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Henok Semaegzer, Missing from Action and Misinforming the Public

by Tedla Asfaw

The job of journalist is to Report what he or she sees. Ethiopians in Saudi Arabia have been under attack for almost two weeks now.The Arab media is calling them “rioters”. The lynching, the chopping of victims and badly beaten can be seen on social medias. Women were gang raped and the families of victims were heard crying and ask for help. They were all in Saudi Arabia not from another planet.Henok Semagzer yesterday on VOA was quoting the Saudi's

Henok Semaegzer yesterday on VOA was quoting the Saudi’s and tell the VOA listeners that “the killers are not Saudis and the crime is not in Saudi Arabia”. What a shame ??? The job of journalist is to have courage and report from the crime area than looking for an expert of “Middle East and Africa” from Columbia University in New York. If he reports from distance to do his research diligently.

I am ashamed of VOA that has enough resource for not sending its journalists to Saudi to visit the victims in jails, “concentration camp” and those who are hiding in their homes in Saudi Arabia.

Henok Semaegzer failed to research the video footage before airing the alleged claim by Saudi official. I have not heard anything like that from those who are reporting from Saudi Arabia, foreigners or Ethiopians.

Henok needs professional help to understand the crime area from distance if he has no courage to travel to Saudi Kingdom of Shame. Stop being a propaganda machine of Al Amoudi.


Tedla Asfaw


  1. For How Long…,To Whom Can We Appeal?

    who are these
    what is
    their charge
    being oppressed
    has been
    their faith
    no government
    to represent
    to appeal
    their case
    just because
    they are Ethiopians
    O God
    for how long
    are we to suffer
    for bread and butter
    who is there
    that plead
    their case
    no government
    to defend
    their human right
    for how long
    are Ethiopians
    to be raped
    no place
    to call home
    no wealth
    to pay off their debt
    O God
    to whom
    can we appeal

    © Lemlem Tsegaw, November 12, 2013
    to all Ethiopians who are suffering in Saudi Arabia

  2. Are you new to Clock O sorry Henock, remember
    He was distorting the Brave Abebe Gelaw protest
    he always try to divert or misinform news and information
    even today November 21, 2013 he said if we have time we will report about the Saudies realy!!!!!
    O Henock you will pay the price

  3. saudi fagetts u pay the price

  4. It is shame to report like this any way it is not the firs time to hem

  5. we have to push this stinky Guy to fire from voa amharic. he can work for voa tigrigna.

  6. It is not his first time to misinform our people. Trust me this guy is on the weyanie payroll. So, everyone of us fighting these bunch of looters, criminals, liars and misinformers shouldn’t listen to henok and the likes. Let time judge him!

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