Jawar and Melse of Ethiopia; when opportunists fall in the Hall-of-Shame

July 20, 2013

The saying ‘don’t start what you can’t finish’ and ‘if you break it you own it’ applies perfectly for opportunists politicians of our time. The master of it all was the late Melse Zenawi, the supreme leader of tribalism in Ethiopia. His fall in the Hall-of-Shame was precisely because of his tribal opportunist beginning as a means-to-the end and his attempt to break out of it; leavening his orphans wondering where they belong in today’s world. His disease that infected many tribal peddlers put them between a hard place and a rock; unable neither to sustain tribalism nor to get out of it. Therefore, they choose to spread it like a wild fire to remain relevant and maintain the benefit under Woyane.

by Teshome Debalke

 The recent interest in Jawar Mohammed’s rant on Islamic Forum isn’t new and should not consume too much of our precious time. It should remind us the cost of opportunistic tribal and religion peddlers on our people survival.

Jawar has been preaching the same thing in similar forums before. Only after he became full adult a few years ago and started appearing in the international Media as young ‘political analyst’ to make his next opportunistic move people in large number noticed him. In fact, the late Melse said and done far worst things peddling tribalism at the same age with no one noticing.

Jawar is the new generation tribal opportunist coming to age. Like many opportunist of our time he is a moving target; running loss without much challenge. He began his journey in isolation from the real world; fixated by tribalism to get his wants. As an ‘Oromo’ he ranted about victimization of the ‘Abyssinians’ Empire that didn’t get him much traction beyond his circle. As self appointed spokesperson of the ‘the oppressed Nation and Nationality’ of Ethiopia, he crossed Woyane drawn regions to form solidarity with other ethnic ‘victims’ of his imagination, that didn’t get him anywhere either. In exile, he became African-Black-Oromo-Ethiopian American to put his tribe aside in solidarity with his race as victim of ‘American racism’; that wasn’t even a blimp on the radar to be noticed.  As youth ‘victim of the old’ he went back generations and talked about the youth victims as a force in the democratic movement of the Arab Spring model to come in Africa (except Ethiopia he preserve to liberate his Oromia). He is a classic opportunist peddler of the new generation.

The only people he skipped in his opportunistic victim rant are the women of Ethiopia or in his case Oromia. Whether he forgot women because they don’t serve his opportunistic agenda or he feels they don’t count as victims because he is the male species that ‘victimize’ them, nobody knows. But, when he runs out of victims that would serve his agenda and crossed regions and borders to look for Muslims as his next ‘victims’ to seek solidarity and mix it with his ‘Oromia’ ambition is when he exposed his true nature as a genocidal tribal peddler driven by some unknown force with a bigger agenda than freedom and liberation, just like the late Melse Zenawi.  Give him an audience and stir him up enough he is allover the world map at the service of what his audience want to hear while he is pushing his main agenda by all means necessary.

His problem began when he is forced to break loss of tribalism to appear as ‘political analyst’ in the world Media a few years back. He completely put aside his tribal agenda to be all-he-can-be for one-and-all of the world audience; pimping universal suffrage to get platform. When he returned back and forth peddling his tribal agenda is when everything broke loss.

In reality, Jawar is a manifestation of the ‘Woyane Doctrine’ that prevailed after Marxism ideology bit the dust and left the field open to be filled by tribal opportunist in a cover of Ethnic Federalism. He will be around as long as there are confused and uninformed audience (a meal ticket for opportunist) to manipulate his way in-and-out of the world audience and tribalism until he is no more. It seems the only thing opportunist of our time need to get platform these days is to wave their educational credential and a sharp mouth without doing practical anything.

Jawar, like his mentors before him is stuck in his tribal prism that brought us today’s Revolutionary Democracy of Woyane; fueling his ambition. Thus, like Melse he is trying to maneuver his way in-and-out of his tribal cage to test the diversity of the world and the complexity of democratic governance that demands the truth: to-be-or- not-to-be a leader or a pimp.  The pressure is so much so tribal Jawar and universal Jawar are in collusion course.

