Ethiopian S[e]lection, despotism and larceny and the Comedy of ethnic serfdom

Ethiopian S[e]lection, despotism

Two decades later; once again another [S]election took place in Ethiopia the fifth time around.

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South Sudanese rebels accuse Ethiopian governor of receiving bribe from Juba

Members of the South Sudan’s rebels

Members of the South Sudan’s rebels led by former vice-president, Riek Machar, on Thursday accused the governor of Ethiopia’s Gambella region, Gatluak Tut Kot.

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ARTICLE 19: Concern regarding freedom of expression in Uganda, Ethiopia…

Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression

It noted that the apparatus of censorship in Ethiopia is vast, and freedom of expression cannot be guaranteed.

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Cop filmed beating Ethiopian Israeli soldier to be fired

Cops beat Ethiopian Israeli soldier

Video footage shows Damas Pakada, of Ethiopian descent, assaulted by two officers, one a volunteer policeman.

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Ethiopian Nile Dam Study Warns on Safety, Urges Cooperation – Bloomberg Business

Ethiopian Nile Dam Study Warns on Safety

The 17 mainly U.S. scientists expressed concern at aspects of the ...

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