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The USA – “A Thief Mother Never Trusts her Own Children.”

October 26, 2013

by Yiheyis Aemro

“And do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather fear him who can destroy both soul and body in hell.”  Mat. 10:28

Like many societies in the world, Ethiopians have thousands of superb sayings that create unforgettable image in the minds of listeners or readers. One of them is the one I have used now to name my title here above; its Amharic original is “ሌባ እናት ልጇን አታምንም”; transliterated as ‘leba ennat l’juan attamnim’. This saying is used to express unexpected mistrust among any consanguineal or friendly relationships, especially when dishonest relative or friend unreasonably distrusts their own people.

I hope my readers can prettily guess what I am going to say. Our mother, the self-appointed policewoman of our world, i.e, the United States of America is nowadays running short of her conscience and she is shamelessly trying to control everything, I literally mean everything. She wants to control your salon, your bedroom, your private affairs; your love and hate, your mind, your toilet, your appetite, you’re everything. She wants to control every movement you go through; she needs to control every information you exchange even with your loved ones, like your wife/husband. Being deprived of at least the natural right, a right which other animals enjoy to the utmost degree, to defecate must be the worst curse imposed by the US upon the ill-fated citizens of this planet. Thanks to our indifference to know about CIA and its likes. Otherwise, if we happen to know all what it does, we could go doolally.  The US doesn’t trust you even if you are her staunch partner.  I am talking the public secret even all the ET beings well know.

This week Europe is under turmoil the kind of which has never been seen before. Unless CIA goes bloody insane, it is quite strange to spy 35 leaders of the world through hacking their emails and computer facilities. In addition, the private electronic addresses of more than 70 million people are said to be hacked. Hacking seems to be the fashionable act of the CIA without which it cannot survive. I am afraid if this restless CIA has hacked the ‘emails and phones of the dead’ that are believed to reside either in Heaven or Hell or maybe in the Purgatory. It is amazing.  It is also queer and out of the expectation of the most illiterate citizens of our mother Earth to see such earthly stupidity. Adios privacy! Adios humanity! Alas for us, the downtrodden people of the world, if these children of the devil keep on implementing their treacherous schemes for more time in the future. Beseech the providence of the Almighty, guys!

The current global incidents show that man has become hostage of his own civilization! What is civilization then if the smaller ‘big brothers’ themselves get into the trap of the so called Big Brother, a.k.a, Uncle Sam? Why is the CIA along with, perhaps, its allies unusually overacting like this? What does all this triviality indicate? What is going to happen following the commotions we observe now? Does it mean we are approaching to certain finale? It is not bad to sense some sort of fishy circumstance wherein the Big Brother will have been losing its clench over this physical world. Before any pendulum stops working, the arm dangles fast; before a person dies, his heart beats fast remarkably; at the end of something, certain convulsions occur at the buffer zone of the incoming new and the outgoing old. Quite normal, albeit alarming. The CIA never reacted in such a horrifying shamelessness, to the extent of spying the intimate friends of the US such as Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande. Personally, I was dumbfounded, with no words to express my mixed emotions. After hearing this espionage scandal, I couldn’t help controlling my cynic laughter, on the one hand, and on the other hand, I was gone to the ‘skies’ to refer the books I incidentally read times back, including, of course, the Christian Bible. I wondered a lot noticing that my readings and this time around happened to share significant similarities.

Similarities? Oh! I sense some other similarities as well. Barack Obama, the son of Skull and Bones, and Hailemariam Desalegn of the in vitro son of the crooked ethnocentric TPLFites. Don’t you see any resemblance? What did Obama do after his election? Did he live up to his promises? How about the closure of Guantanamo? How about the so called Obamacare? Vain promises, ‘cause he is not decisive in the intrigue of the American politics. Who is behind Obama? Is he free, as free as his predecessor George W. Bush Jr.? Which one of them is a dictator – Bush or Obama? Whose tutee is Obama? Why does Obama’s aura most often seem to be in trauma? Why is he lagging behind his promises after five years of his presidency? Is it because he is black? Is it because he must respect the capricious interests of the few elect, the 1% richest people whose distraction in most cases is Jewish ancestry? What is the abracadabra of these minorities all over the world?

