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ESAT and SBS Australia Radios should apologize for Mengistu Hailemariam Victims!

by Tedla Asfaw

Mengistu Hailemaraim the butcher of Ethiopia has become “Madiba specialist” thanks to the SBS and ESAT Amharic Radio following the passing away of Madiba early this month.Mengistu shamefully talked about the 100,000 dollar he gave to Madiba

Mengistu shamefully talked about the 100,000 dollar he gave to Madiba on his Ethiopian visit after his freedom. Mengistu was heard boasting about “tutoring” Madiba about the end of the cold war. How comes we have not learnt about such claim from any other source? Is this not the same claim Mengitu made about not killing a fly let alone humans during his 17 years of terror?

We all know Mengistu for what he was. He has done a lot to destroy Ethiopia than some of his admirers claim, a fighter for Ethiopian “unity”. Mengistu is a “God send’ for Woyane and Shabia. Both were anti Ethiopia forces against Madiba vision of Ethiopia, a united Ethiopia. Mengistu has paved the way for Ethiopia to be controlled by its haters for more than 22 years by eliminating patriotic Ethiopians. We are now left with the “coward generation” that publicly “honored” the late tyrant Melees Zenawi who destroyed all institutions of Ethiopian unity.

Many ESAT followers of Mengistu admirers wanted to rewrite history. ESAT and SBS by Inviting Mengistu are dishonoring Madiba because Mengistu wiped Emperor Haileselassie’s rule by coldblooded massacre of 60 high officials. Madiba got his military and diplomatic support from those who were massacred by Mengistu.

Some who condemned Mengistu never condemned the massacre of Haileselassie officials. No one commemorate the anniversary of those except family members each year. We want only to recognize our own victims. Yes EPRP should commemorate the death of 500,000 its supporters and members massacred but we should not ignore the death of Haileselassie and all who served under him.

We cannot talk about Colonel Tadsesse Biru and Madiba ignoring Haileselassie. When Woyane lobbied against Haileselassie statue erection at African Union many of us “supported’ it by being silent.

We need to come out strong and condemn Mengistu Hailemriam for his crime against humanity. The terror he started by gunning down innocent 60 high officials should be recognized first. Let us start recognize the fact that if we Ethiopians had condemned  Mengistu’s terror then we might have saved the following terror that took half million of young patriotic Ethiopians.

Mengistu rehabilitators have a lot to explain. It is not about freedom of speech we are talking about here it is about journalists who failed to ask a very serious question, the death of half a million people by direct order of Fascist Mengistu Hailemariam. It is about journalism cajoling murderers and kept silent about victims.

Let those who helped Madiba in the struggle against apartheid speak about him. Mengistu Hailemariam and those who served under him have blood on their hands are in no way should get a stage before confessing their crimes against the people of Ethiopia. The Spirit of Madiba started in South Africa by confession about past crimes.


  1. Ethsats should Remember about your big mistakes in which you tried to regenerate unconvicted war criminal who might destroyed more than 1,000000 millins of peopel in adition to that of the man of the 20thieth century the father of a real Ethiopia and Africa in General!!!Shame on you.If you don’t apologize from your historical failer,many genuine peopel will hasitate wether or you finance base might be from the Ethiopians fortune which the Derg autorities stallen from the National Bank of Ethiopia & from Shakisso Gold mines which Dictatore Mengistu sacked few days before he fled to his refugee land Zimbabuwe wher the same tipe of Ruthless dictatore rules for years!!!Both of them are the same Davels who must be brought tu Justice early or later!!!Thank you.

  2. Ato Tedla Asfaw
    Since when informing the Society become a crime ??? Either SBS or ESAT are not Criminal Investigators for your Information they are MEDIUMS OF NEWS AND INFORMATION TO ANY GIVEN SOCIETY .
    Can you please try to bring ideas which is non-Controversial and that can help freed Ethiopians FROM THE CURRENT TPLF ETHNO-FASCISITIC DICTATORIAL RULERS ???

    Thank you

  3. I think it would have made sense if Ato Tedla’s comment had aimed at the way colonel Mengistu, the former evil- minded and one of the most brutal leader of the military junta has presented himself. Yes, challenging those former and incumbent ruling elites who had killed and continue killing generations is absolutely appropriate.

    What sounds , I am sorry to say but I have to say is that blaming the media such as ESAT for just doing want is expected from an independent medium of information because it does talk with a person who we do not like is absolutely a very nonsensical, if not stupid way of thinking ( I am not saying Ato Tedla is stupid as a person, but what I a wanted to say is that I found this specific idea is stupid.)

  4. Hi brohers and sisers I donot see nothing wrong with Ato Tedela I also being happy that anyone who performed crime shold ask apologize to being appologizeed by Glory God almighty so brothers and sisters should practice and we will teached from them appologized is good for human beings otherwise every killer will join us without any shame only appologizre for all those victus and family's God bless our country and its people, pease for all human beings.

  5. Ato Tedla, it is strange that someone who values his freedom of expression as much as you do suggests others be silenced. This is truly sad.

    There are many viewers and listeners who want ESAT to be open for all. We need to realize that all of us cannot be self-appointed editors for ESAT.

