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Mo Farah denied final gold by Ethiopia’s Muktar Edris

London (AFP) – British athletics legend Mo Farah narrowly failed to complete a fifth successive global double on Saturday when he finished second behind Ethiopian Muktar Edris in a thrilling 5,000 metres world final.

The 34-year-old, whose winning run in the 5,000m at Olympics and world finals stretched back to 2011, fought desperately to claw back the deficit in the finishing straight but Edris held on to win in 13min 32.79sec.

Edris celebrated by holding his hands up over his head in the ‘Mobot’ gesture that Farah had invented for his succession of victories.

Farah, a two-time double world champion and two time double Olympic champion, finished in 13:33.22 just failing to repeat his memorable Olympic double on the same track in 2012.

Farah, who had won the 10,000m last Friday to open the championships with a bang, said he couldn’t have given it more but added he had proved that it was possible to break up the Ethiopian and Kenya hegemony over the distance races.

“I gave it my all, 110 percent,” said Farah.

“I don’t think there was any more I could have done. They (the Ethiopians) run as a team.

“Never feel like you can’t beat the Kenyans and Ethiopians — anything is possible.”

Farah — who immediately went to his family as he has made a habit of doing — said he had had an extraordinary ride in the past six years.

“It’s been amazing. It’s been a long journey but it’s been incredible,” said Farah who was embraced by his fans as he made his way around the stadium on a lap of honour, stopping to sign autographs and pose for ‘selfies’.

“It doesn’t quite sink in until you compete here and cross the line -– I had a couple of minutes to myself -– that this is it.”

American Paul Chelimo added world bronze to his Olympic silver, timing 13.33.30.

Edris said his ‘Mobot’ gesture was both a symbol of the passing of the champion’s baton and a mark of respect for Farah.

“Mo has many victories but now I have one,” said the 23-year-old.

“I am the new champion for Ethiopia. That’s why I did the Mobot. I am the next champion.

“I have won the gold in front of his home crowd. I didn’t have much support but we did it. I did the Mobot out of respect as well for him.”

Farah and his team-mate Andrew Butchart had tried to break up the field with 600 metres to go in a race that had been run at generally a very slow pace.

However, Edris and team-mate Yomif Kejelcha seized the initiative as the bell went and Farah struggled to go with them.

He fell several metres behind them going down the back straight.

Edris led round the final bend with Farah under pressure from Kenyan-born Chelimo as they hit the straight.

Edris gritted his teeth and set sail for home with Farah moving down the inside to try and engineer a remarkable final burst but the gas just wasn’t there.

“I thought it might be possible, but my legs had had it,” said Farah.

“I got boxed in early on (in the final charge) — it doesn’t normally happen — and couldn’t get out.”


  1. John,

    This is sport which I believe everyone should take a break from other chores or passionate discourse and find enjoyment in it. I profusely thank the dear editors of this esteemed website for headlining this major sport event. I am a big fan of athletic competitions especially mid and long distance running. I also enjoy the shorter distance ones like 100 and 200 meters including the relays. I could see how Muktar and his two countrymen handled the entire competition. I was expecting them to pull the great Kip Keino’s 1968 Olympics playbook which he admittedly credited to his predecessors Bikila and his compatriots. Once you are in their playbook you might as well forget it, man. They pass you around like a doll, man. They were deadly, man. They would find you boxed in and wore you out like a cheap suit, man. That was what happened to Mo Farah and the Kenyans yesterday. Ayana did not have the same strong company. I was yelling and yelling shouting ‘get’em tigress, get’em, get’em’ to Ayana as if she would hear me but that out of this world feat in the 10,000m must have taken a toll on her legs. I would like to see a rematch between Ayana and Obiri just in 5,000m alone after they both rest well. I am sure Ayana has the ability to destroy any walking/breathing female runner on this good earth. Period!!! Remember she is still only 26yr old. The other two Teferi and Gidey have great potential too.

    The season now seems to be over. We should all thank them for the excitement.

    I am jealous of you that you are close enough to watch the whole event live at the stadium.

    Once again, Kudos to the editors of this website for including this story so we can all take a break from politics and have some leisure time.

  2. Turned out to be 2nd place for our gallant daughter Ayana but still what a feat by her!!! The other graceful cheetah from our dear neighbors Kenya was well prepared for this. But still all Hail to Ayana!!! I am good with her result, One gold and one silver? That is a lot of hardware, man. You can’t beat that. To me she has the most graceful stride since Tirunesh and Defar. I am very, very happy!!!

  3. Dawitketerew Wolde

    I was hoping Muktar would protest this WOYANEE regime as he crosses the line. Man I hate living here watching these scum take advantage of our people. We should organize another peaceful protest in Addis. I would gladly assume a leadership role if I get enough support. As an alumni of Addis Abeba University and Saint Joseph School, and former Captain at Ethiopian Airlines, I am more than qualified.

  4. Wow you are a great Ethiopian athletic fan! The way you described the event and remembering Ethiopian heroes (past Athlets) spirit and influence is fantastic. I was in the stadium front row watching these great athletics history. It was a thrilling experience.

    Sir I obeyed your command/ order to watch live the Sunday’s athletic event! I am taking my two kids and thier cousin to the stadium and they will witness athletics history.

  5. Did you just watch the 5000m final? If you didn’t, you missed the action, man. The young man I was rooting for ‘Barega’ kind of waned during the last 100 yards. But I can see they played classic competition. How about that lion Idris? I know what happened? The late heroes Yifter the Shifter and Biklila had turned on the twin turbos on his legs, man!!! I was like ‘go get’em tiger! get’em tiger! get’em, get’em!!! Ladies and gentlemen!!! Bikila is incarnated!!!! Yifter the Shifter has been awakened just for this occasion. Those two naughty rascals!!! I could see them stepping on the accelerator and sprint with this young man like a pissed off cheetah to the finish!!!! I am good now!!!! I have calmed down now!!!! My old heart is back to normal with its beats. But that 17yr old kid will still be a force to reckon with in the coming years. I hope this heroic loss will not take a toll on his morale. He lost this race just only by less than 3 seconds. I was also looking for that neighbor, Kifle from Eritrea too. He was only 4 seconds behind. It was a fight to the finish. What a tactic by the three lions!!! What a strategic race by the three countrymen!!! I am fixed now with gushing joy for the rest of the week, man. I am good now!!!! Also hats off to the hero of all us Mo Farah!!! He put up a gallant fight to the finish. See you in the marathons!!!
    Now every one of you must watch the women 5,000m final tomorrow! You hear me? This is an order from this fanatic Afro-centric septuagenarian!!! There should not be any excuse except for those of you who must work tomorrow afternoon. It won’t be on cable or sat. It will be broadcasted on the air channel of NBC between after 12, 1, 2, 3PM eastern, central, mountain and pacific times respectively!!! You will be rewarded with Ayana when she destroys the entire field once again. She will have two very angry cheetahs assisting her too. Derertu, Gete, Fatuma and the entire pride of lionesses of the Dibaba siblings will descend upon the field also stepping on the accelerator on Ayana, man. You watch!!!!
    Just in case I have 911 on a speed dial, man!!! Let’s go!!!!!

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