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The ‘Ethiopian Crisis’: Isn’t the intellectual elites’ willful ignorance that caused the crises?

No matter how we shake-and-bake it or slice-and-dice it; there is no negotiation or condition on liberty and democracy. Either the political elites are for liberties and democratic rights of the people of Ethiopia or their own interest.  No make-believe reform, conference or alternate fact will change the reality; the rogue Apartheid regime and all other parties must surrender for the will of the people of Ethiopia.

by Teshome Debalke  

When ESAT broadcasted the leaked resolution of the Ethiopian Teachers Association https://youtu.be/Buxsq9-zABA (in the so called ‘Amhara’ Region of ethnic Apartheid regime) they nailed the coffin of Woyane exposing the inner working of the TPLF led Apartheid regime I have been saying all along; there is no government in Ethiopia but, a global crime syndicate posed as one ransacking the nation.

The resolution proven more than the dead-regime walking but, the make-believe oppositions that refused to call a spade-a-spade at enormous cost to the people of Ethiopia by extending its rule.

More news is coming out from every region; civil servants infested with TPLF cadres saying enough of being used to sustain Woyane to commit more crimes against the people of Ethiopia demanding the fake federal regime surrender for democratic rule.

The internal revolt that have shaken the Apartheid regime’s foundation left TPLF warlords scrambling what to do next as regional Woyane pupate run to Addis Ababa for instructions from their TPLF bosses.

At the meantime, on the same day, ESAT also broadcasted the first part of the Stanford University Summit on ‘Ethiopian Crises’ https://youtu.be/bXmxFs2WRrU held on January 21-22 and organized by The Ethiopian American Council (EAC). I have been waiting for the release of the entire proceedings on official website EAC but, so far with no lack.

But, watching the first part of the summit with two panelists (one Ethiopian national in academia talking about Ethio-Sudan border demarcation treaty and another African American doctrinal student at Stanford University talking about what her PhD dissertation found on the impartiality of foreign aid distribution between EPRDF government supporters V.S. opposition supporters during the 2005 election in the middle of the EPDRF State of Emergency was rather strange. Nevertheless, I am waiting to see the entire Summit’s proceeding and what the panelists said on the reality of the Ethiopian Crises.

Another ‘consultative conference held a week earlier in Washington DC is yet to be released.  Sponsored by three political groups, namely Shengo (a collusion of six political parties and civic organizations), the Ethiopian National Transition Congress (www.etntc.org)  and Ethiopian Youth National Movement to bring about a united front among Ethiopian political parties and civic organizations against the regime in Addis Ababa haven’t even provided the press conference the leaders promised on an interview on ESAT a week earlier.

That was why I wrote “The politics of against… Verses for the people of Ethiopia” on January 21 to show the lack of transparency in the part of Shengo, ENTC and EYNM that sponsored ‘consultative conference’ and participants as well as EAC.

In the article, I started with;

“Does the same old last hour unity conferences and crises summits address the fundamental cause of the problem of Ethiopians to bring down the ethnic Apartheid dictatorship of Woyane that finally declared a States of Emergency to avoid surrender for democratic rule?” to illustrate the unwillingness of many contemporary elites to come with grips of their own short coming to address the Ethiopian Crises head-on for as-long-as anyone can remember.

What blew my mind more than anything was, the gap between what the leaked Ethiopian Teachers Association’s document outlined on the Crises at home and what the ‘consultative conference’ in Washington DC and the Stanford University Summit in the diaspora are talking, to force me ask again; Isn’t the intellectual elites’ willful ignorance that caused the crises?

Quite frankly, the Ethiopian Crisis doesn’t need more research or conferences to talk about the same Crisis over-and-over again for 40 plus years. For sure, it doesn’t need intellectual elites fixated on more research and articles to talk about what is already known to Ethiopians for too long. The record shows; beside entertain foreigners and detract gellable Ethiopians in the diaspora from focusing on the real crises noting worth to solve the crises came out of it.

In fact, it would have been a giant step in the right direction if conferences is called held to take action like the Ethiopian National Movement is doing to deal with the Ethiopian Crisis head-on.

Before I go further, think of the over researched and talked about Ethiopian crises of poverty and hunger, lack of democracy and development along violation of rights, rampant atrocities and corruption… for the last two decades. From local and international scholars in academia, bilateral and multilateral organizations with expertise of one kind or another to civic organizations officials of all kinds- and-makes efforts later, what came out to solve the crises remained a mystery. But, it is clear by now, the majority of the elites have no intent and the will to solve the crises with a interest of their own to sustain the status qua.

