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How Ethiopia’s pop king Teddy Afro is topping the charts

“Songs of love out of pain…. Ethiopia’s king of pop Teddy Afro tells us about his new hit album ‘Ethiopia’ that he hopes will bring his people together” BBC Africa

Teddy Afro is Ethiopia’s most famous singer, and now he’s going global. His latest album “Ethiopia” was topped the Billboard World Album chart.

His album “Ethiopia” has sold more than 500,000 copies.

Teddy Afro told BBC Africa “All my music is based on love. Like Martin Luther King said ‘Hate is defeated with love, darkness with light.’ And for us to come out of the situation we are in, I believe the only choice we have is love.”


  1. What a voice he’s got!!! It never loses its pleasing tonality at every pitch. Thank God we have him to entertain us. Even my American wife loves it. She even bought a CD and gave it to her colleague. But lately I am observing a change in his physical appearance. It looks like he is adding some stones on the scale. He has to be extremely careful about is weight. He may still be young enough not too worry about its complications but that is when it is building factors now. Folks, our worst enemy is the Injera. If it is consumed with moderation Injera is one of the most nutritious varieties in our daily mean. But it is so delicious that we don’t seem to stop eating it. And it is always accompanied with high cholesterol side dishes. When we can we also add Tej, tela, wine, hard liquor and beer to our table rituals. I am not saying he is having all these every day but beside age such diet will start the battle of the bulge in us. I was one them until 25 years ago when my doctor warned me be about my test results. Then I went back to work on cutting back and I have been on top shape. The 2nd chin I was forming was long gone and waist size down to 34 from 40. I eat injera almost every day but less than half what I used to devour at every meal. We use butter, egg and mostly white meat every day but we watch our portions. We want to live long enough to be great parents and great-great parents. We all know that our dishes are the most delicious foods you can put out on the table. Exercise or at least walk for minimum 30 minutes every day. It has worked me and for everyone else. Once you see one or two hot dogs on your nape, then that is a tell tale sign of what terrible health issues to come. I don’t mean disrespect to this national treasure or to anyone of you but I just wanted to share what concerns me most with you. Don’t stop going to our restaurants but watch your portions. Ask them to brown bag them for you. I heard that complications are spreading very fast among our Diaspora. Please be very mindful of your portions. Just a sliver of brotherly advice. I hope you don’t mind.

  2. Teddy’s music tells you how good love is for everyone’s health. Millions of Ethiopians have been joyously overwhelmed by the amazing musical pieces engrained in soul-soothing melodies that undoubtedly make Ethiopians coming closer and connect global habitats heart-to-heart, hand-in-hand, cost-to-cost across the world. Teddy’s success is our success and our success is his success.

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