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Meles Zenawi’s Death: Why do I get happy?

September 1, 2012

by Ibro (Nebiyou A.)

I found this a question that has preyed on my mind, and It seems to me should pretty much based on moral facts.

senior officials of the ruling EPRDF party (Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Democratic Front) hinted at a succession plan to replace its 56-year-old leader

I have never wished anything bad on anyone. But, I think that we can be judged on the morality of what we did, but not who I am/was as a person. And what is interesting about Meles in relation to morality is that he was personification of evil.

At birth, we are all “blank slates”, and our lives and experiences end up drawing on this slate, moulding us into the people we will ultimately become. People who have warm, loving parents who teach them openness and love will naturally become more open, loving people. People who are brought up to hate, will naturally become angry, hateful people. However, no one is entirely good or entirely evil because those evil means are attempting to carry out good agendas, and vice versa, based on their views of the world.

Since human beings organise themselves into social hierarchies, the struggle for recognition or status is very complex. As a result, one achieves the status at the expenses of the dignity of someone else. This is true for both democratic and non-democratic society. What make them different is that the former limits not only power of their states by forcing rulers to comply with the written low, they also held them accountable to parliaments, assemblies, and other bodies representing a broader proportion of the population.

Ethiopia has been plenty of turmoil for the last two decades; however, one figure has remained constant over the last two decades who plunged the country into the present situation: The X- Meles Zenawi and his tyranny rule.

In fact, we Ethiopians are patriotic and humble people who are comfortable in our own skin and take pride in our nation’s history and identity. However, over the past two decades , ethnocentric politics has been deliberately fostered , the people is being debouched, his history is being blackmailed and his country is being ruined , which is a major disservice to the mosaic of Ethiopian people.

Since the West’s apprehensions about the so called “war against terrorism” is manipulated, atrocities were committed in neighbouring country as well as with in the country using their money. Thus, it would be an impossible task to ever mend the damage Meles wreaked in the region, and the seeds of malaise he had sown in our nations and among neighbouring countries.

The 21 years of Meles Zenawi’s rule reflects a deep, threatening, and ongoing deterioration of our cultural values, traits and identity. Moreover, the tyrannical regime is well known for his crimes against politicians, civic activists, journalists and innocent civilians.

Strangely, in his mind, Meles was doing what was right, just, and good! Now, he has passed away. If he were alive, he would, for sure, continue his atrocious crimes against Ethiopia and Ethiopians. Indeed, his death marks the end of his evil action. Yes! I would yell happy!!! But, the TPLF is still there and continue its grip of power.

The struggle will continue until our country is liberated from the TPLF regime.

Ethiopia shall be free!

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