ESAT: The Legal and Illegal Synodos to Negotiate

The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahado Church Synodos in exile and many Ethiopian Orthodox Christians believed the Synodos in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia is lead by illegally implemented patriarch Abune Paulos (Tegadalay Gebremedihn).

3 Responses to “ESAT: The Legal and Illegal Synodos to Negotiate”

  1. I am sorry but I couldn’t understand our father’s motive in the Diaspora, is there any change from the weyane side? Isn’t Abune Poulos assigned by Meles Zenawi who is still on power Killing and torturing innocent citizens? Isn’t Abune Poulos and woyane securities recently physically beaten “Liqe papasat” in Ethiopia? How comes the fathers we love and proud of going to sleep with the murderer regime servants?

  2. Keyy Moneyy says:

    Please, Please, Please……..stop fooling yourselves. You can't negotiate with the DEVIL. If the holy synod decides to make a deal with the tyrannic Meles and aba Diabilos, then they should know that it's only a decision they chose to make for themselves and doesn't represent the opinions and feelings of the believers at large. What this means is them, the church in exile will split between members who chose to join the DEVIL and members who would rather die than making peace with the DEVIL knowing the fact that this wasn't about making peace but rather an act of betrayal or selling of one's soul to the DEVIL. We Ethiopians know the truth and we also know that the truth always leads to the light, "GOD….JESUS" , regardless of what the Liqane Papasats say.

  3. koster says:

    MELES and DIABLOS should give up power immediately and unconditionally if we want to have peace in the Horn of Africa/Ethiopia.