Who is H.D of Ethiopia? What is his say in the premiership of this impoverished nation? Isn’t H.D a simple house servant to obey the mini-secret lodge of the Tigrian bandits who are assigned by the grand lodge of the global Ashkenazi whose major objective is enslaving the entire population of this world and put them under one luciferian New World Order? Don’t you suspect any sort of collective leadership behind the curtain in the US? Don’t you know the collective leadership in Ethiopia whose members are invisible or abstract TPLFites the gubernatorial instruction and/or military command of whom is read and/ or implemented by their stooge H.D and their mercenary organ the so called Defense Ministry?  Haven’t you sensed certain similarity? I have. They are one and the same except their difference in magnificence.

I personally do not think Obama is bad. By the same token, I do not think Hailemariam is either. They share similar fate though the latter is absolutely symbolic with no authoritative effect at all. Relatively speaking, Obama seems less symbolic and may play certain role under his presidential capacity, but not like the Ashkenazis such as the Bush family and other 100% white people in the line of American presidency; this might be caused by his half African blood.

As a matter of fact, there is an invisible government almost everywhere, most visibly in the US and Ethiopia. The root cause and motive of these hidden governments is one and the same: deprive the majority of their wealth and give it to the few elects of the voracious group these malicious governments stand for. To enhance their whimsical interests, the few control the majority and subjugate the entire population to feed the insatiate ego. To this end, they control all state machineries mainly the military, the security, the intelligence, the resources, and the whole economy; they also use different mechanisms to control the mind of the majority so that the goys become the speaking animals who are there to serve only the few elect who control the lion’s share of the wealth of the planet. This was the plan of the so called illuminati, call them the Knights Templar or the Freemasons or in any of the variables they interchangeably use here and there or now and then depending on situations and time. You cannot identify them by their race or color or country or at times even religion. They are intact. They are highly secretive. They are cabalists and occultists. They have infiltrated almost all religions. They have succeeded in changing this world into hellish state following the prevalence of immorality; look the films, the music, the art, … most of which preach the kingdom of Mr. Satan through hedonistic approach. Take the German Bishop, for example. It is recently announced that he has constructed a villa worth of 42 million dollars. Though he is apparently old, he seems smart and elegant with no hair on his face. He might be one of them installed to spoil the already spoilt institution. All in all, apart from diverting especially the behavior of the young generation from decency to vulgarism, they have controlled almost all resources and powers of the world; they appoint their men and women in the states they manage to seize the reins of the ruling apparatus, if possible in the name of democracy or if not possible in coup. They see no change as far as they achieve their selfish interests.

They don’t care what to say, they don’t care what to do, they don’t care what to be. As far as they get their interests fulfilled, they do not care about the procedures. Look Saudi Arabia, for example. This Arab country is absolutely undemocratic; women are considered subhuman, even less important than a camel or a goat. Women do not participate in any elections. Women never drive car. Women are sexual tools. Women are not eligible to be witnesses at any court, if the situation necessitates, the witness of two women is considered as the witness of one man. Women cannot marry non-Muslim, if they do, they will be killed, by the law or by any relative including her parents in the so called honor killing. Muslims cannot convert to other religions. People are beheaded every Thursday with no apparent crime that equals their death. We are observing the 6th century AD in Saudi. Surprisingly, we are also observing the US of the 21st century to be a strategic friend of such arrogant state in this amorphous world. What an idiocy!  What an envying friendship!

All such ‘funny’ things mentioned herein happen in Saudi in the broad day light. America’s card of the so called democracy and human right doesn’t work there; no eyes, no ears, no sense of smell, no sense of touch, no sense of taste. As long as the lands of Saudi continue secreting the source of the petrodollar, there is no problem. If one dares to peer into the American democracy based on this mere fact, we can safely say that there is no genuine democracy even on the land of the US, no matter the sophistication of the rhetoric lubrication to make-believe the process; maybe we may give it a new name like ‘Financial Democracy Money can Buy’. Had there been a real democracy in the US, few people in the higher echelon wouldn’t have precipitated this country headlong into abysmal crisis. And moreover, I don’t think it is the will of ordinary Americans who are said to ‘have empowered their leaders’ through ‘fair and free’ elections to carry out incessant massacres everywhere, especially in the Pakistani Waziristan, by their merciless drones. I don’t think the majority of Americans are willing to pay the dearest price their leaders incur in terms of both human and material destruction. We can go on lamenting on hundreds of thousands of fallacies the American administration has been committing since its inception.

