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Two wrongs don’t make right nor help institute the rule of law over the jungle law

As the self-proclaimed Tigray warlords & Associates continue to agonize to make the best out of the jungle law they operated by force, propaganda or corruption over two decades, the flip side of the fiasco remained; contemporary political elites continue to agonize over how to preserve some of the jungle law that suit them. What good comes out of endless bickering over TPLF’s jungle law than scraping it all together from body politics with its practitioners under the rule of law?

They say there is two side to a story and they weren’t kidding. In fact, the whole conception of the rule of law thus, justice and democratic governance hinge on it and, anything short remains a jungle law in different name.

Therefore, for the Rule of Law to come in fruition and accomplish freedom and Democracy for, by and to the people two condition must be met as a foundation. The separation of three branches of governments (the executive, the judiciary and the legislative) and Freedom of the Press must be assured to institute check-and-balance of power and ACCOUNTABILITY.

Such simple concept that doesn’t even require formal education let alone advance diploma or research nor summit or conference to understand but yet, it remained the most important missing link in contemporary Ethiopian political discourse and single handedly held the entire democratic struggle of the people of Ethiopia hostage to the present.

If any breathing and thinking person let alone contomporary political elites can’t see such bottleneck to institute the basics of democratic governance, he or she is willingly embracing the prevailing jungle law that caused the crises of Ethiopia.

Therefore, the widespread behavior (willing ignorance) of the political and Media elites to ‘embrace’ the jungle law over the rule of law directly (in the case of the rogue regime’s elites) or indirectly (in case of the ‘oppositions’ elites) resulted in the death and distraction of the lives and liberties of the people of Ethiopia.  Fortunately, there is no way around it but for every Ethiopian to confront the behavior head- on.

Let’s face it, unlike the political and Media pendent would like us to believe, no matter how we skirt it; either one is for the rule that never came of law or the prevalent jungle law we lived under throughout modern history.

Unfortunately, ‘head in the sand’ to avoid personal responsibility than confront the practitioners of the jungle law on the expenses of our people we claim to love, liberate, free, concerned… became the rule amoung contemporary elites.

Therefore, the simple question any organization be it political, civic, Media… must be confronted with is; are you competitor in the prevailing jungle law led Woyane regime or for the rule of law for democratic governance?

Naturally, that question was asked and answered by TPLF/Woyane warlords. It is a well-established fact, TPLF/Woyane Warlords & Associates not only are a collection of criminal clowns via the Apartheid jungle law directly responsible for death and distraction of the lives and liberties of the people of Ethiopia but, proven to have no capacity nor will to learn the rule of law and democratic governance beyond their daily corruption. They know it, Ethiopians know it and the whole world knows it.

Therefore, there is no point biting a ‘dead horses’ over-and-over again beyond instituting the rule of law to bury it for good.

But, in the defense of the ‘dead’ TPLF warlords; the very human nature inability to refrain from abusing power and privilege to commit crimes against liberty and humanity or corruption is preciously what necessitated to institute the rule of law and check-and-balance of power that made democratic rule thus, ‘civilized’ regimes possible around the world in the first place. In other words, the warlords’ inability to tell the difference between civilized regime under the rule of law and uncivilized regime under the jungle law made it possible for them to engage in criminality individually and collectively and, they are not that stupid not to know it.

Unfortunately; there are enough dysfunctional elites that embrace the jungle law of their own liking that benefited TPLF/Woyane warlords to empower them ram the jungle law further — mixing and matching ‘alternative’ facts for far too long.  More disheartening is; Diaspora dysfunctional elites’ persistence to sustain and mainstream the jungle law halfway across the world — reinforcing; you can get the boys out of the jungle but, not the jungle out of them.

Therefore, attempting Woyane clowns to abandon the jungle law and embrace the rule of law and give up their criminality is proven to be like pouring water on limestone and expecting it to get in. it won’t happen.

Nowhere that reality is prevalent than on the make-believe Medias in the Free world — spewing rubbish propaganda to normalize the jungle law ever since the self-proclaimed ethnic warlords came in the political seen of Ethiopia.

