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Ethiopia: What is the meaning of “Moral High Ground” for Tedros Adhanom?

What is the meaning of “Moral High Ground” for Tedros Adhanom? Is it moral hazard, bankruptcy or a mockery?

“He who beats the dram for the mad man to dance is no better than the mad man himself” African proverb, African wisdom (to all supporters of  the mad man).

by Getahun Assefa G/YesusTedros Adhanom Hires US-based Firm to Win Top WHO Job

The Graduate Institute of Geneva organized a “panel discussion” on Monday, 6 March 2017 . The panel consisted of the three contestants for the post of Director-General of the World health Organization (WHO): Tedros Adhanom  (Ethiopia),  Sania Nishtar (Pakistan) and David Nabarro  (United Kingdom) The event which was held in the Conference room of the Institute was moderated by the Financial Times’ columnist Andrew Hill. To the surprise and utter disappointment of many in the audience, the panel was not an open one and there was no real debate between and among the candidates..The three contestants came with a tacit agreement not to challenge one another. Moreover they were given questions in advance, which were purportedly collected through social media. My own random survey of those seated around me, shows that none (if not all) in the audience shared any of the question posed to the candidates or with the organizers in advance Therefore, the event in many ways, was a lost opportunity to publicly scrutinize the candidates in a truly open debates. What was the purpose of bringing the contestants together if they agreed not to challenge, question or interpret one another’s view? What was the purpose of organizing such an important event if the contestants are given advance questions to  make their prepared statements?

The purpose of this article is not to complain about how disappointingly or unprofessionally the event was organized. Instead, it aims to challenge Tedros Adhanom’s declaration or statement on “Ethics” and “Moral High Ground”. Throughout the discussions he portrayed himself as someone who is determined to bring to the WHO “ethics” and “moral high ground”. No doubt that  these are shrill and ear- pursing  statements for anyone who knows Adhanom’s background and the atrocities he committed against Ethiopians of different ethnic identity from that of his own. These are noble notions but hearing them from Tedoros Adhanom can be troubling. It may give anyone familiar with the man,  stomachache, indigestion and vomit.

Does Tedros Adhanom really know what ethics means? Does he really understand the meaning of “having or showing moral high ground”?

In a literal meaning of the phrase to claim “the moral high ground” is to say that Adhanom  is morally better than someone else or his contestants (see Cambridge Dictionary). In substantive sense, “the moral high ground  in ethical or political parlance, refers to the status of being respected for remaining moral, and adhering to and upholding a universally recognized standard of justice or goodness[1]  Which of these noble features reflect Tedros Adhanom’s personality, character or actions? None of these attributes can be found either in Tedros Adhanm’s persona or the regime that he is part and has served for so long. Politically speaking, he was adopted, brought-up, inducted and educated by an ethnic junta, which represents 5 per cent of the Ethiopian population but bent on destroying the Ethiopian fabric and cleansing of the majority population of the country. When minority dominates the majority, when those in power cleans dominant ethnic groups, kill, maim, torture – these can be terminated as GENOCIDE, defined as “to have intent to destroy”, or “denial of the right of existence”. It is therefore a crime under international law whether the crime is committed on religious, ethnic, racial, political or any other grounds. It is despicable for those committing or have committed genocide in their own country, to speak about ethics and moral high ground internationally, unless  they are mentally challenged. .

During the “couched panel discussions” on Monday (6 March),  Tedros Adhanom made bizarre and sickening statements. He referred,  time and again , to Aylan Kurdi – a Kerdish Toddler who was found dead off shore the  Mediterranean Sea on the wake of the refugee crisis in September 2015. Aylan’s death was heartbreaking for anyone with human soul, heart and brain. His terrible death will remain a dark spot on the 21st century and in the consciousness of the international community for many more years to come. However, using the name of the child that has been torturing the minds and spirits of any living soul  in modern times, not only is unethical but also immoral in itself. What Aylan’s circumstances have to do with WHO or the Director-General of the Organization.? His tragic death is a sign and symptom of mal-governance, arch dictatorship and ethnic cleansing in the lands where Aylan was born. As with Aylan millions of Ethiopian children died since the regime of Tedros Adhanom took power in Ethiopia in 1991. During the last 25 years,  when the ethnic junta  to which  Mr. Tedros Adhanm is a backbone and spine-doctor has been the Amhara and Oromo ethnic groups- the two largest ethnic groups- were killed en mass in Ethiopia. That is, millions of Ethiopian children, women and men were killed, imprisoned, tortured and evicted from their ancestral lands by deliberate and mischievous policies of ethnic cleansing. Adhanom’s vow to bring ethics and moral high ground to the WHO shows a cognitive disorder and dissonance of the man. Simply put, it is either stupidity or sheer mockery.  Nothing less, nothing more!

