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Ethiopia: Family and friends of hero lawyer worry about his safety

February 18, 2013

The Horn Times News Letter 18 February 2013
by Getahune Bekele, South Africa

Although it is widely condemned and denounced across the political spectrum, since the minority Tigre junta aired the

Lawyer Temam Ababulgu

Lawyer Temam Ababulgu

hateful diatribe titled “Jihadawi Harekat” against a religion called Islam, which was seen by millions as an open declaration of war on the children of Billal, Ethiopians are worried about the safety of some prominent Muslims such as the much loved young lawyer Temam Ababulgu (pictured).

By representing the incarcerated Muslim leaders who are already tried and sentenced to death by the TPLF propaganda machine , Temam Ababulga not only attained new heights in his young career but also single handedly revolutionized the profession in Ethiopia; in the process gaining international fame and admiration for his courage.

Described by friends as a consummate professional who goes beyond political, cultural, historical or spiritual barriers to see justice served, Temam Ababulga is currently the most sought after lawyer in the land.

With the exuberance of youth on his side, Temam bravely took on an Islamophobic clannish junta which is hell bent on systematically asphyxiating religions it considers threats to its tyrannical rule.

With Islam and the Ethiopian Orthodox Church being on top of the hit list.

“Tyranny is a satanic bondage and wherever it is practiced, it constitutes crimes against humanity. It is the deadly enemy of mankind. Look no further than Ethiopia if you want to see its effects in 21 years. No freedom of worship, no freedom of expression…all high court judges and prosecutors are TPLF cadres. Believe me; it is better to wash dishes at a restaurant than to be a Solicitor under such brutal regime. I remember at one stage Temam was under immense social pressure to quit and flee as most of us would have done, but here is a man of integrity remaining cleaves to his principle.” Temam Ababulga’s childhood friend and a top attorney poured out his heart to the Horn Times from Addis Ababa.

“Christians also must understand that even though Temam is representing the patriotic sheikdom of Ethiopia, he is fighting for all religions to be free of the junta’s interference. We all have to pray for his safety and rally around him.” The attorney concluded asking not to be named for fear of reprisal attacks by the ruling junta.

Furthermore, since the criminal minority junta released the Jihadawe Harekat documentary regarded by political commentators as “naked hate speech”, the situation in Addis Ababa and other major cities and towns remain tense.

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