In that regard, I have written many articles on the practitioners of the jungle law. In the latest article of June of last year titles “Revisiting to evaluate TPLF clowns’ lie factories in the Diaspora” I remarked;

“The onetime Democratic Speaker of the United States House of Representative from 1955 – 1961 Sam Rayburn was quoted saying;

“Son, always tell the truth. Then you’ll never have to remember what you said the last time.”

Apparently TPLF clowns couldn’t figure out what to do sorting out their accumulated piles of lies they spewed over decades. I noticed they are deleting their old lies that contradicts with their new lies faster to stay alive. No wonder they are hiding behind anything they can find to make it to the next day.”

As expected; TPLF clowns aren’t snapping out of their jungle law dilution as they reinvent the lie factories their very survival depends on. But, oddly’ they are getting help from unexpected quarters that appear to share the same jungle law with a different name.

Regardless, you have to give credit to TPLF clowns for getting better at disguising the jungle law as the rule of law to keep them going. In that regard, I have written several articles on their agony to mainstream the jungle law on the people of Ethiopia, thanks to their counterparts that aren’t farembracing the jungle law themselves to remind me the saying; ‘the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree’.

As the self-proclaimed Tigray warlords & Associates continue to agonize to make the best out of the jungle law they operated by force, propaganda or corruption over two decades, the flip side of the fiasco remained; contemporary political elites continue to agonize over how to preserve some of the jungle law that suit them. What good comes out of endless bickering over TPLF’s jungle law than scraping it all together from body politics with its practitioners under the rule of law? 

Thus, the question bugging Ethiopians is NOT the dead-but-deadly Woyane regime under the jungle law by its own admission but, why those that claim to institute the rule of law and democratic governance are drugging their feet from ending the jungle law all together for good? In other words, who are the unofficial ‘partners’ of TPLF warlords in the ‘oppositions’ that embrace the jungle law on the expenses of the people of Ethiopia? Isn’t that what the main crises boils down to solve problem facing the people of Ethiopia that are awaiting ‘Summits’ and ‘Conferences’ from concerned parties, institutions and Medias?

Speculation aside, there is only one known method to find out who is for the rule of law thus, democracy Verses the jungle law thus, dictatorship among all political parties, civic organizations and Medias that have taken so long to sort out to the delight of Woyane warlords.

Ever since the recent grassroots revolution of Ethiopians began demanding the rule of law again followed by the State of Emergency (panic) of the Woyane regime to sustain the jungle law, many strange activities in the diaspora came about. Obviously, it is expected; Woyane clowns disguised as oppositions to show up to make sure the jungle law remains. Other groups are also expected to come out of the woodworks to reposition themselves to get the piece of the action if and when Woyane clowns bite the dust. It isn’t also unusual for those that benefited from the chaos the jungle law created in the last 26 years to show up crying to preserve their ill-gotten wealth by rehashing the same old crises or calling for empty reforms and make-believe reconciliation.

But, true oppositions know by now; the only Crises in Ethiopia is the jungle law regardless of who practice it or embrace it at home or abroad. The only reform needed is Woyane clowns to abandon the jungle law and surrender for the rule of law; so everybody else. And, the only reconciliation necessary is between Woyane warlords and associates to accept responsibility for their criminality and surrender for justice.

Then, what is all the fuss about rehashing the same crises brought by Woyane, whimpering for empty reforms and calling for make-believe reconciliation when the problem are the dysfunctional elites that won’t let go the jungle law against wishes, rights and freedom of the people of Ethiopia? In other words, why complicate the simple matter that is as clear as day-and-night for the world to see?

Listing all political parties, civic organizations and Medias to see who is complicating the simple matter of riding the jungle law in Ethiopian politics led by Woyane for good into international crises; you will find clandestine dysfunctional elites that want to sustain jungle law thus, dictatorship in one form or another against the interest of the people of Ethiopia.

Therefore, in my opinion; the ‘oppositions’ (whatever it means theses days) that are hell-bent to sustain the chaos of the jungle law to their liking are the main Crises facing the people of Ethiopia not Woyane clowns that are searching for anybody or anything to rescue them from sinking further in the hollow ground they are standing shooting to kill their way down.  I say that knowing fully, under the jungle law; I will be found guilty of terrorism like many of my compatriots and plead guilty with pride. 