This is also the funniest of all worldly things; vain democracy effective only to see new faces in the White House. I can be corrected if I am wrong. With respect to Saudi, if we will have some more time, though I don’t expect so, the next morning immediately after  the Saudis deplete their golden fluid, all sorts of cards will be shown to them to carry out ‘fair and free’ elections. How many standards does the US have? Double, triple, quadruple, …? So interesting! Yea, if you have the might, you are nothing but everything! Who said, ‘might is right’? – Napoleon or one of the French Louis’s? I forgot.

Well, this is the US. But not the people. She has smart, hardworking, civilized but oppressed and suppressed people. It is a matter of relativity. We cannot seat the people of Ethiopia and that of the US on the same bench with regard to ‘who are more oppressed than the other?’. Due to obvious reasons, this would be totally unfair. Nevertheless, both people are under strain; under cruelest subjugation. But if we are forced to compare, that of the oppression of Ethiopians is like a hell, needless to comment on that of the US due to my limited knowledge.

Understandably, the land of the US is sanctuary to millions of hopeless citizens from all over the world; this has been the case as of the emergence of America as a state some 4 or 5 hundred years back. She is the country of all, not of the few as they may claim to be so. But now, unfortunately, the leadership is steering the ship towards her destruction. “ውሃ ሲወስድ እያሳሳቀ ነው”፡፡ This is what I see, though I use only my two physical eyes to see. No third eye, guys!

We can ask ourselves thousands of answerless questions. Why should they spy at least their best friends – their ‘allies’, to use the word they love? Is it not surprisingly laughable? Why are American authorities always in quarrel with the term ‘shame’? I do not think they know this word; neither do the TPLFites here in Ethiopia. Both are against truth and act in favor of lie.

Why are people becoming poorer and poorer from time to time? Why are people becoming homeless? Why have ‘depression, foreclosure, homelessness, hopelessness, unemployment …’ become the fad of American media? And why does the administration use various scarecrows such as ‘terrorism’ and ‘national security’ to unscrupulously stifle the legal demands of the current generation? Who took away the wisdom of the so called Founding Fathers? Why do American authorities waste the money of the tax payers in vain to create battles everywhere like wildfire? Why do people get into manmade poverty in the US? How many people are committing suicide due to unusual way of life they are forced to lead? What is the annual military budget? How much does the US spend on space exploration? How much does she spend on espionage? What is the amount of the debt the US owes to foreign creditors? What is the source of this entire enigma? When will all this head splitting puzzle end?  No brain? No time to sit down and see things soberly? What is the cause of all this inebriety? Why do they extravagantly waste the resources of mother Earth? What is the advantage of breeding wars here and there? What is the benefit of proliferating enemies there and here? Who is responsible for the vanishing of Miss Love?

The time ahead is verily frightening. It seems most of us are blindfolded by the myths of the talk on the media, the so called mainstream media which is mostly owned by the an-eyed Big Brother. Let us wait and see what will happen. The time is not too far.

The Book of Wisdom, the Holy Bible, cf. 6: 1-12

Listen then, kings, and understand;

rulers of remotest lands, take warning;

hear this, you who have thousands under your rule,

who boast of your hordes of subjects.

For power is a gift to you from the Lord,

sovereignty is from the Most High;

he himself will probe your acts and scrutinize your intentions.


If, as administrators of his kingdom, you have not governed justly nor observed the law,

nor behaved as God would have you behave,

he will fall on you swiftly and terribly. …

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8 Responses to The USA – “A Thief Mother Never Trusts her Own Children.”

  1. Joshua

    April 11, 2014 at 10:04 am

    Because the admin of this site is working, no question very quickly it will
    be famous, due to its feature contents.

  2. lula

    October 30, 2013 at 7:12 am

    This article has good message and warning message but the author must look around the power is so strong that one must be careful in such publication because as you said, it will be against the interest of Ethiopia to do such things rather knowing and understanding this situation it is better to work with fellow to find ways and means to protect Ethiopia, it all depend on us and how we play it. Blaming would only backfire and infact will undo the very thing that we are trying to do and that is the protect and safety of Ethiopia and its people. We have to play great role in this such as seeing what is going on today, the only way is to work and unite with one another and find solution.

