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Legendary Ethiopian patriot Lt. General Jagama Kelo passed away

Legendary Ethiopian patriot and war hero Lt. General Jagama Kelo passed away at the age of 96. Ethiopians are mourning and celebrating the life of their patriot.



  1. I remember growing up and hearing local history,usually told around the dinner table, It was spoken who is a patriot or banda in my surroundings. Although it is possible many of them might been traveled to Tigray,but some of them were known to have fought against the Italians after the later made in roads to the heartland. Hence, some of the one’s that I grow up learning about in may areas mention the hill tops where they made their fortress by name.But one of the memorable event I have a chance to witness is the difference funeral ceremonies held between the two.When a patriot does it will be attended by funeral procession,fukera and keririto as and a gun shot.Where as when a banda dies there will be whispering.

    Lt. General Jagama Kelo’s contribution to his beloved country is extra ordinary bravery.The hsitory of Lt. Jagama in particular and the Ethiopian patriots in general need to be instituted in elementary and high school curriculums in post TPLF Ethiopia.

    I am sure after TPLF much of the History of Ethiopia will remain intact ,if need be, save minor amendments .After TPLF is gone the Bandas as well as the children of bandas need to be required to take real Ethiopia history courses.What is more,depending on their crime, I can see the many bandas ,after their minimum necessities paid out , to be put to work in the service of their country freely for few years.

  2. What a legend!!! What a pride of the colored!!! He proved to the fascist Mussolini that not only ‘niggas’ can fight but also can kick some ass!!! And he did. This hero has left a lasting legacy and immense material for any capable movie maker to put together a rousing film about his and his compatriots gallantry. With well trained and capable actors from the old country that is!!!

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