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Tamagne Beyene “We have to show our solidarity to the Oromo people”

Tamagne Beyene

Prominent Ethiopian human rights activist Tamagne Beyene calls for solidarity with the Oromo people.

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Ethiopia: ARDUF Condemns the State Instigated Inter-ethnic Violence in Gambella Region

A man on his plot of land in Kir, a resettlement village in Gambella

All of us must take this government instigated violence as in the Western corner of our country as a warning alarm for inter-ethnic turmoil that this regime can ignite in any party of our country.

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A Murder in Shashamane, Ethiopia Shaken the Rastafarian

Rastafarian Bandi Payne

Simeon had been in Shashamane less than five years. A Trinidadian, he lived in America before deciding to make the journey to Ethiopia, his promised land and spiritual home.

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Ethiopia: Prof. Berhanu Nega Answering Public Questions

Prof. Berhanu Nega Answering Public Questions

Patriotic Ginbot 7 Chairman Prof. Berhanu Nega and Ato Ephrem Madebo of Patriotic Ginbot 7 leadership member answering public questions during the town hall meeting in Washington D.C.

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Ethiopia: 120 Years After The Battle Of Adwa

The 120th anniversary of the Battle of Adwa

What is not widely known is the history of struggle that engulfed Ethiopia, the short but lasting impact of the Italian occupation from 1935-1941 and Ethiopia’s triumphant return to independence.

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The people of Guji, South Ethiopia, demand MIDROC Gold out of their land

Saudi tycoon, Mohammed Al Amoudi

People in Guji Zone, an area in south Ethiopia known for its rich mineral wealth are demanding MIDROC Gold, a mining company owned by Ethiopian born Saudi tycoon, Mohammed Al Amoudi, to leave their land.

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Prof. Alemayehu G. Mariam Endorses Bernie Sanders

I am now declaring my support for Bernie Sanders

I am now declaring my support for Bernie Sanders, the dark horse of the Democratic Party, to become the next President of the United States.

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The only way to end escalating ethnic violence in Gambella, Ethiopia

SMNE's Open Letter to Ernst & Young Ltd.

The Anuak and the Nuer should work together to bring genuine reconciliation among them and others in the region so healing can take place and they can once again live in harmony, thriving together.

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Support SMNE’s Advocacy in Ethiopia

Support SMNE's Advocacy in Ethiopia

Your contributions allow us to expand our reach and make Ethiopians voices heard.

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ESAT Ethiopian News: February 02, 2016

ESAT Ethiopian News, February 02, 2016

Ethiopian Satellite Television (ESAT), daily Ethiopian News from Amsterdam (February 02, 2016).

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