If you think about it, throughout modern history; Ethiopians have always been duped not only by dysfunctional Woyane elites born solely for distraction and corruption but, by the old and new parties that claim to free our people from the rule of the jungle of one kind or another.

Let face it. It isn’t a mystery Ethiopians have always been ‘subjects’ of absolute Monarchy rules throughout our extended history like many societies around the world. No one can argue, any people under Monarchy rule aren’t subjects under the mercy of emperors or aristocrats. But, we can argue over if one is privileged subject over another that appears to be one of the infighting among contemporary political elites. In fact, some political elites made an industry out of being unprivileged subjects of other subjects and make a living out of it.

Another argument often heard by contemporary political elites is ‘underprivileged subjects’ of monarchy rule are entitled to subjugate the people of Ethiopia—reviling; the people of Ethiopia must remain subjects indefinitely until the dysfunctional elites are satisfied; they are no longer unprivileged or embrace the rule of law, whichever comes first.

If that isn’t the case, there is no explanation why Ethiopians still remained subjects of modern ‘Marxist’ Military junta Derg then and Marxist/ethnic Apartheid Woyane warlords now long after monarchy rule ended by the same contemporary political elites that promise milk and honey and delivered poison.

Therefore, what we are witnessing in contemporary Ethiopian political elites’ infighting is; former ‘subjects’ of monarchy rule arguing over the privilege of subjecting our people as ethnic liberators, Marxist revolutionaries  or [d]emocracy advocates interchangeably.  

But, what difference would it make for the people of Ethiopia if the jungle law practiced by divine monarchy, Marxist stratocracy or ethnic apartheid warlords.

The record shows; contemporary political elites that rise from ‘rag to riches’ by pushing jungle law on the expenses of the rights and liberties of the people of Ethiopia unabated. Where is the justice in that?

Let’s face it, the self-proclaimed ethnic Tigray aparthide warlords are de facto modern day monarchy subjugating the people of Ethiopia and with the worse of Marxist Derg and ethnic Apartheid jungle law disguised as Revolutionary Democracy.

Interestingly, the smalltime TPLF criminal clowns that turn into global crime syndicate wholeheartedly believe they outwitted and conned the people of Ethiopia while laughing their way to the bank. Quite frankly, TPLF warlords and Associates are good running a crime syndicate that managed the biggest heist in the history of Africa worth billions of dollars, thanks to the hired hands agonizing to make the Warlords’ jungle law respectable making a jackass out of themselves in front of the world.

Regardless, just being against the jungle law of TPLF warlords led ‘Revolutionary Democracy or ethnic liberation front, crime syndicate… is NOT and can NOT be sufficient to be a party for the rule of law and democracy to free the people of Ethiopia from being subjects of dysfunctional political elites again-and-again.  But, it appears; the majority of the political elites are in it for the privilege of subjugating the people of Ethiopia by their actions or inactions.

Isn’t that a tragedy when 100 plus million Ethiopians are held hostage by handful dysfunctional contemporary political elites that can’t tell the difference between the rule of law and the jungle law or Freedom of the Press from Freedom of Propaganda for as far as we can  remember?

The proliferation of bogus Medias and parties run by clandestine elites to justify the jungle law with fake news and diversion is incredible.

When I wrote a critical article titled the politics of against vs. the people of Ethiopia January 21 followed by “The ‘Ethiopian Crisis’: Isn’t the intellectual elites’ willful ignorance that caused the crises? In February of 2017 ` after I saw the Stanford Summit on Ethiopian Crises sponsored by the Ethiopian American Council and ‘Consultative Conference’ of Ethiopian oppositions sponsored by Shengo, Ethiopian National Transition Congress and Ethiopian Youth National Movement to address the jungle law trapping. Obviously, my first question was who are they and why Summit and Conference now and, to my surprise found not much information on the official websites of all involved that lead me to ask a follow up question; could the Crises of Ethiopia the lack of transparency of those that claim to address the Crises?

