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Press Release: Ethiopian Current Affairs Discussion Forum (ECADF)

Ethiopian Current Affairs Discussion Forum (ECADF)
Press Release

Ethiopian Current Affairs Discussion Forum (ECADF)

We, members of the Ethiopian Current Affairs Discussion Forum (ECADF), living around the world affirmatively reject the never ending and countless atrocities committed by the dictatorial Woyane regime in Ethiopia.

Our country Ethiopia is ranked 15th failed states out of 178 states on Failed States Index of 2017 (FSI) and 1st on the list of Worsened Countries taking into consideration: social, economic and political indicators. Add insult to injury Ethiopia is also 1st on the Global Peace Index list a comprehensive analysis of the state of peace in the world upon the imposition of the state of emergency in October 2016.

Ethiopia is one of the most corrupt countries in the world, standing 108 out of 176 on Corruption Perception Index (CPI) that denotes the misuse of public power for private benefit. It is a public secret, to name a few, as to where he hell went the over 77 billion birr that was meant to build 10 sugar factories under the control of Abay Tsehaye, the father of all corruptions. No factory no sugar and no accountability. Not only that according to Global Financial Integrity (GFI) Ethiopia lost US$ 11.7 from 2000 to 2009 to illicit financial out flows and the trend continues exponentially since then.

The protest that began a year and half ago in the Oromia region and seven months later in Gondar and Bahir Dar that left thousands dead and tens of thousands incarcerated in filthy prisons of the regime. The never ending of killings, mass arrest, torture, disappearances and atrocities are still rampant all over the country. The European Parliament resolution that calls for a United Nation led independent investigation into the killings of citizens was out rightly rejected by the Woyane regime; stating that “it’s capable to conduct an investigation  of its own “ but to no avail. We have held so many demonstrations and signed numerous petitions; however, they have been ignored by the Woyane regime.  The need for socio-political approach is very urgent so much so that, all opposition political entities have to endeavor to narrow their political differences to create a condition to create conducive political atmosphere that would enable them to work together. As our past experience proved to us, a fragmented way of struggle is doomed to fail: “United we stand, divided we fall.” Our strength stems from within ourselves and our strength has the ability to attract outside help. The old approach that used to revolve around “I know it all” tendency will inevitably lead us failure.

The formation of the Ethiopian National Movement (ENM) in October 30, 2016 hints us the end of the beginning of Woyane regime. This can only be achieved if we give it our comprehensive support whenever need arrives. It is equally hope and belief all those opposing political parties and movements will soon follow suit in joining the ENM. This is the time to show the Woyane regime that enough is enough.

Reaffirming our commitment to ENM in particular and oppressed people of Ethiopia in general. We members of the Ethiopian Current Affairs Discussion Forum hereby:

  1. Call upon all political parties, movements and civic organizations to put aside their differences to come together and to get end the immeasurable atrocities committed against the Ethiopian people…
  2. Call upon all religious organizations of different denominations to rise to defend territorial integrity of Ethiopia and the liberties citizens.
  3. Call upon all opposition parties/organizations to join hands and stand together.
  4. Call upon all Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopians to give every support they can to the ENM.

We members of the Ethiopian Current Affairs Discussion Forum, would like to seize this opportunity to express our condolences to the families of those who were massacred by the dictatorial Woyane regime in Oromia, Gondar, Bahir Dar, the Ogaden, Konso, Gambella and other localities of the country.

Long Live Ethiopia.  Ethiopia and Her Children Shall Prevail!!

Ethiopian Current Affairs Discussion Forum (ECADF)
June 12, 2017


  1. Particular thanks to the justice:

    Don’t you agree? Four hundred years jail terms and life sentences for each crime the robbers committed .

    it is going to be Biting like a hungry cobra, and burning like volcanic inferno.

    Standing on their knees before the millions, appearing ash cold and dressing in the same way when they got into Ethiopia, chained from heads to toes, dead or alive, the robbers shall receive the untold, spectacular punishments in a variety of flavor for crimes committed either individually or in groups against Ethiopians.

    The trial will take place in Ethiopia; all criminals in the TPLF Fascist organization will face criminals charges Currently at large, members of the crimefamily regardless of their either mental or physical condition, whether residing inside or outside Ethiopia, dead or alive, shall all stand robbery, murder, fraud, illegal trading, human trafficking, black-marketing, forgery, and many other crimes, including petty thefts, tax evasions, smuggling and big heists trials that would be completed in just few hours.

  2. Yes Long Live Ethiopia ! Hell for the decomposing parasite Woyanne. Woyanne is even less intelligent than a parasite. A parasite will not kill it host. What Woyanne is doing like Ebola_ self destructive.
    May God help us get rid of this Cancer

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