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Shame on Saudi Ambassador to USA

February 21, 2012

by Tedla Asfaw

Ethiopian Christians and Muslims went out this morning from 10:00 AM to noon in front of Saudi Embassy in Washington DC to demand the release of 35 Ethiopians, 29 women and 6 men who have been detained since last Christmas. Their crime is praying in their home for Christmas. Wait a minute Iraq Christians even under Saddam Hussein were free to practice their religion what happen in Saudi Arabia the strong ally of USA?

Saudi Arabian ambassador to the United States Adel al-Jubeir

Saudi Arabian ambassador to the United States Adel al-Jubeir

We all remember that the 19 hijackers who slaughtered almost 3000 people on 9/11 were Saudi citizens and seems to me the culture of intolerance is deeply rooted in Saudi Arabia. Ethiopians which are also called “Habeshas” are hated in Saudi Arabia and in most of the Arab countries not primarily for their religion but for who they are, proud Ethiopians/Habeshas.

The sad reality is Ethiopians mostly women are on waiting list to go to these oil reach countries to help themselves and their families. Ethiopia under Melese Zenawi is known for exporting beside few agricultural products maids for the Arabs and children for West. The Saudi and many Gulf Nations are known for abusing our maids. International Medias including Arab Medias covered many human right abuses including torture against Ethiopian women for the last decade.

The twenty nine women and six men story only caught world attentions thanks to the brave women who told their story behind the Saudi Arabia’s Abu Ghraib last month on VOA Amharic program. Unfortunately VOA and DW Amharic did not show up on today’s rally because of pressure from Saudi Arabia. What Saudi hates America/West cannot love, a love affair of cheap and secure oil.

The good thing is the protest rally of more than two hundred people was covered by Medias like ESAT and Diaspora local radios including American media, CBC. Slogans demanding the immediate release of the 35 Ethiopians and call for religious intolerance to stop were carried and were read loud in Amharic, English and Arabic. The release of the 35 Ethiopians is the priority for Ethiopians in the Diaspora as well back home. Their names were read loud by Ms. Genet who herself know the jailed Ethiopians personally when she was in Saudi Arabia.

Imagine family members listening the names of the loved once in radio back home. The Saudi Ambassador was politely approached by Ethiopian delegates on Jan. 27 but he refused to meet the Ethiopian delegates. This is an insult to proud Ethiopians who gave shelter to Profit Mohamed immediate family members when they were persecuted on their own land. This was not lost on today’s rally participants or on the Saudi Ambassador to USA.

Tamagne Beyene the unstoppable Voice of the Voiceless Ethiopians together with Dawit Kebede the exiled journalist and Ms. Faith McDonald representing Institute on Religion and Democracy (IRD) gave a speech that energized the crowd. Ethiopians in ECADF paltalk room were following the rally live and participated by calling the number posted on the room’s banner, 202-342-3800 and 202-337-4076. This call will continue for the whole afternoon from all over the world where Ethiopians reside.

Saudi Arabia Embassy tries to ignore as if nothing happens in front of its door. It refused to accept the letter of the protesters including the 3,000 people signed petition. This arrogance in fact will bring Saudi Arabia in collision course with Ethiopians. The flow of poor Ethiopians in search of job to its soil will not give it a license to brutalize them.

Ethiopians know how to answer for Saudi Arabia’s brutality thanks to strong Diaspora all over the world. Organized protest against Saudis interest all over the world is needed to defend our poor people in Saudi Arabia and in other Gulf Nations who are known for human right abuse and torture of Ethiopian women be it Christian or Muslims.

This struggle is for freedom to worship and we have many who support our cause like IRD. We would like also to highlight this religious intolerance from one of America Allies in this election season because freedom of religion is what made America unique. If Saudi Ambassador is free to worship in America how could he deny such freedom to Ethiopians in his country? Is he not endorsing what the nineteen of its citizens did to America ten years ago, killing in mass the infidels? I urge all to call the above numbers and wake up the Saudi Ambassador from his day sleep. We will be back there soon!

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7 Responses to Shame on Saudi Ambassador to USA

  1. Yemiserach

    March 1, 2012 at 11:22 pm

    Of course we all remember that the 19 hijackers who slaughtered almost 3000 people on 9/11 in New York city were Saudi citizens. It was all about religion. The hot oil is boiling their brain.

    Saudi people are barbaric when it comes to religion and women. We must put them to shame if they have any left and fight for our people who are in the hands of those barbaric Saudis. Of course the Woyane regime will not come out to defend its citizens.

  2. tebebe

    February 23, 2012 at 4:49 am

    He is a calabash head. Let the grass grow on his dead skull. We don’t expect from Arab countries any thing good for Habesha.

  3. jo jo

    February 22, 2012 at 9:07 am

    Shame on you again and again , you’ve live in civilized world but unable to learn from you environment . what kind of ambassader are you? acting cowardly in free socity.tyhank you Tedla and ecadforum for the post. well respond

  4. calm down

    February 22, 2012 at 1:33 am

    Nitro Ethiopians! you need to grow up! “you stupid people” comment is uncalled for. If you have to criticize, do it in a civilized manner. Don’t stoop low!! Punching a Saudi citizen in the face is using your terms, the stupidest advice i ever heard.

  5. Dinbushe

    February 21, 2012 at 11:08 pm

    Nitro Ethiopia my brother, i understand your frustration, but yes, we have an Ethiopian refugee organization that monitors and reports on the plight of our people throughout the world, This organization needs help from people like you and I. If we do not support how in the world this organization could reach wherever needed? There for, i would have to say better than nothing. At least these people voice have been heard by screaming in front of Saudi Embassy, so that Instead of ordering, and calling names, you should have got up from your bottom and done your part. Let me ask you this have you at least tried to call or email them to be a voice for voiceless people who are dying for freedom? Actually, I’m not expecting the answer. I just left it for you. Finally, if you have any kind of question about the organization please check the following link. http://ecadforum.com/ethiopian-news/6798/ Thanks!

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