The following public records and findings of research outputs by repudiated international organizations substantiate the dismal failures of the autocratic regime of Ethiopia spin-doctored by Tedros Adhanom:

  • Hunger Game: Ethiopia suffers from malnutrition, famine and hunger in perpetuity. The root cause is not bad weather but the government’s use of land for political expediency and rationing of farm inputs on the basis of ethnic and political allegiance While Tedros Adhanom pledges to institute ethics in WHO and to have moral high ground, his government in Addis Ababa is using “mass starvation as a legitimate war of weapon”. It has been using food as coercive tool for political expediency since 1991. Currently, close to 20 million people are pushed to a verge of starvation, mainly due to the wrong policies of the government
  • Lies and deception: Despite Adhanom’s ethnic junta’s repeated lies that Ethiopia has consistently registered double-digit economic growth for the last several years, the country is in pernicious environmental, political and socio-economic calamities. The most recent report (2015) of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) ranked Ethiopia 174th out of 188 countries for which data were available. Among the poorest nations those ranked below Ethiopia are: (Niger:188th), Central African Republic (187th),  Chad (185th), Guinea Conakry(178th), Guinea Bissau (182), Sierra Leone (181st), Mali (179th), Burkina Faso (183rd) and Burundi (184th). All countries that scored as badly as Ethiopia are African countries mired by the combination of bad governance, despotism and civil strife or political conflict. For more details see


  • Corruption, kickbacks and favoritism: Tedros Adhanom claims to have moral high ground. But the 2015 Corruption Perception Index by Transparency International (global coalition against corruption) ranked 164 countries of the world. During the same year Ethiopia ranked 103rd. Any ranking (score) above 50 out of 100 reveals serious level of corruption. Thus Ethiopia is among the most corrupt nations in the world. The ranking is based on surveys of public opinion and experience with paying bribes or buying favours in the most “unfree” country of the world. Had the survey been carried out in conditions of free of fear from reprisal by the government, the results could have been much higher than currently recorded. http://www.transparency.org/country/#ETH’ Moreover, according to Global Financial Integrity (GFI), a Washington-based research and advocacy think-thank, “corruption, kickbacks and bribery are on the rise in Ethiopia”. The recently published report of the GFI reveals that illicit financial flows out of Ethiopia (one of the poorest African nations) nearly doubled to US$3.26 Billion in 2009 over the previous year with corruption, kickbacks and bribery accounting for the vast majority of that increase. The findings of the think- thank are more troubling that “Ethiopia, which has a per-capita GDP of just US$365, lost US$11.7 billion to illicit financial outflows between 2000 and 2009”.  http://www.gfintegrity.org/press-release/illicit-financial-outflows-ethiopia-nearly-doubled-2009-us3-26-bln-says-new-gfi-report/. The most recent report released by Global Financial Intelligence January (2016) revealed that $26 billion left the country unlawfully in many forms between 2004 and 2013  “with Ethiopia continuing to bleed an average of $2 billion every year”. The main culprits and offenders are the ruling party (TPLF) owned parastatals that are run by unhinged dictators in Addis Ababa where Adhanom is spin-doctor and henchman.
  • Disease as weapon of Ethnic cleansing: The Oromia and Amhara regions with a combined population of about 80 %  of the country’s total population,  are deliberately marginalized in health budget allocation. Aid budgets meant to fight diseases are used to send children of the members of the Junta to universities in Europe, North America and Fareast, including China. According to the WHO’S Africa office (WHO-AFRO),  in 2011 when Adhanom was the minister of health ,  75% of the land and 60% of the population is exposed to malaria in Ethiopia, although malaria admissions and deaths  marginally fell in the recent years (afro.who.int/en/ethiopia/country-programmes/topics/480-ethiopia-malaria.html). The National Malaria Guideline (3rd Edition) prepared b the Ministry of Health of Ethiopia in 2012, before the departure of Adhanom to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, states that “52 million people (68%) live in Malaria-risk areas”. The document further reveals that “Ethiopia is one of the most malaria- prone countries in Africa, with rates of morbidity and mortality increasing dramatically (i.e. 3.5 fold) during epidemics” (page 15) (for details see www.malariaconsortium.org. The same document alleges serious policy failures of the Government of Adhanom who was the Minister of Health  until 2013. It argues “Ethiopia faces many challenges related to human resources for healthcare, including the shortage of skilled health workers, high turnover and lack of retention of health professionals” (page 64). In addition to these challenges, the National Malaria Guideline stresses once again, “serious problems in coordinating health interventions and implementing partners” (page 65). Another document, assessing the country’s malaria epidemic, prepared by Aynalem Adugna accessible on www.EthioDemographyAndHealth.org reveals that “malaria is the number one health problem in Ethiopia with an average of 5 million cases a year and 9.5 million cases per year during 2001-2005 period”. The document further indicates that “the disease causes 70,000 deaths each year and accounts for 17% of outpatient visits, 15% of admissions and 29% of inpatient deaths” (page 3).
  • Center for Disease Control (CDC) of the USA claims that the main infectious diseases that are top killers in Ethiopia are: lower respiratory infection (10%), Diarrheal Diseases (8%), HIV/AIDS (7%), Tuberculosis (7%), Stroke (7%), Cancer (6%) , Ischemic Heart Disease (4%), and Preterm Birth Complications (3%)  (http://www.cdc.gov/globalhealth/countries/ethiopia/. The remainder percentage of people are killed by  either by the regime or by injuries  and accidents including car accident where Ethiopia is ranked number one in the world.
  • Champion of Genocide: Tedros Adhanom is a champion of genocide. He is not the champion of ethics. Nor is he someone with  moral high ground as he claimed. A recently released documentary by distinguished journalists and academic clearly prepared the ground for the possible trial of Tedros Adhanom and his regime at the International court of Justice for the genocide he and his regiome committed against Ethiopians at large. The documentary can be acceded at: http://ecadforum.com/2017/03/05/documentary-ethiopias-tedros-adhanom-incompetency-politics-immorality-part-1/


