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1,000 year old Ethiopia city uncovered

A team of archaeologists has uncovered an ancient, forgotten city in eastern Ethiopia

(BBC News) A team of archaeologists has uncovered an ancient, forgotten city in eastern Ethiopia thought to date back as far as the 10th Century when it is believed to have been the centre of trade in the region.

The discovery in Harlaa has revealed artifacts from as far afield as Egypt, India and China.

Among the discoveries made is a 12th Century mosque as well as a cemetery used by the local Muslim population.

The lead archaeologist says the architecture of the mosque is similar to those found in southern Tanzania and Somaliland, proof of historic connections between different Islamic communities in Africa.

Also found were bronze and silver coins from 13th Century Egypt, along with jewellery and other artifacts from Madagascar, the Maldives, Yemen and China.

Farmers in the area have for years found strange objects, including Chinese coins on their land, prompting a local myth that the area was home to giants.


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  1. This is amazing discovery. There are quite a few mysterious stories told embedded in the folklore of the area including in some of the very gerersaa of my own Itu clan. There is a lot of history buried in that part of the country. You scratch the surface you will be rest assured that there is something historic underneath. The more sites like this uncovered the more historic links that should be taken as something binds us together but send us asunder. I know how some of you Wahhabi boot lickers spin this. But no dice for that! That is my, yours and every one of us history. That was locally concocted and established legacy and not a Saudi created system. Period! Just like any one of our past proud history, many glorious empires like this rose and disappeared after a few centuries. From what I read since I turned a history buff about 15 or so years ago, I have realized that there were strong dynasties and systems that survived side by side trading and bartering peacefully. There were also wars among them provoked by outside forces. Am I wrong about that? It is excruciatingly clear that those rival neighbors prospered during peaceful coexistence and perished during and after destructive wars. Am I wrong about that also? When these systems fell they took their social fabrics with them. People that originated from the same ethnic group got separated and due to lack of written history and extremely low literacy rate clan of the same tribe went to live in total separation from each other. I will give you a perfect example. My grandfather and his brother had fought the invading army headed by Aba Shaitan in the 1870-80’s. Majority of his army consisted of the cavalry force from those Oromo clans in the Shewa region, Abichu in all. According to my father and uncle Aba Shaitan himself was fluent in Oromifaa. There is also a legend told in my own Itu folklore how other Barentu and Mecha clans went their separate ways from my own Itu clan in the 16th or 17th century after a massive ‘conference’ at a certain location alongside the Awash valley . It was told that tears were flowing alongside the Awash River amid goodbyes in all. Tears flowed just like the river itself is what one ancient gerersa tells us. Centuries later, they ended up fighting each other. That is why I detest violence like a nagging sickness. But in all, our history is such unique and ever glorious. That is why I urge our own historians to dig and dig until you drop. Besides rich untapped natural resources there is a lot of history buried just below the deep layer of the top soil, Dig, dig and dig!!! I am done!!!

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