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Ethiopia: SHENGO’s New Website

September 17, 2012

Ethiopian People’s Congress for United Struggle (Shengo) launches a new web site

September 17, 2012

The Ethiopian People’s Congress for United Struggle (SHENGO) is very pleased to announce the launching of our new web site, which goes live today, 17 September 2012. The new web site is located at the address http://www.ethioshengo.org  It is to be remembered that until today, the SHENGO has been using its website http://www.derbiaber.com.

The new website, http://www.ethioshengo.org , gives the SHENGO an online presence with a new look offering members, supporters and the general public an opportunity to learn more about the vision and activities of the SHENGO more closely. The SHENGO is the largest coalition of Ethiopian opposition political parties, civic societies and prominent individuals.

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Through this web site, the SHENGO will strive to reach millions of people worldwide and establish itself as the most reliable source of information about the plight and struggle of the Ethiopian people for freedom, democracy and human rights.

The website will feature new types of rich content in the form of timely articles, news, audio and video presentations etc in line with our vision of, accountability, openness, inclusiveness and the public’s right to information.

We encourage the general public to contact us and enrich this website by contributing articles, news tips and feedback.

Please keep visiting the website

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