His political ambition was born on ‘Oromia’ like the late Melse was on Tigray. The only hope tribal opportunists had to have traction is preaching confined audiences of their tribe.  But, when he found out he can be a leader of the world with Ivy League education and the attention of the world Media on the top of the universal President Barak Hussein Obama ascendency to the pinnacle of world power the poor kid got caught up between a tribal peddler and the possibilities of universal leader. His tribal upbringings (thanks to Woyane and OLF) to his new fantasy of wanting to be universal without putting a penny to earn it became incompatible. He ended up fallen in Hall-of-Shame just like Melse Zenawi tried and fail to go back where he started.  As far as Ethiopians are concerned Jawar is damage good as a leader or political analyst with no redemption value. Therefore, searching for solidarity with anybody he can find to push his main agenda is the only thing left for him.

When they say leaders are born not made they aren’t kidding. It is because leaders see the possibilities when opportunists see the impossibilities.   Leaders seek democracy to empower people for the possibilities but opportunists seek tribalism to stay alive. That is why Ethiopia is full of opportunities in the position of power or aspiring to be.

Jawar ambition to learn political science to be an Oromo leader didn’t do him good. The more he learned the Science the more confused he become from his original tribal sin. His inconsistency from the old tribal Jawar to the new universal Jawar began to show, just like his old mentor Melse Zenawi that moved away from the old tribal Zenawi to the new opportunist universal Zenawi to end up having none.  That is why tribal opportunists go ballistic when rejected and return back to their safe house of tribalism; blaming everybody but themselves.

Ethiopians are way civilized than what tribal opportunist at the bottom end offer. What we should ask ethnic opportunists is to stick with their primitive tribalism than wondering around where they don’t belong. The problem with Jawar as it was with Melse is they go in-and-out of tribalism and ended up to be no good for their ‘tribes’, the people of Ethiopia and humanity as a whole thus, democracy and individual freedom.

Jawar went further in his recent rant; dragging religion in tribalism. That, my friends is when tribalism hit the bottom. Like Woyane dragging religion when minority tribalism hit the bottom Jawar greed to drag religion in his Oromia took him where no tribal peddler has gone before. There is no end to tribal opportunist journey to nowhere. Only Ethiopians can stop them on their tracks before they cause more chaos more than what they already did to stay alive.

In a sprit of Ethiopiawinet tribalism is a dead end as Jawar proved us beyond reasonable doubt when he peddles the Muslim audience. One thing people didn’t notice is he was speaking, not in English, Arabic or Oromigna but in Amharic to tell the Muslim audience how ‘majority Muslim Oromia’ can save the Muslim religion itself; insulting his audience more than one way. Frankly, Ethiopians Muslim can save the lost soul before he goes further and turn in to an Imam and claim he is the messenger of the Prophet himself.

Allah save us from tribal peddlers

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4 Responses to Jawar and Melse of Ethiopia; when opportunists fall in the Hall-of-Shame

  1. observation Reply

    August 4, 2013 at 10:15 pm

    Jawar said he is oromo first then he clearly implied and stated he is for Oromo Muslims first. if he does not realize his dangerous propaganda and the evil consequences of it or if he is not clearly told he evil thought is wrong and is not useful to all including Oromo Muslims he will continue with his destructive act. surely i tell you he will then say “Me first”. he is in psychological crisis of considering himself “i am the one”, “me first” that is where egoism and selfishness always leads to. yes he will soon say “Jawar first” wait for that. what is funny more is that he is trying to use the name of Oromos to cover his mistakes. well he has to be told such evil thinking doesn’t represent neither Oromos generally nor Oromo Muslims particularly. any one can not make mistake and use his identity, ethnicity or religion as a shield for impunity. similarly his mistakes are only his and doesn’t represent others. and himself should be criticized and condemned for his evil plan.

  2. Selam Reply

    July 20, 2013 at 3:22 pm

    Thank you for this analyis! You wrote not about Jawar but the danger of tribalism and its damaging effect!olena read it again!I loved the legitimate analogy b/w tyrant meles and Jawar!
    Yedress le hulu BE zer masseb gudatu ser yesedede new!
    Adios to Mete Jawar!##

  3. Olana Reply

    July 20, 2013 at 4:42 am

    Please guys ignore Jawar, don’t give him too much coverage. He is not worth it but he has the right to express his views eventhough we might not agree with them. I bet he is happy now because he has become headline news. Just present your ideas and people know that his are full of flaws. Please please please ignore this so called analyst.

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