  1. let’s write a letter to WHO office and let’s tweet: Disseminate a truth that depicts their ignorance, send out information of truth to major International medias including BBC, Ajezeera, and well-read journals. Let us bring this to the attention of the Amnesty International and UN, though they are for nothing too. It means WHO does not care about the health of the world. Insecurity and death of thousands and then preaching achievement and speaking shamelessly with the words of overpaid western “professors”. Hundreds are dying of Cholera that Tedros and his Mafia government is seeding among the poor while they hide the fact from the world. Hundreds are being buried in the dirt of Tedros Adehanom. Thousands of our poor are dying from direct gunshot. Hundreds of thousands are sick in Prisons. Tedros and his group are robbing these poor, overpay the Western elites and joke blindly telling the world that they have moral values?

    It is far better to die from natural disease, famine and other problem than the holistic political, and complex issues brought by Tedros and his groups. World is becoming more ignorant and irresponsible as far they chat, dine and dance with any bandit and low values

  2. It is surprising to read that Adhanom from a country that is under State if Emergency imposed by his ethnic junta vows to bring ethics and moral high ground to WHO! Kikiki . What a senseless creature!!

  3. Adhanom’s statement was prepared by a Law firm his government hired to campaign for his election. Of corse the firm cashes income by writing such a rubish. They don’t care whether what he says reflects the reality, character or actions. When uttered by dictators, ethics and moral high ground, convey opposite meanings!

  4. Drama and Loosing trust on WHO

    All this show and drama the World health Organization (WHO) is running only shows how deeply it is engaged in running a muck.

    Just simply letting the incompetent and genocidal Tedros Adhanom to sit in the room with supposedly intellectuals with high level of clean records of experience itself is a testimony how low WHO has descended to pick the notorious genocidal Tedros. It is also a testimony how WHO is determined to change its long stand of records by picking a notorious genocidal Tedros Adhanom.

    Who is going to trust such an organization any more when instead of sending Tedros to ICC for investigation for his crime it is embracing him to commit more crime on Ethiopians and on the poor of the earth.

    I will not be surprised at all to see Tedros snatching the seat at WHO which is no longer prepared to serve the poor and the sufferers under genocidal, ruthless and incompetent person.

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