OLF’s secretary, Mr. Amin Jundi’s dynamic and powerful speech

by K. Bekele

This was Mr. Amin Jundi at his best. This charismatic secretary of OLF made a dynamic and powerful speech at the Timret/OLF meeting in Seattle on March 24, 2012 in Seattle. His speech was so electric and powerful, the standing ovation he received were so many to count. The Seattle audience, known for their fiery patriotic activism, showed a tremendous appreciation and respect for Mr. Jundi’s speech that accurately and decidedly analyzed the political situation in Ethiopia today. And Seattle responded, with a thunderous applause, to Mr. Amin Jundi’s call to seriously fight for a really democratic and united Ethiopia where all ethnic groups live under justice and democracy for all.

The Seattle audience that attended this meeting, sponsored by the Ethiopian People’s Forum in Seattle, was beyond capacity. Perhaps, the number of the audience has broken the record since the heydays of Kinijit. Mr. Amin Jundi fired up the crowd like never before and the two way communication between them was spectacular, to say the least. His one hour speech was like ten minutes getting many standing ovations in between. Mr. Jundi is a powerful communicator that can hold a crowd to its feet for more than an hour. And we witnessed his talent at the Seattle Timret/OLF historic meeting on March 24, 2012.

Here in Seattle, Mr. Amin Jundi proved, beyond doubt, to friends and enemies alike that he is damn serious and dog on determined to go after Monster Zenawi. During his speech,his confidence, his aggressive go-getter quality and no-non sense resolve were displayed in living color. This man is here for the long haul. Mr. Amin has the ability and the patience to rally,not only our Oromo friends who are not yet on his side, but the whole of Ethiopia irrespective of ethnic origin. He is a man of vision and far looking.

It is not wise to spoil his powerful and full-of-life speech by trying to describe and analyze it here. You have got to hear it from the man himself-live, vivid, and of course, DYNAMIC.

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