ESAT Ethiopia: Ambassador Vicki Haddleston, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, Pentagon

Ambassador Vicki Haddleston, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, Pentagon

Ambassador Vicki Huddleston, Assistant Secretary of State for Africa, speaks to ESAT at the Pentagon on issues related to Ethio-US relations and security matters related to the Horn of Africa.

10 Responses to “ESAT Ethiopia: Ambassador Vicki Haddleston, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, Pentagon”

  1. Bizen Jelani says:

    If one was to probe her wavering hand gestures with a LIE detector how many times would the marker get out of range or in case of an audio signaling make a sharp squeal which would require a more robust equipment designated for the Padrinos.

    Indeed, Vicki was the “Godmother” of the racist Woyanes who have been designated by the Western special interest groups to be the bully boys in East Africa. Her plot did not go as planned since the mercenary Woyane State did not get the legitimacy it wanted to get after the 1995 election nor did it grow to be strong.

    When asked about the illegal sanctions imposed on Eritrea she went on tangent describing AlShebab as if it is a new organization just discovered by the Pentagon–who knows when Eritrean Stealth ZT delivered weapons evading the entire aerial and land surveillance!!!.

    One can go on pointing at all the lies and distortions she has tried to tell; well, who would buy into such deceptive games when most of Ethiopian politicians and activists are more or less aware of such individuals and groups who talk about how they love Ethiopia ONLY as long as it serves their EXCLUSIVE interests.

    Well, look forward to seeing their mercenary Woyane go as it should and see Herman Cohen II make a run for help to those who have been sabotaged when they spoke out for a lasting peace in Somalia: leave alone the Somalis to sort out their problems and assist them ONLY as honest facilitators.

    Truth shall Prevail!!.

  2. DASSENNECH says:

    this lady gets into my skin. she is a lier, hypocrite, monster. I wonder what percent of illicit money end up in her account?
    If I get a chance, I would skin her alive. I am that bitter for this lier and damn head lady

  3. …Africa for Africans…you said Dear Ambassador; why did you support the minority tribal based regime of TPLF to rule over the whole of Ethiopia under iron fist? If Africa had been left for Africans as you stated, it would have been easier for patriotic Ethiopian people to get rid of the tyrant, dictatorial regime in Addis Ababa. Is it because of the said' sixth largest economic growth rate in the world' that now millions of Ethiopians are forced to flee the country and live under harsh conditions in hostile countries? Do you think Ethiopians have the economic rights and freedom to live and work in any part of the country? Woud you approve a state to be established in USA based on color, tribal identity and… If not, why in Ethiopia? Ethiopian people did and would have the strongest and reliable support for betterment of security, defense, democracy and freedom if given the chance.

  4. I must say quite an intersting interview, well done ESAT. Abebe, in my view, kept a neutral side which showed his professionalism. Although I heard the Assistant Defence Secratary call him Abdi a number of times may be it is my hearing. As Vicky Haddleston is now in Defence, I would like to comment on her answers to Abebe's questions on US strategy to stabilise the Horn of Africa. In my opinion she did not even answer the questions but only used the platform to tell us how bad Alshebab is. It is all clear to us who follow events in Ethiopia and Africa in general that the US puts its interests first and Democracy second. I expect an honest answer in this regard, but no US official would dare to come clean on this subject. The same question was put to David Shinn, who was also a US Ambassador at one time to Ethiopia and he dogged the question. I recently learnt from WikiLeaks publications that The US knows all there is to know about Ethiopian Government and yet US Foreign policy remains to be keep on siding with the strongest, dictator or not, as long as the American people interest is met. I think this is short termism. The brave thing to do would have been to be long termist and pay some sacrifice to achieve a higher goal. What ESAT did and what all African free medias should do is keep on exposing this US stance and keep piling the questions until something changes.

  5. My memories of her took me back to the 2005 election and the violence that ensued. Ambassador Huddleston had served as the Acting American Ambassador to Ethiopia during the troubled May 2005 election period and remains a heavily controversial figure in the Ethiopian political sphere. In fact, she was one of the architects of the 2005 electoral fraud together with Prime Misery Meles Zenawi. From forcing members of the opposition to take their seats in the illegal parliament to giving diplomatic support to the corrupt and incompetent regime, Ambassador Huddleston played a very critical role in suppressing the aspirations of the Ethiopian people for freedom and democracy. I wonder why she did this? Was it for the money from the corrupt regime of Meles Zenawi, or was it because of the plan to invade Somalia in 2006? One thing I can undoubtedly say that she is one of the people who were responsible in the death of 193 protesters and 700 wounded. As always the case in Ethiopia, justice is blind. I really want Ambassador Huddleston to know that we will never give up. Freedom is our birth right and we will get it. The poor people of Ethiopia will rise up and take what is theirs. Shame on you Ambassador Huddleston! Shame on you!

  6. Enndelbu says:

    She is just like one of those Ethiopian officials, she don’t care what is the truth but she just talk bla bla… Ambassador Vicki Haddleston is one of the responsible western diplomat for the suffering of millions of Ethiopians on the hand of the brutal dictator Meles Zenawi.

  7. assfaw says:

    This is the most absurd excuse I have heard in my life. I fear for my adapted country America policy run by incompetent people like her. If Americans are not able to get better people in foreign policy it loosing ground in the fast changing world the old guard like Ambassador Vicky. She is in living in a bubble and has no clue of what the ruling regime is doing or deliberately defending the regime as her job (the policy of the Obama administration) dictates.

    When that is not enough she cover up for the regime but she insults our intelligent. There are lots of work to be done to change the US policy towards Africa in general and Ethiopia in particular.

    It tells us Ethiopians are on their own to free themselves; the people revolution is the only way-out.

    Thank you ESAT for showing us who is friend and foe in the battle for freedom

  8. Eriq Yihun says:

    Ya Ambassador, you are the official of the Defence so you don't get deeper in weeds of Ethiopian Politics.hmmmmmm dear Ambassador, so why you polish the brutal TPLF if you are not ready to talk on the critical issue that damage our country? May God bless Ethiopia and her people!

  9. Jacob Mussi says:


  10. tolla says:

    The Ambassador is #1 Meles Zenawi backer she don’t care Zenawi tortured, jailed or killed Ethiopians day in day out, she was trying to be a diplomat but she already went too far and backed the blood sucker dictator. The Ambassador wishes Ethiopians to believe what she is talking instead of what they experienced under the worst East African dictator Meles Zenawi’s rule. Dear Ambassador let me tell you who really you are… you are the US representative who allowed Zenawi to oppressed the Ethiopian people and in the return he will serve US.