Ethiopian News: Should Amhara Organize?

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ESAT Ethiopian News in Amharic: Should Amhara Organize? Hailegebreale Ayalew with ESAT. Ethiopian Satellite Television.

18 Responses to “Ethiopian News: Should Amhara Organize?”

  1. Sleshi Beyan says:

    Yes, Amaras must organize to deal a mortal blow to the traitors and recalim the land their Amara ancestors and other patriotic Ethiopians snatched fromthe jaws of imperialists for at least 2000 years.

    Mocking Amara vallour, Amara institutions patriotism and language has been a fashionable thing peddled even by Amara’s since the era of the Derg. EPRP and other so-called progressive parties were at the forefron of Amara-bashing.
    Woyane Tigres are a different breed of men. They have a legitimate reason to feel inferior towards Amaras. They are envious towards the nationalist Amaras as they know they cannot compare to them . Their own wicked history that reveals their mercenary disposition, the humiliation of their traitor ancestors during both Italian invasions has given rise to a misplaced anger.

    They think it is thier golden opportunity to hit at Amaras in particular. They had been enboldened by the rift they created between Amaras and Oromos. Little did the Woyane realise that the two giants who have for the most part shpaed the destiny of Ethiopia will once again forge their historical unity to batter the enemies they now best.
    Amaras should never shy away from coming together to do what they no best discreetely.
    By the reckoning of my intuition, the day, the Woyane enemies will regret their very existence is not far away.
    Amaras, take note. You have a duty to your own kind as you have to the nation at large.

  2. meretwork says:

    I 100% agree with Hailgebreal Ayalew idea!!! when Amharas vicim or tourched, persecuated, dischrimimated, even killed
    Nobody is spaking that is why we need to organize.

    God bless ETHIOPIA! seve the people of Amharas and kids!!!!

  3. አማራ ዮናይትድ ለሁሉም ኢትዮጵያ ስለሚጠቅም says:

    ለወያኔ ለጋጠወጥ ዝም ብሎ በየዋህነት ማየት አይገባም አማራ በየስር ቤቱ እየማቀቀ አማራ ለመደራጀት መፍራት አያስፈልግም

  4. abiyou says:

    we have to pray every single day for one nation and we have to be committed I think he is right

  5. Asrat Woldeyesus says:

    It is shame for us, for Ethiopians to found our selves in the curent pridecment, hoodwinked by little brain monesters like meles & few of his Tigrean/Hamasen maffiosi perpetrators and the rest of us collabrators who are working only inorder to advance white men/ savage Arabs interest in the expense of our nation’s future.Please, let’s all realize that what happend to one of us is going to happen somewehere to one of us too may be not right away but for sure tomorrow. Let’s be a people of great minds and great ideas contrasting these little locusts who are dedicating their will only to destroy us by destroying our aspiration and passion to greatness of humanity which unconditional respect and affection to fellow mankind.So, my fellow Ethiopian Amharas your sorrow is mine, your cry is mine, when you get displaced I get displaced too therefor, today we are all Amharas.

  6. Thax @Meseret Mekuriawu

  7. Maru Engida says:

    I love ETIOPIA.

  8. ስማችን አማራ ዜግነት ኢትዮጵያውነት ክብሩ ፕሮፊሰር አስራት ነብሳቸውን ይማር says:

    ለኢሳቶ ምስጋና አወ አማራ መደራጀት ያስፈልገዋል ያ ካልሆነ ግን ህልውናው አደጋ ላይ ነው አማራ ቢደራጂ ኢትዮጵያውነት ይተዋል ማለት አይደለም ነገሮች ሲያስገድድሁ የግድ ነው ህዝቦቹን ለመታደግ

  9. It’s an amazing and important interview about the current pressing issue of Ethiopia. Wotat Haile Gebrael Ayalew has expressed eloquently, with detail knowledge of the past and present situation of Ethiopia and its people. Loved each and every part of it. God Bless Ethiopia and her true children. ONE LOVE♥, ONE ETHIOPIA♥ ONE NATION♥, UNDER GOD!♥.

