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“Babylon is falling and Ethiopia, she, is calling”

March 1, 2013

by Bizuayehu Tsegaye

Our world has it’s depiction of evil and evil deeds as the cause of our emotional distresses. It’s product displayed in the verity form of mental and physical pains; worse, taking life. Almost all tells, heritages that has passed through centuries describe evil in such a way that can only horrify it’s affair with man. It’s attributes never been admired, nor the end in being related to it seen to be help full.

One classical character of evil is confusion. Confusion plays master role of making man suffer out of it’s insecurities. It is the not knowing, the greed that makes others not know and obsessed to posses,  that same thing leading in to emotion and conflict. It is the cause for felled relationships, marriage, family, disintegrated society and for the destruction of all major civilizations. It is not for any other reason that the fell of great Babylonian civilization related to confusion other than one defining the other. Even now, an ordinary person may simply point to EPRDF to give an example of confusion in this period of civilization. If any one have an interest in drawing logical conclusion from those facts then he or she might not be surprised to find out that Babylon define EPRDF.

The story, fell of Babylon, gives emphasis on one critical point to my perception; communication. It’s none existence causes disobedience and disturbance. Unpredictability, randomness and spontaneity are characters of confusion, darkness and hopelessness. None orderly happening of events and arrangements of tools man use are it‘s products. An entity that do not communicate will be in confusion. Confused one’s will not be able to organize. It doesn’t take much effort to be aware of EPRDF’s stance on this healthy element of survival, communication, as it lens on miscommunications. It is confused; it is random, spontaneous and unpredictable. It’s use of administrative tools are disordered and what comes out of it is chaos as it stilled on rusted bureaucracy. It is nothing other than the sign of Babylon falling. Yet, as the tell of most stories, the fall of one gives birth to the rise of a new one. As of that, we have the up coming raise of one great civilization to look at and it starts from….

There exist considerable number of exile groups with the intent to bring healthy administration in the country. Intoxicated with tremendous issues, in no way having them could be considered unreasonable. Those issues can beast be addressed only in an organized effort. It can not be denied our society, since it’s early exodus, acted to regroup. But, there exist one major fell to mention when looking back, lack of maturity. Wondering when such coming together in an organized form has started may not be a cost that matter. Stetting maturity as the development of organizations the society formed in the past showing improvements and acquiring decision making abilities through time, what has been seen doesn’t reflect this quality; having the ability to choose. Other than being incapable and setting aside just at the level of being witness. It sours to say there has not been development regarding efforts to assure it‘s interest in group till recent time. It demands to be coldhearted, un like our society, to avoid temptations of reflecting the absence of maturity in them. Therefore, it is crucial to raise point which clearly define this lack of maturity and forward ways of achieving them. One, to my observation, would be redundancy of tasks performed by existing organized bodies. Performing one task again and again and again is simply a waste of resource and effort requiring no special knowledge to notice. Comes dilemma, when one observe such redundancy of tasks being carried out or seeing groups intending to do so.

Let us look at those dedicated to strategic issues. Those are organized bodies with almost same objective to serve, but operating as a separate entities. Recently, we have three well known organized groups working to facilitate a platform for all good governance seeking bodies. ENTC with more transparent approach and highly motivated stakeholders, Shengo constructed with individuals having more life experience and genuine public communication and Timret reflecting pragmatic moves, all operate independently to serve one need. Here, it leads dilemma running in the minds of our society, needing one strong body to satisfy it‘s demand. You may have witnessed such incident happening concurrent with the coming of those three organized bodies in almost similar period of time. Dealing with tactical matters could have not been challenging, had there exist an entity with all the quality and resource of those three combined. In fact in my perception, with the existence of such body comes the beliefe of the sum of action results from all tactical groups will leading to success, those groups’ engagement could be perceived in no other way than taking their share of responsibly, and the existing dilemmas could be settled.

On individuals level, every one has it’s time of insanity, we all have; in fact, it is some how the mechanism through which man kind able to survive times of desperation and absurdness of others assuming superiority up on him. But, not lets make it our identity, be driven by emotions is not our nature. Emotions talking won’t bear fruits, thoughtful motives should guide actions. We are expected to draw lines between issues and forward the need that matters; to see a centralized effort. Call for those who are matured. It is then the society will raise in mass, it is then we can say Babylon is falling and Ethiopia is rising.

…and it starts from healthy communications.

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6 Responses to “Babylon is falling and Ethiopia, she, is calling”

  1. Ben

    March 3, 2013 at 2:05 am

    Mr Adam, there is no room for argument if you want to turn your neck around that is natural, otherwise go F/D with your Babylon Idea? this time is very curcial in our church doctrine-Lond lent, be smart to confess your evil Babylon Idea. If not “?????????????????????????????????????”

  2. Ben

    March 3, 2013 at 2:04 am

    Mr Adam, there is no room for argument if you want to turn your neck around that is natural, otherwise go F/D with your Babylon Idea? this time is very curcial in our church doctrine-Lond lent, be smart to confess your evil Babylon Idea. If not “?????????????????????????????????????”

  3. Adam

    March 2, 2013 at 7:53 am

    Who could intend to mix points discribed independetly, the way I see this writing..Babylon used as an example of evil work and woyane is not any different, so not forgeting Ethiopians are God’s choosen people…the people are calling you to save our country from this none beliver evil called EPRDF. Sir Ben, it doesn’t even need to think twice to understand just read again!!

  4. Ben

    March 2, 2013 at 1:23 am

    please think twice before you print out such Immoral dissatisfied and stressful words. I am not giving you full critique on your amlagamation or jargons. Instead I would like you to read the “words that you choose as a TITLE for confusing Ideas” Yes Babylon is falling did you think why? simply because they are away from GOD, but not Ethiopia, my country and most Ethiopians , I believe both from in and out of the country. So my writer, HOW DO YOU RELATE BABYLON WITH ETHIOPIA??? May be you think that the Title will attract fellow ethiopians attention? I will ask you please review your work before posting. Ethiopia never ever falling we are GOD’s choosen people. Be a beliver not a betrayer!!

  5. guadengna

    March 1, 2013 at 8:43 pm

    Healthy communication? You got that right! …this was one of the most incoherent pieces I’ve ever read! You gotta’ proof read this, my friend…

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