    What makes these waves of criticisms bizarre is that the criticism is very selective. We have been watching a series of interview with Ato Abera Yemaneab,we have watched interviews with Dr Negede Gobeze, and many EPRP leaders with no complaints. As far as I am concerned, all of them are Ethiopians with opinions about Ethiopia’s history and future which they should be allowed to share with fellow Ethiopians. My concern is the double standard.

    Each time we criticize ESAT for no good reason, we are robbing ESAT precious time and potential support. This is, deliberate or not, sabotaging ESAT in its effort to facilitate the flow of information. This, I hope, you do not want to do.

    Let us refrain from harassing ESAT and other media for doing their job.


  6. Emperor Haile Sellassei brought young Mandela to Ethiopia.

    General Tadesse Biru the guerrilla patriot who fought the Italian occupation trained the great Mandela.

    Mengistu the coward strangled the 80 year old emperor to death.
    Mengistu the murderer arrested and shot General Tadesse.

    ESAT and SBC are shameless. If they do not know that they are using the death of Mandela to whitewash Mengistu, then they must be idiots. But, no they know what they are doing. They are just shameless political duriyes (lumpens).

    Freedom of speech mantra does not confuse us. You are free to speak to who ever you want, but there is no obligation that you talk to crimnals. You know the difference, but you do not care.

  7. Hi
    I think Tedla has a very valid point. I think we need to make a clear choice of what that country should be some twenty years from now and Mengistu by no means should be one of the choices. What we have today as opposition are the same old politicians with a big nostalgia of the old days. They are not about change, but they are about lost privileges which they think with every passing day is getting away from them.
    The Ethiopia they built in their images may not be there for long for them to rule.Because they think it is their god given right to rule any other option is an Ethiopian and therefore must be dealt with by whatever means.

    Let me make my self clear. I am not a fan of a very cruel government called TPLF, but I also don’t believe in the so called oppositions because they are simply false choices. They are not going to do any better than the past governments and the past is what gave us the TPLF. In short they are simply a drawback to the past and that is the choice we can not afford to have.

  8. Mr Tedela it is free press you should remember east was interview woyane junta sebehat Nega and seat interview ethiopian general who build big business building more than three million birr the general his income 3000 birr where you been after all you criticized now please wake up bro

  9. Mr Tedla Asfaw,you should apologize to Ethiopian ppl for your intention of to block to the right of access of information.

    Thank you ESAT for your brilliant and interesting work to give to Ethiopian full and trusts information from the main sources, this is called true journalism,,,,,,,,,,,,

  10. Hahaha that’s so funny hmmmm bay the way is guy crazy? Brother Tedla please before you say something think twice I dont understand that why don’t you fill that you stink.

  11. EPRP guys, please stop whining for everything. You are still not tired of crying like a baby. Why don’t you leave others alone and do your job? How can you cry like a baby for over 40 years? Why don’t you go into the woods and get arms and start fighting?

    People are sick and tired of you! Whining is not equal to fighting. Do you know that? Just be quiet and do what you got to do.

    Tedla Asfaw and Beljig Ali are twins and whining babies.

  12. First, Ato Tedla, the renowned activist for human rights in Ethiopia, deserves the highest appreciation for his excellent exposition regarding the shameful attempt to resuscitate ex-dictator, Mengistu Hailemariam, a butcher of Ethiopia, worse than Graziani.

    It’s tragic that the otherwise esteemed media, ESAT and SBS Australia use someone who had no sense of reconciliation and forgiveness to obtain information about President Mandela whose legacy is formed on the basis of these fundamental principles. To seek Mengistu’s opinion about Madiba is tantamount to the saying in Amharic: “Midaqqo wodih, qemezmez wodiya!”. A criminal person like Mengistu who massacred so many innocent people cannot, with all fairness, be expected to give an opinion about a highly respected and forgiving leader such as President Mandela. It is like seeking the opinion of Mussolini regarding any Ethiopian patriot!!

    I agree with Ato Tedla completely that ESAT and SBS Australia should apologize to the Ethiopian people for their gross errors. They should, instead, strive to bring Mengistu to justice at the International Criminal Court.

  13. Here we go again another Belgig Ali
    What is wrong with this old bunch of morons who doest seem to understand the basics of free media.
    Concerted effort to try to discredit ESAT.
    You can do whatever you like to Mengistu but we can not allow you to destroy ESAT

  14. I agree with Tolla’s comment.By the way is there EPRP at this time???
    Ethsat did good job this is news media we have a right to talk and right in America, this is not Ethiopia, We know that EPRP burns books, scan….still they did not learn they are getting old, enough is enough.No more EPRP.

  15. እባካችሁ ኢህአፓዎች በትንሹም በትልቁም ማለቃቀስ ይብቃችሁ! ኢሳት ዋና ተግባሩ መረጃ ማሰራጨት እንጂ እናንተ (የግራ ፖለቲከኞች) እንደምታስቡት ቃለ-ምልልስ የሚደረግላቸው ሰዎች በፖለቲካ ዉሳኔ እየተመረጡ አይደለም። ኢሳት ደጋግሞ ሲገልጽ እንደሰማሁት የወያኔ ዋና ሰዎችንም ፈቃደኛ ከሆኑ ለማቅረብ ዝግጁ እንደሆኑ ነው።

  16. Tedla Asfaw another old communist EPRP and self declared enemy of ESAT and G7… you will never ever understand how free Media works!

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