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  1. Dawitketerew Wolde

    As I said in another post, I wish to organize a peaceful protest in the streets of Addis. I would gladly assume a leadership role if I get enough support. As an alumni of Addis Abeba University and Saint Joseph School, and former Captain at Ethiopian Airlines, I am more than qualified.

  2. This is about the latest from the IAAF meet in London.

    Did you just watch the 5000m final? If you didn’t, you missed the action, man. The young man I was rooting for ‘Barega’ kind of waned during the last 100 yards. But I can see they played classic competition. How about that lion Idris? I know what happened? The late heroes Yifeter the Shiter and Biklila had turned the twin turbos on his legs. Ladie and gentlemen!!! Bikila is incarnated!!!! Yifter the Shifter has been awakened just for this occasion. Those two naughty rascals!!! I could see them stepping on the accelerator and sprint with this young man to the finish!!!! I am good now!!!! I have calmed down now!!!! My old heart is back to normal with its beats. But that 17yr old kid will still be a force to reckon with in the coming years. I hope this heroic loss will not take a toll on his morale. He lost this race just by less than 3 seconds. I was also looking for that neighbor, Kifle from Eritrea too. He was only 4 seconds behind. It was a fight to the finish. What a tactic!! What a strategic race by the three countrymen!!! I am fixed with gushing joy for the rest of the week, man. I am good now!!!! Also hats off to the hero of all us Mo Farah!!! He put up a gallant fight to the finish. See you in the marathons!!!

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