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Letter of Appreciation to Ana Maria Gomez

Honorable Ana Maria Gomez
Member of European Parliament
Brussels, Belgium

Dear Ms. Gomez,

The Ethiopian National Transitional Council (ENTC) would like to express its appreciation for your briefings to thespokeswoman for foreign affairs Ana Gomes European Union (EU) on September 11, 2012. ENTC would like to thank you for questioning EU’s failure for not holding the regime accountable for the imprisonment of the two Swedish journalists, several Ethiopian journalists such as the Pen Prize winner Eskinder Nega and political prisoners while channeling EU’s Aid money to the TPLF/EPRDF government. You exposed that The EU has allowed the regime in Ethiopia to suppress dissent by staying silent and not urging the regime to open up political dialogue with opposition parties.

You also mentioned that Ethiopia was an important Country in Africa and exposed the regime’s failure in letting Ethiopians know when and how PM Meles Zenawi died. You might be aware that ENTC was the first to officially report the passage of the Ethiopian dictator on July15, 2012 and demand the regime to tell the Ethiopian people about the whereabouts of the PM. It took over 59 days for the Ethiopian government to come out and officially announce the premier’s death. As you indicated in your speech, the reason behind the secrecy was that the late Zenawi’s totalitarian clique was taking its time to engineer the perpetuation of the status quo.

The late Meles once told the Reuters’ correspondent, Barry Malone that “… if Ethiopians thought I was a dictator, I would not sleep at night. But I don’t believe they do.” However, the very last words Meles heard in public from an Ethiopian journalist at the G8 meeting on Food Security on May 23, 2012 in Washington DC were “Meles Zenawi is a dictator, we want freedom, freedom, freedom”. In light of this, it is regrettable that EU Commissioner Louis Michel has tried to portray the late Meles as a democrat and liberator and advocated for maintaining status quo on Ethiopia’s governance. We appreciate that you stood up and argued with Mr. Michel that this path is not acceptable.

ENTC works closely with all opposition parties and civic organizations to help bring change. It is working towards forming a transitional government that will pave the way for a new constitution and a democratically elected government within two years. ENTC would like to urge you personally and the EU collectively to press the regime to open up the political space and start dialogue with all opposition parties. The EU should be a partner in mapping Ethiopia’s transition from dictatorship to democracy without political unrest and violence.

ENTC was proud to hear you tell EU and the world that Ethiopia is too important for Africa and the world. We would like to thank you for telling EU that it should not turn a blind eye to the aspirations of Ethiopian people to claim their freedom from the totalitarian TPLF/EPRDF regime. It is time for the EU member countries to be told by Ethiopians and their own representatives that Europeans’ best interest is elevated by helping our struggle for freedom and fostering a long-lasting relationship with the Ethiopian people. The EU could help Ethiopian aspirations of democracy by applying a concerted pressure on the regime to open up the political space, free all political prisoners and journalists, stop assaulting opposition parties, repeal the anti-terrorism law, open up the media, call for national reconciliation, help establish a transitional government and hold free and democratic national election through an independent and transparent election process.

Thank you again for being the voice of the voiceless Ethiopians and continuing your support in our struggle for freedom!!

Yours faithfully,

ENTC Leadership Council


  1. Good job! Excellent letter.

  2. Thanks to Anna Gomez for her commitment to Ethiopians Freedom from narrow Nationalist, racist, and ruthless government, who terrorize its own people. She stood up against the injustice going in Ethiopia. ENTC thanks for recognize Anna Gomez for her outstanding work for Ethiopian people. She has a well conscious mind about the suffering of Ethiopia by barbaric dictator party. They hold accountability for the atrocious action against the 85 millions of Ethiopian people.

    We Ethiopian need to raise our hand, open our mind, and connect our heart, and work hard with what ever we can to freedom. The cost of freedom is precious and noble.Every freedom loving Ethiopian is important, and needed to help support the cause of freedom for our mother land.The division between people who live in Ethiopia and diaspora has to stop, and every one has to contribute what ever contribution is essential.

    We learn a lesson from Honorable Anna Gomez that fighting for freedom is universal, and our human right. Thank you Anna Gomez!!!!

  3. Ana Gomez saw with her own eyes the thuggery of the fascist woyane during the 2005 election. She did not turn a blind eye to what she saw, the woyane cadres stuffing up ballot boxes, stealing ballot papers from the opposition , harassment and imprisonment of the political opposition during the 2005 election.

    As the chief election observer of the EU she reported what she saw truly and fairly which led to the woyane fascist junta leader , the satanic meles zenawi going mad and declaring a state of emergency.

    God bless Ana Gomez

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