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Campaign to make Westerners aware of Ethiopia’s human rights crisis: Operation Conscience

by David Steinman

Campaign to make Westerners aware of Ethiopia

Operation Conscience is a social impact campaign to make Westerners aware of Ethiopia’s human rights crisis. It’s sponsored by Money, Blood and Conscience, an anti-EPRDF novel–coming soon to Amazon.

The campaign asks every Ethiopian to please support Operation Conscience with the following actions:

1. Post this message on your website, Facebook page, blog, and any other social media outlets that you use.
2. Forward this message to all your contacts—especially Westerners — and ask them to pass it on.
3. Follow “Operation Conscience” on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Thank you for your cooperation.


It’s our hope that public awareness of this holocaust will force those governments, corporations and individuals presently supporting Ethiopia’s dictatorship to recognize that they are enabling mass murder and end their complicity.

After the Second World War, the world vowed that “never again” would such a calamity be allowed to occur. Yet it has happened again, in Cambodia, Rwanda and elsewhere. Ethiopia is a new challenge to our conscience and to international morality. And we no longer have the excuse that we didn’t know, for on these pages are the story and the proof. More will be added in the near future. Stay tuned.

Please share this message with your friends and family. Encourage them to pass it on. Together, we can end the killing. Make today the start of new era in human history when “never again” turned from words to action.

David Steinman

Author, Money, Blood and Conscience


  1. We must be continuing fighting the TPLF regime as far as the struggle takes us to; it is long and arduous. of course, we have been facing the most deadly enemy that Ethiopians never had encountered in centuries old history; though, the fathers fought and defeated varieties of aggressors in different times, those aggressors never had openly dared to come back; But now, there is a different breed of enemy; this enemy, the enemy of the millions, before and after it got into our country had been carried out all sorts of crimes of huge magnitudes; one among the many crimes committed on Ethiopians and still is being carried out is in Ogaden , in particular and in occupied Ethiopia, in general.

    In Ogaden, the enemy has frequently conducted large scale targeted house-to-house arrest, abduction, and killing in villages, towns, and cities resulting in family disintegration and the rapid disappearances of the livelihoods of communities. Destroying ecology, economy, and communities has been the policy of fascist TPLF in Ogaden. And other destructive activities such as creating hostile environment to human life have become large scale operation leading to destroying inhabitants permanently.

    As we shared the pain and suffering of our people for the last twenty five years, we have to redouble our effort and strengthen our unity to step up multidimensional campaigns with guiding objectives to make the world communities, governments, and international organizations aware and persuade them to take unwavering actions against this brutal enemy of the millions. In parallel, we have to step up a coordinated, sustainable, and long-lasting actions by using different approach to obtain measureable results. Infiltrating into the enemy’s mind is as important as penetrating into the enemy’s military establishments, networks, and camps and extract valuable information followed by liquidating the enemy.

    There have been content and discomfort; there have been not seeing the big picture; there have been my way attitude and believes; there have been a notion of not seeing the possibilities and diversities and there have been lower general satisfactions. Well, this means, it has been noticed the need to come together, build synergy, and work towards a common goal. The goal is to form a firm coalition, lay out plans, execute and evaluates tactics, strategies, and actions while changing, modifying, or/and improving methods and approaches pertaining to the outcome sought.

    In 1991, the enemy got into Ethiopia for a kill and loot; it clearly was risky. Now, returning to its home dead is inevitable. In the Northern front of the country the enemy has already made its death a home; lying dead in ponds, ditches, at the foot of mountains, and mountaintops being overwhelmed and scrambled by unforgiving patriots in the vanguard is an indication for the enemy not being able to go home alive.

  2. The only way to end the calamities that the Fascist TPLF brought upon the millions is to end the enemy’s fascistic rule for once and for all. The enemy has killed thousands and thousands of citizens; robbed Ethiopians of a lot worth in billions of dollars; stole public treasures, church most valuable paintings, artifacts, historical documents prized high values and rare and priceless.

  3. From the beginning was clear that this maffiosis are dangerous.

    So,mast have an end for this Criminals.

    Thank you

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