  3. samuel

    October 30, 2013 at 4:13 am

    ለ Yiheyis Aemro በጣም ጥሩ ጽሁፍ ነው ። ጊዜውንና ወቅቱን የጠበቀ ነው። ከፍ ያለ ምስጋና ለECADF and Yiheyis Aemro እናቀርባለን ። በርታ በበለጠ አምላክ ብርታቱንና ጥንካሬውን ይስጥህ።

  4. Kato

    October 29, 2013 at 6:39 am

    I agree with this article. Well said and well written. The worrying aspect of all this is that the degradation of moral of the so called civilized countries we sometimes lovingly call “beacon of hope”. Where shall the good examples come from if not from these beacons? From whom shall these blood thirsty dictators learn? Which entity has the higher moral ground to rebuke others? Whereever we go we are seeing the disintegration of basic rights that are anchored by constitutions. We all trusted the US to be that beacon of hope the only power that would not shun to speak truth to dictators elsewhere. Where is all that gone? Whatever happened with all that? No doubt the US is in dire straits and is busy with its self. So with the depletion of moral comes lawlessness and confusion that’s why african dictators feel very comfortable since the US itself is giving them enough ammo assisting them to use the same arguments as the US does. So this downward trend is scary, if one starts spying on his own citizens the next step is to dismantle democracy or whatever is left of that word.
    I only hope that what we trusted corrects its way and remain that beacon of hope.

  5. Yiheyis AEMRO

    October 27, 2013 at 4:29 pm

    ምን አይነት ደፋሮች ናችሁ በል??? እኔኮ ማንም አያወጣውም ብዬ ለነገሩ ግና አንድም ሁለትም ሰዉ ቢያነብልኝ በሚል ነው የተሰማኝን ፅፌ ለብዙ አድራሻ የላክሁት:: እናንተ ለጥፋችሁት ሳይ እውነቴን ነው አይኔን ማመን አቃተኝ::
    በውነቱ እንደዛሬ ተደንቄም ሆነ ተደስቼ አላውቅም:: ሃቁን ልባቸው እያወቀው ብዙ ሚዲያዎች የሚሸሹትን እኮ ነው በጀግንነት ያወጣችሁት:: ሌሎች ቆራጦችም ሊኖሩ ስለሚችሉ በዚሁ አጋጣሚ ላመስግንና ላብቃ:: you have obeyed your conscience, God bless ecadforum and family!

  6. Ittu Aba Farda

    October 27, 2013 at 3:28 pm

    Here we go again!!! Another loser blaming Good Ole USA for everything! This one is using The Holy Scripture as it is ascribed to our Christian brothers and sisters. I tell you what!!! Thank God there is a USA around. She is that only beacon of hope still beaming around the world for more than 230 years. She gave us shelter, opportunities and happiness we were denied in our own motherlands. If it wasn’t for USA, hundreds of thousands and possibly millions of Benghazi Libyans could have been butchered by the late Gaddafi. If it weren’t for USA, which became the arsenal of democracy, the Nazis would have been sitting on the backs of billions killing and enslaving. If it was not for USA with its brilliant strategy and determined stand the Godless commies of the now defunct Kremlin would have been the Nero’s, Hitler’s and Genghis Khan’s on the backs of the world population. This is a shameful article and I am very disappointed to see it spewed around on this, in my opinion, an esteemed website. If you are or belong to the miserably divided Ethiopian opposition groups in the Diaspora, I suggest to you to keep the blame to yourself and do not expect anyone to pay attention to you as long as you remain disgustingly divided.

  7. Getaw

    October 27, 2013 at 2:21 pm

    Great Getaw Yiheyes,

    Good judgement and analysis. How brilliant is your mind and far sighted. I think if every body thinks freely for the betterment of the life of the world people, we do not need to go to heaven when we die.Now adays, I do not think the world elites understand the meaning of politics. In every country, I have not seen politics like a tool to solve the problem of the people in the whole world . rather, they used as a tool to conspire, to act crucudiely and agressively in a very bad and unacceptable manner for all the people. According to me, politics is no more an art or a science, it is just like unfounded practices which can be practiced incorrectly.

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