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Ethiopia: Removal of Fascist Criminal Rodolfo Graziani’s Mausoleum

The Honorable Nicola Zingaretti
Governor of Lazio Province, Italy

Subject: Removal of Fascist Criminal Rodolfo Graziani’s Mausoleum

The Global Alliance for Justice – The Ethiopian Cause presents its compliments to H.E. Mr. Nicola Zingaretti, Governor of Lazio Region in Italy and submits this appeal for consideration.

Fascist Criminal Rodolfo Graziani

Fascist Criminal Rodolfo Graziani

It is to be recalled that the Fascist criminal, Rodolfo Graziani, had perpetrated, in his capacity as governor of Ethiopia during the Italian occupation of that country, serious crimes against humanity including the massacre of 30,000 innocent people in only three days (February 19-21, 1937) in Addis Ababa as well as over 2,000 monks and parishioners at the renowned Ethiopian monastery of Debre Libanos. The total number of the Ethiopian people massacred by the Fascists is known to be one million including several young educated Ethiopians trained abroad with the nation’s limited resource. In addition, 2,000 churches, 525,000 homes and 14 million animals were destroyed. It is known that the Fascists used various war materials including the internationally forbidden chemical weapon of mustard gas. It is also well known that Rodolfo Graziani and his Fascist criminals looted huge quantities of Ethiopian properties which have still not be returned. Rodolfo Graziani is also known as “the butcher of Libya” for the massacre that was committed under his leadership.

It was, therefore, with a great deal of astonishment and disappointment that we learned in August, 2012 that a mausoleum was established for the Fascist criminal, Rodolfo Graziani, even as per Italian laws, in the presence of a Vatican representative at the town of Affile.

Your Excellency will recall that we had written a letter of appeal to you dated 16/4/13 and, later, a reminder dated 7/11/15.

It was with a great deal of pleasure and appreciation that we found out from the official bulletin of the Lazio Provincial Authority dated 13/3/15 that it had decided on the removal of the Graziani mausoleum expeditiously as well as the termination of the budget provided for operating the mausoleum failing which legal action would be undertaken. We take this opportunity to express our utmost appreciation and thanks to Your Excellency, the Lazio Provincial Authority and supporters of our cause throughout the world including Italy for the support provided in the quest of removing the Graziani mausoleum.

Although the decision was highly encouraging and an action that was expected from a democratic nation that has a deep respect for justice and human rights, we are deeply concerned that the court case regarding the Graziani mausoleum has been postponed repeatedly to the extent that the prosecution might not achieve the required result.

We understand that the Graziani mausoleum court  case is now due on 11/27/17. We, therefore, appeal to Your Excellency to kindly take the necessary action so that, finally, thanks to God, a verdict for the removal of the mausoleum would be achieved.

With the compliments of our highest consideration,

Yours faithfully,

Kidane Alemayehu
Executive Director

CC: H.E. Mr. Hailemariam Dessalegn Prime Minister of Ethiopia.

CC: The Ethiopian Embassy in Rome

CC: The Italian Embassy in Ethiopia

CC: The Secretary General United Nations, New York

CC: The African Union

CC: The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


  1. May our dear lord, God provide eternal peace and infinite honor to the fallen Ethiopians while fighting tooth and nail against fascist Italians and to those the commendable patriots who crushed the enemy to its eternal death. Amen.

    First and foremost, unending death to the descendants of Bandas whose fathers and mothers and extended families abated and served Fascist Italians as guides and foot-soldiers, spies and informers, thieves and virus carriers and spreaders, and those the disgusted graveyard keepers and laborers who deservedly buried both alive and dead several feet below the dead masters of theirs and left to get suffocated and rotten in dark graves and hell for eternity. The primary aim of the authentically and the undisputed descendants of bandas when they got into Ethiopia in nineteen ninety one was to practice Banda-culture and spread viruses of all sorts among the population to epidemic scale thereby to avenge the death of their darling Italian Masters, to loot and murder Ethiopians, and to fulfil their dark dreams of hurting Ethiopia with greater and irreversible magnitude similar to the carnage and masker committed by those of Fascist Italians, the dearest masters of theirs who came into Ethiopia via invasions.

    As Fascist Italians failed to accomplish their fascistic mission and got humiliated and embarrassed to the core of their soul before billions of global citizens, this one, this enemy of Ethiopia, Fascist TPLF shall certainly fail terribly and get crushed to its unending death before the naked eyes of Italian Masters. With perfect certainty, the enemy shall condemn the day on which it came into being and the day on which it came into Ethiopia.

    Victory to all Ethiopians!!!!
    Eternal death to the enemy!!!

  2. Today, Ethiopia and its people are hostages of the children and grand children of Banda’s (units employed by the Italian Army as auxiliaries and collaborators to the Fascist criminals, Rodolfo Graziani/Mussolini’s forces.) The collaborators were more brutal and did the dirtiest works for their Fascist masters to get their favor and for the deep hate, they have towards Ethiopia. These scums of society were the ones who massacred and committed serious crimes against humanity including the massacre of 30,000 innocent people in only three days (February 19-21, 1937) in Addis Ababa. A massacre, which included about half of the younger and educated Ethiopian population. They as well slaughtered over 2,000 monks and parishioners at the renowned Ethiopian monastery of Debre Libanos under the hands of Italians and Banda’s at the order of their masters! As a paradox of history, currently these same people are committing genocides against the Ethiopian people since over twenty-five years.. I therefore believe that we have to deal with the Banda’s (TPLF and their Proxies) who in a sense are the extended hands of Graziani/Mussolini first. Let all Ethiopians put their hands and energy together and give priority to get rid of our Enemies who are metastasizing like cancer with their toxic hates and dividing our society and country first! Unless we do that, we will have Fascist Criminal Rodolfo Graziani’s Mausoleum as a live “human” proxy in the form of T.P.L.F in our soil doing the same what fascists did in the five years they stayed in our country.

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