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Two Ethiopian asylum seekers set themselves on fire in front of UNHCR office

Ethiopians reportedly set themselves on fire

Two Ethiopian asylum seekers allegedly set themselves on fire Tuesday in front of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) office.

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Wake up Ethiopian-Americans! Use your voting right!

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

Will Ethiopian-Americans wake up and use their organizational skills and voting rights in the upcoming elections? Will President Obama rise to the challenge?

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Undercover Israeli cops punish nightclubs for racism against Ethiopians

Israeli special forces police raided nine nightclubs

Israeli special forces police raided nine nightclubs after evidence surfaced that the clubs were discriminating against Ethiopians.

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Our Position on the Current Condition of Ethiopia, Gonder!

Protests also spread to Debark and Sanja in Gondar.

It is clear that the regime in Ethiopia is trying to cripple the peaceful legitimate protest of these Amhara’s for their rights.

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Ethiopia: ARDUF Condemns the Massacres Committed by TPLF in Gondar

Afar regional map, Ethiopia

ARDUF condemns in the strongest possible terms the despicable, heinous and barbaric killings and deliberate targeting of innocent civilians in Gondar by TPLF tyrannical regime.

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Unfounded Accusation of Peace Talks with Ethiopian Government

Afar regional map, Ethiopia

Factually no meeting has been held in Saudi Arabia with the Ethiopian government. Our organisation is transparent and any decision made will be communicated publicly both to the Afar people and our allies.

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Israeli volunteer group set to leave Ethiopia amid violence in Gondar

A group of Israeli youth volunteering in Gondar, Ethiopia have been safely moved

A group of Israeli youth volunteering in Gondar, Ethiopia have been safely moved by Israel's Foreign Ministry and the Jewish Agency.

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“Hate Begets Hate; Violence Begets Violence” and Lawlessness Begets Anarchy

Anger and heartbreak are complete strangers to each other.

This past week Americans underwent a trial by fire in their souls. Americans are mourning. Americans are in shock. Americans are in soul-searching agony.

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Netanyahu denies reports of assassination attempt in Kenya

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday denied reports of an attempt on his life in Kenya

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday denied reports of an attempt on his life in Kenya during his African tour this week, saying he knew "nothing" of it.

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Christian migrants kidnapped by Isis in Libya kept as sex slaves after forced conversion to Islam

Captives were beaten and threatened with death

Those entering via Sudan from Somalia, Eritrea and Ethiopia come through Kufra, and then travel on to Ajdabiya in the north eastern part of the country.

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Dr. Shannon Lee Smith’s Recent Travel to Asmara: A Strange Dip In Darkness

Deputy Assistant Secretary, East Africa, Sudan, and South Sudan

Top US officials are not known for frequenting Asmara, Eritrea. Hence, whenever they visit Asmara, people tend to ask a lot of questions.

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Israel Is a Racist Country: Take It From Me, an Ethiopian Israeli

Tahunia Rubel, an Ethiopian-born Israeli model and actress.

“Israel is one of the most racist countries in the world,” said Tahunia Rubel, an Ethiopian-born Israeli model and actress.

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Eritrean Govt Accuse U.S. of Backing to Ethiopian Regime

Eritrea and U.S. flag

In the event, shedding crocodile tears and issuing a bland statement by the spokesperson of the US State Department calling on “both sides to show restraint” cannot impress anyone.

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Donald Trump: Monster-in-Mischief!

Donald Trump: Monster-in-Mischief!

The first words that came out of Trump’s big mouth were self-congratulatory words: I told you so. ALL Muslims belong to “radical Islam” and I want a “total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the U.S.”

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ESAT Ethiopian News Amsterdam June 16, 2016

ESAT Ethiopian News Amsterdam

ESAT Ethiopian News Amsterdam June 16, 2016. ESAT TV and Radio is the first independent Ethiopian Satellite Television service and Radio Station who broadcast to Ethiopia and the rest of the world.

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There is a violent repression in Ethiopia – so why is the UK government silent about it?

Ethiopia is struggling with its worst drought for 30 years, with millions in dire need of life-saving aid

The Ethiopian government is engaged in its bloodiest crackdown in a decade, but the scale of this crisis has barely registered internationally.

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Wrong Eritrean man may have been held in people-trafficking probe

An image of the man believed to be Mered Medhanie

Hermon Berhe, who lives in Ethiopia, said he grew up in Eritrea with the man shown in pictures handed out by Italian police.

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South Sudan: Power-Sharing No Quick-Fix

South Sudan's Riek Machar sworn in as vice president

The move was part of zero-sum game of ethnic politics that are likely to spur the breakup of a peace settlement that was imposed by regional powers and backed by the international community.

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Electricity went off in South Korean President’s hotel in Ethiopia

South Korean President Park Geun-hye

South Korean officials also confirmed the power outage, but Park's security detail declined to say whether Park was at the hotel when the power went off.

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Ethiopia: Clinton Foundation Got $100M From ‘Blood Minerals’ Firm

Clinton Foundation

The company had long been cutting deals with warlords, Marxist rebels, military strongmen and dictatorships in the war-torn African countries of Congo, Sudan and Ethiopia.

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