TPLF to take down Ethiopian flag in San Jose

September 16, 2012

Internal Affairs: Did San Jose officials raise the wrong Ethiopian flag?

by the Mercury News

An international incident of sorts arose over an Ethiopian flag raising at San Jose City Hall to honor the African country’sTPLF to take down Ethiopian flag in San Jose New Year, which begins on Sept. 11. And it wasn’t over the unfortunate coincidence with what is now a day of infamy and national mourning in the U.S.

Rather, the dispute was over whether or not the city raised the right green, yellow and red Ethiopian flag.

Yohannes Mesfine, an Ethiopian-American businessman who lives in Palo Alto, says it didn’t. The banner that went up lacked the national emblem — a light-blue disk with a yellow pentagram symbol — which the country adopted in 1996. That’s the flag that the U.S. State Department recognizes.

Nonsense, says Abebe Hailu, who represents the Ethiopian American Council in San Jose. He said the plain tricolor “heritage flag” that went up is just as acceptable, arguing it doesn’t change with the political winds in their native country. A city resolution allows San Jose to recognize that flag.

Mesfine — who attended the flag-raising ceremony on Monday, the day before Sept. 11, out of respect for the victims of 9/11 — was so put off that he alerted Mayor Chuck Reed and city Councilman Sam Liccardo, both of whom attended the ceremony along with Hailu and dozens of local residents of Ethiopian descent.

With no reaction from either city official, both of whom noted the city’s resolution, Mesfine contacted the Ethiopian Consulate General in Los Angeles. An email to Reed from the consulate general’s office thanked the mayor for honoring the occasion but pointed out that any flag that doesn’t contain the emblem is illegal under the Ethiopian constitution.

City officials say similar debates have surfaced involving the flag of the former Republic of Vietnam and the Pan African flag.

“My decision to support the flag-raising has nothing to do with any feeling that I have toward any regime or government,” said Liccardo, whose district includes the Ethiopian American Center and many of its members. “It has everything to do with our solidarity with a community of people living here in our city. What’s far more relevant to me is the identity chosen by our community, and not that chosen by any foreign entity.”

San Jose Public Works Director Dave Sykes said the city will evaluate the issue before whatever version of the Ethiopian flag goes up next year.

“We want to be respectful of the concerns and address them appropriately,” Sykes said.

8 Responses to TPLF to take down Ethiopian flag in San Jose

  1. Ancient Ethiopia

    September 18, 2012 at 7:50 pm

    The stupidity of weyanes like yonase mesfin is still going on even after the death of their east africa adolf hitler [ meles naziawi].
    Can those narrow minded people think for tomorrow?
    The TPLF’s made the so called ” falg” is the symbole of satan and paganians. But we , ethiopians and Americans believe in GOD , not in satan.
    So the deseparated weyanes like yohanse mesfin who believe in satan can hang his satatice flag in his house and bow every morning and nigth.
    Can you immagine those stupidy weyanes do not have respect for ethiopia’s heroes like ras allula aba nega and atse Yohanse. Both atse yohnase and ras Allula fought ethiopia’s enemies by holding ethiopia’s tricolour falg in their hands . But most shameless weyanes have fallen in love with meles because He had given un limited access to ethiopia’s natural resources to loott and became billionars in a day ligh rubary . for that reason they like satanice’s flag. But what is good , their time is number and they will stay in exile with their satanic flag.
    What is very interesting for me , his talking about that idiotic flag which “ethiopia’s constitution recognize”
    which constitution” TPLF is an out law terrorists group which has never accepted and respect any law . now we know them very well and we will treaty them as accordance in rhe future.

  2. nana

    September 18, 2012 at 6:45 am

    The pro Eritrean site, Ethiopian review refused to post this. The star is actually is Pentagram, Church of Satan. Look it up on Google.

  3. soozery

    September 17, 2012 at 12:39 pm

    TPLF has pissed on the Ethiopian flag. The blue disc stitched right in the middle the flag is their urine. We can not allow the TRi colour, which has served as the symbol of black liberation and freedom and unity across africa and the carribean to be denigrated and changed wantonly by every racist and tribalists woyane.

    How is that Tigre Peole liberation front covered the dead body of the fascist zenawi with the Ethiopian flag which they see as an enemy flag and which zenawi denigrated as a piece of rag.

  4. tuaoufu

    September 17, 2012 at 4:58 am

    It has been a deperate time for the enemy specially since the death of the robber,Zenawi.We,Ethiopians will alwayas stand firm and determined to fight off the enemy whenever and wherever it moves against us and our country.

    This flag of ours is flying eternally at full mast without boundries;it has been seen or recognized in the skies accross the horizon for centureis and will continue to live in its vivid colors in the living lands of our dear country and in the lands where democracy is living alive.

    Down With the enemy!!!!

  5. Askale Dama

    September 17, 2012 at 3:48 am

    The flag Yohannes Mesfin is talking about is the flag of Tigre Liberation Front, it is not Ethiopian flag. The Tigre party must restrain itself from trying to tell the City of San Jose how to do its business. The authoritarian Meles regime needs to know the limits of its dictatorial reach.

  6. Selam

    September 16, 2012 at 11:50 pm

    We have to petition this crazy people, they came yesturday Ethiopia has been their forever and our flag like any other countries flag leaders come and go but the countries flag does not change. This people how many thing do we have to explain for them.

    Don’t hate our flag it’s no Amhara I know you got a problem with Amharas but you said in the past you dead leader said it’s a piece of rug what’s your problem now.

    For one we Ethiopian American has lived in this country for a long time have been tax payers and as such the Ethiopian government doesn’t pay tax hear and you have no say here in United States. Thank God we have liberty hear and freedom of speech you can not silence us. Just to remind you dictatorship doesn’t cross the the ocean and keep it where you are.

    This is a country of liberty and many have paid price with their life you embecil dictatorship can’t tell U.S.A what to do. You’re Crazy!

    Ethiopian community decided what flag is theirs do you really think you have power to tell to United States what to DO! uh…uh…try…

    Just a shor lesson to tigres junta: leaders come and Go even in United States every 4 to 8 years but U.S.A flag doesn’t change it’s color so is any other country that include ETHIOPIA!