After watching all the six sessions of the Stanford Summit on Ethiopian Crises’ (thanks to ESAT) and finding out nothing came out of the ‘Consultative Conference’ held in Washington DC, I began to wonder; why rather well-educated and well-situated contemporary Ethiopian elites in the Free World choose to play hide-and-seek with the people of Ethiopia at such critical period of the struggle to end the jungle law of Woyane? If that isn’t the case, why are the ‘oppositions’ not forthcoming and transparent?

Starting with the Consultative Conference sponsored by the three organizations and member parties’ of Shengo as I indicated on Jan 21st article, the lack of transparency on all member organizations speaks volumes to the untold stories of contemporary political, civic and Media organizations that practically held the people of Ethiopia struggle hostage from instituting the rule of law and democratic governance.

Likewise, Ethiopian American Council (EAC) that sponsored the first Summit of its kind on the Ethiopian Crises has its own lack of transparency on the top of inviting organizations’ leaders that lack transparency themselves and not to mention failing to fully disclose who responsible parties for EAC are.

Among the invited organization leaders on the Stafford Summit, two individuals, namely Dr. Taye Zegye presented asChairperson of the largest coalition of Ethiopian opposition group (for political parties, seven civic organization and prominent individual). The Ethiopian People’s Congress for United Struggle (SHENGO)” and Jawar Mohammed presented asFounder and Executive Director of Oromia Media Network and Political analyst focusing on Horn of Africa.”

Dr. Taye, Chairman of Shengo established in 2012 must have to be member of one of parties of Shingo but, EAC (Submit organizer) nor Shengo don’t disclosed his full bio. The six member parties listed on the official Shengo website nor their respective members’ official websites (if they have website at all) don’t revile which party he belongs nor any other leaders either. Therefore, no one knows how the Stafford Summit organizers knew who-is-who and how they verified the info to publish or invite the speakers.

As I reported in Jan 21 article, EthioPanorama Media (https://youtu.be/2f_ydb2gRjI)  Shengo leaders introduced themselves as Dr. Taye Zegye ChairmanDr. Aklog Berara, Lead Foreign Relation, Ato Agre Addisu, Lead Public Relation and Dr. Busha Taa without reviling which member party of Shengo they belong Incidentally, Dr. Aklog Berara recent appearance on ESAT to promote his book choose not to mention the progress of Consultative Conference sponsored by Shengo and two other above.

Jawar Mohammed Founder and CEO of Oromo Television Network (https://www.oromiamedia.org) relevant for the Summit was also left out. For instance, Jawar that publicly advocate “Ethiopia get out of Oromia (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uXah_qtW8sg) presented to speak on the Free Press (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wG2qZg48hco) as independent Media leader along the Ethiopian Satellite Television Network Executive Director Abebe Gelaw.

OTN that claim “an independent, nonpartisan and nonprofit news enterprise whose mission is to produce original and citizen-driven reporting on Oromia” on its official website that not only doesn’t revile its editors/officials but, doesn’t say what makes it ‘independent and nonpartisan. It raise more question on EAC that invited him and the officials of EAC that interviewed on OTN prior to the Summit.

As noted in the January 21 article, The Ethiopian American Council itself doesn’t disclosed its officers’ names, backgrounds or affiliations. Nor it provided its own one of a kind Summit proceeding on its official website for unknown reasons. In addition, it isn’t clear why EAC fail to provide all the invented organizations and individuals on the Summit and the reason they didn’t show to establish its impartiality and transparency.

Despite all its short coming, EAC’s Summit is a good beginning and covered many areas and should be encourage to do more beyond repeating the same crises brought by TPLF led rogue regime on the people of Ethiopia but, the crises caused by the lack of transparency in the ‘opposition’ parties, civic organizations and Medias, including itself.

The Ethiopian Crises encompasses many areas and sectors often ignored over-and-over again by those that claim to address it due to lack of transparency and accountability. Unless every political party, civic organization and Media take responsibility for what it says and does transparently; how could the rule of law and accountability to the people of Ethiopia possible?

The article is dedicated for members of the Ethiopian National Movement (ENM) that took a bold step in public to bring about the rule of law and democratic governance in Ethiopia. Every group should be required to come out in public to do the same with Media presence.  

Any political party, civic organization or Media that undermines ENM’s effort or attempt to assassinate the character of the leaders overtly or covertly short of coming up with better alternative transparently and publicly should be told to stop. .  

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