ESAT Interview with Dr. Dima Nego (Former OLF Chairman)

ESAT TV – With Dr. Dima Nego (The former OLF chairman & minster of information)

ESAT TV with Dr. Dima Nego (Former OLF chairman & minster of information)

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2 Responses to “ESAT Interview with Dr. Dima Nego (Former OLF Chairman)”

  1. Alem says:

    Good job Sissay. You have a commanding demeanor. Excellent music, intro and Qs. Dr. Dima has presented a very persuasive response to Qs and background info to “thorny” issues. One item that came across clearly is that the ruling party never did or will ever understand civilized talks. Its policy is violent from beginning to end and that there is no essential conflict between policies and tactics of the gov in Eritrea and TPLF! Another one is the fact that opposition leaders miserably failed to come together and fell for TPLF plan to fan Oromo-Amhara enmity [and worsened by the likes of Tesfaye Gebre-Ab]. The Q at the end of the day is, Have we learned anything at all in 20 years that will result in concerted and pratical action?

  2. Fikru says:

    Great interview. I have to say i always like the maturity, knowledge and purpose of Sisay Agena in preparing his questions. I feel like every one of his questions are purposeful and provocative.

    We have only few journalists with so much depth and still showing so much humility and respect for the guest.

    Thank you for all you do and good luck