Added on: April 3rd, 2011

New Ethiopian Music: Shambel Belayneh “Beqa”



  1. By: yohanse


  2. By: Eyob Solomon

    Thank you Shamlek and as gentleman Ibro puts it.. you guys are Heroes by doing your part in this struggle!!

  3. By: mimi

    i am out of country but if we doing like this coming big problam for our family ! ! !

  4. By: Ibro

    Greate Job ! Shambel. As usual, you are doing your own part. The roll that you artists play at this crucial time is not neglected.

  5. By: tolla

    I love Shambel Belayneh so much God bless you my brother I have no words how you are inspired me.

  6. I Tell you this guy is a voice for the voiceless & i appreciate his contribution in every assepect what is he doing. ECADF thanks for your contribution & posting this song.
    thanks a lot


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