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Ethiopia: Cabinet reshuffle, Hailemariam promoted ministers

November 29, 2012

by Associated Press

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia — Ethiopia’s leader has fired a government minister whose wife faces terrorism charges.Hailemariam promoted two ministers to double as deputy prime ministers

Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn on Thursday fired the country’s civil minister, Junedin Sado, whose wife is one of 29 people facing terrorism charges related to protests by Muslims who accuse of the government of meddling in their religious affairs.

Sado published a letter in the country’s independent newspapers in which he defended his wife and criticized the federal prosecutor’s charges.

Also in Thursday’s Cabinet reshuffle, Hailemariam promoted two ministers to double as deputy prime ministers, giving the country three deputy prime ministers for the first time, a sign the ruling party is favoring collective leadership after the August death of its longtime leader Meles Zenawi.

Tedros Adhanom was appointed as the country’s new foreign affairs minister.

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One Response to Ethiopia: Cabinet reshuffle, Hailemariam promoted ministers

  1. Askale Daam

    November 29, 2012 at 8:11 pm

    TPLF Power: TPLF forced the violation of the constitution in order to secure dictatorial power. In order for TPLF to secure its total control of Ethiopian politics, it had to resolve its internal conflict between the pro-Meles and anti-Meles elements of TPLF. By doing so, the TPLF now fully controls the Military, police, security, economy and finance, foreign policy, and communication and technology. TPLF had forced the institution of 3 deputy prime ministers. If and when something happens to the prime minister, the TPLF deputy prime minister will become the prime minister. Sure enough Debresiyon is more educated than Muktar or Demeke. As we speak, TPLF effectively controls the state power and it is only an inch away from the position of prime minister. TPLF has a choice of poisoning Hailemariam before 2007 or at the next election (2007), TPLF will return to the position of prime minister. Ethiopians again witnessed the shame of Oromo, Amara, and South kilil total impotence. This is why the regime has to be overthrown by all means necessary as soon as possible. v