime against Ethiopians all over the planet will remain the same as the matter of fact will get even worse and worse -WE MUST STRUGGLE TO FORM A REGIME WHO REPREENT AND ELECTED BY THE PEOPLE OF ETHIOPIA– that will resolve most of the suffering and humiliation of Ethiopians all over the world including with in Ethiopia by outsiders -LETS LOOK INWARD FOR THE SOLUTION

  6. sami says:

    Dear …viewer

    i was so discus to see human being has been triede thi way not acceptabel

  7. Bjørg Irene Karlsen says:

    This is no less than kidnapping and enslavement! How can Ethiopian girls/women be sold to slavery by their own government? This is again one new horror fram Meles Zenavi`s government.