  10. Birhanu Demeke says:

    Dear Hailegebreale Ayalew;Well done,for accurate and straight input you delivered to all freedom loving Ethiopians including those of Amara ethnic origin concerning the need for organizing the Amara ethnic to free and defend itself from the current injustice subjected by the TPLF clique and preserve itself from demise as well as prepare itself for the uncertain political landscape of the future Ethiopia.
    ESAT should refrain itself from questioning as to why Amara should organize itself,because it should for the soul purpose of resisting those who are working for its demise particularly and that of Ethiopia generally,whereas it failed to question others who have organised themselves under their respective ethnics.
    I completely agree with Hailegebreale Ayalew and that of Ambassador Emiru’s input or vision that Amara ought to organize itself to deal with the injustice subjected by the TPLF and be better prepare to deal with the challenges of the future Ethiopia.Doing that is a duty and responsibility of all concerned Amaras.Organizing ourselves under our ethnic shouldn’t make us to be considered as anti-Ethiopia,because up to so far no political group has defended us collectively,except the attempt made by the AAPO.
    Wallelign was opposed to the Amara feudal Monarch system led by Hailesillase I,wasn’t Hailesilasse half cast Oromo by his father and Guragae by his mother,how about Mengistu Haile mariam, wasn’t he Oromo by his father and Amara by his mother,wasn’t Minilik II Amara by his father and Oromo by his mother,and also most of his authority figures were Oromos.So one may ask why all the blame on Amara?How about when we talk about the rulers prior to Minlik II,be it the Niguses or the Rases were they emanated from Amara ethnic only?these rulers did they benefited their particular ethnic at the expense of others?Let us not fabricate history to suite our political interest!

  11. Abay says:

    I aggeree with the idea, Amharas has to be organized because they are believing with a united Ethiopia and have been a victim of tplf apartaid rule. Most Amharas are tourched, persecuated, discrimimated, and most of their representatives are Ertreans grown up in Amhara region like Bereket Simon and Amharas with Tigrean ethinicity that is why they are always the victim. Nobody is speaking when Amharas are attacked, their lands are taken away by tplf. We need to organize and work with other peoples.

  12. Alex says:

    Hailegebreal spoke for all of us, Amhara. I for one agree Amharas need to be organized regardless. The anti Amhara individuals use the lame excuse of Ethiopia will be divided if Amhara organized itself. That is offensive to Amhara and to any ethnic in general. If you tolerate TPLF, OLF, ONLF and other groups, why would you deny Amhara? Amhara is attacked!

  13. Nationalist says:

    There is no reason for Amharas not to organize to defend themselves. This problem is not only Amara’s problem but Ethiopia problem. That is not to hate or be separated from other ethnic groups because they are also victims of the current evil regime.

    The whole reason for hitting Amharas is because they are very nationalists. If one is nationalist he or she can not be a narrow-minded or greedy person. They see things in a bigger picture and bigger angle. A nationalist person will die for compatriots. Will face any danger to save the country. That is the threat to Meles because he is the exact opposite. He wants people who hate every group but themselves.

  14. woygud says:

    good observation on environment and other social problems such as khat addiction.

  15. Zera Yakob says:

    TPLF never been popular in tigray only forcefully and by deceiving tigreans, but the good news is TPLF is gone forever and the remnants are shabiya agents creating havoc among ethiopians, they will pay the price..

  16. tedla says:

    bubu, Meles Zenawi is leading TPLF (Tigre People Liberation Front) Shabya and Eritrea nothing to do with the current situation. WOyane is continued getting popular support from Tigres.

  17. bubu says:

    evil shabiya meles know very well what could be the backlash of amhara displacement he hate tigray people so he want the crisis to be contuine on the future generation…

  18. Zera Yakob says:

    I compeletly agree with Hailegebreale Ayalew’s idea of organizing ethnic Amharas just to defend themselves but forget not that the whole idea is to strengthen the greater unity of Ethiopians through common goal. As matter of fact ethnically i am not Amara i am Tigrean, but attack on Amara is as if an attack on me as an Ethiopian attack on any ethnic Ethiopian is attack on me. saying all that enemy to any ethnic ethiopian is enemy to all of us, so we have to stand for the displaced ethiopian kicked out of their homes in southern ethiopia.

    Unity is our strength!
    God bless Ethiopia.