Ethiopian barley makes for a tasty snack: Kolo

August 20, 2010

by Monica Eng

Ethiopian barley makes for a tasty snack: Kolo

Photo of kolo by Monica Eng

While walking through Edgewater recently, I discovered my latest food obsession. It’s called kolo and I am told by the owner of Kukulu Ethiopian Specialties (6129 N. Broadway; 773-262-3169) that it is the favorite snack in Ethiopia.

It features ultra crunchy roasted barley grains, peppered with chickpeas. Dusted in a light salty seasoning, the snack packs plenty of fiber, protein and tasty flavor –t hink Corn Nuts with smaller nubbins.

I also recently discovered that they are delicious in between bites of dark chocolate — like a healthier version of a Nestle Crunch Bar.

Unfortunately, my seven-year-old daughter has taken a shine to my kolo and I am going to have to return to Kukulu (named after the sounds made by Ethiopian roosters) for another package soon. They sell for $2.50 per small baggie, which helps us avoid over consumption.

Source: Chicago Tribune

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