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Ethiopian young girls know what sex is

Dear GMT of BBC,

I watched this morning(EST) GMT with George Alagiah and today’s guest from Save Children alleged thatEthiopian young girls know what sex is Ethiopian young girls do not now what sex is. She is absolutely wrong. Sex has been with humanity since Adam and Eve(Lucy). I am not sure what age Eve had sex with Adam. When you bring opposite sexes together the attraction is natural. You call it Sex.

The issue we have in Ethiopia is partly cultural and mainly poverty. Ethiopia has been the major Aid Darling of the West but we could not educate the young women about underage sex. More than 11.5 billion dollar according to independent study stolen from Ethiopia in the last decade alone. UK the major donor to the Ethiopian dictatorship should investigate this financial crime and the role of its financial industry. Money that can help our women and children is wasted and no one is held accountable.

For the poor child I saw on your footage there is “market” across Atlantic. There are people who would like to pay the government of Ethiopia Dollar. Child trafficking is a booming business in Ethiopia in the name of adoption. The young mother will be sold as housemaid to Middle East. Save the Children as usual will continue to ask donation in our name.

If we had free media and accountable regime Ethiopians can manage the Sexual behavior of our young people like any other civilized society. We need to advocate for accountable and transparent regime and stop Crying for Help.


Tedla Asfaw
New York, USA


  1. Belihu Mankelkilot

    I appreciate what Ato Tedla is doing to the “wrong” presentation about our girls, from what he presented. How ever, Senait is right in demanding the source document, so that we get the clear picture of what they said.

  2. I think it is important to post the article Ato Tedla referring to. It is not unusual for charity organizations to assume, generalize and underimine without having the facts about our tradition and culture.

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