Therefore, one more conference on Ethiopian Crises presenting what had been over researched to death subject is another excuse not to call a spade-a-spade to avoid addressing the real crisis that left Ethiopians puzzled; why contemporary intellectual elites doing the same thing over-and-over again and expecting a different outcome? That my people is the million-dollar question all Ethiopians must ask them over-and-over again until the cow comes home.

That said, let me first thank ESAT again for the opportunity it provided me and my fellow Ethiopians to confront the Crisis head-on. In fact, that is preciously what a Free Press supposed to do and there is no going back to the same old hide-and-seek politics or propaganda that made our people’s misery an opportunity for many ‘dysfunctional’ elites and make-believe political parties and organizations that have a stake to sustain the status qua.  If you ask me, not only every concerned Ethiopian should donate for ESAT but, put up trust fund to make sure the Free Press like ESAT continue to do what it does for generation to come.

Moreover, the emergence of the Ethiopian National Movement is the best thing that happened to Ethiopians since Patriotic Movement was established to defeat Fascist occupation.  Credit and admiration is due to the founders and supporters of the movement.

Though it is early to tell how ENM would go about to deal with Ethiopian Crises and how Ethiopians embrace and help it under the cloud of TPLF ethnic Apartheid divide; addressing the resolution outlined by the Ethiopian Teachers Association under Agazi command post at home and the public space held hostage by dysfunctional political elites abroad will clear the way for ENM to free Ethiopians from Apartheid rule now and dictatorship all together once and for all. But, it would be irresponsible not to demand; ENM must NOT be used by anyone to reinvent TPLF ethnic Apartheid all over again.

That said, the challenge ENM will face is real and not easy to overcome unless Ethiopians help to defend it from the dysfunctional elites hellbent to disfranchise Ethiopians at home and abroad until they get what they want and goes a long way to help it do the bigger challenges it faces to make it successful.

Now every Ethiopian knows what the Ethiopian Crises is all about and who is responsible, the 64k question is; what political parties, civic organizations and Medias are going to do beyond conferences to talk about it but act and how Ethiopians make them accountable is the question.

Thus, starting with organizations that claim to solve the problem of the Ethiopian Crises and working down to individual that claim to love our people with slogan and article with no action is where accountability is necessary to go forward. After all, if an organization or individual doesn’t do what is required; how is it possible to address the Ethiopian crises talking about the crises for eternity?

In the real world, no crises of any kind in the human experience have ever been solved without transparent organizations and accountable leaders, none. Then why the esteemed contemporary intellectuals make exception anything can come out of organizations that don’t fulfil the basics of what makes an organization viable and trustworthy on the expenses and misery of our people they claim to love is the elephant in the room.

In that regard, let me salute the legendary Ethiopian artist and the conscious of our people Tamghin Beyene.  No one Ethiopian in a living memory challenged us all to put-up-or-shut-up consistently with action throughout his adult life than the Honorable Tamign Beyene.  The fearless patriot that embrace his Ethiopiawinet like many before him earned him all kinds of insult and assault from the rogue regime as well as dysfunctional elites of all kinds and stood tall like no Ethiopian did before.   But, one thing that makes him different than many is; his unwavering demand for accountability from friends and foes.  Isn’t that what Ethiopiawinet in action is all about?

Therefore, no matter how we shake-and-bake it or slice-and-dice it; there is no negotiation or condition on liberty and democracy. Either the political elites are for liberties and democratic rights of the people of Ethiopia or their own interest.  No make-believe reform, conference or alternate fact will change the reality; the rogue Apartheid regime and all other parties must surrender for the will of the people of Ethiopia.

When I wrote “Civilize people uncyclized regime how did it happen?” I knew all along the people of Ethiopia are the most civilized people on the planet earth ruled by the most uncivilized regime in the world. The answer to the question of ‘how did it happen?’ rested on contemporary dysfunctional elites hellbent to make sure the people of Ethiopia are pawns for their latest political, social and economic adventure financed by the usual suspects.

If you don’t believe me look nowhere but on the make-believe Medias when they agonize to be what they are not. For instance, I came across a video https://youtu.be/b0BTX0TciGw from TPLF affiliated Tadias Addis Media and posted on Tenadam and ZeHabisha stating “Did Mohammed Houssine Al Amoudi   keep his promises?”.    Listing to Saudi-Ethiopian investors Al Amoudi’s express his love to Ethiopians and Ethiopia with unidentified individual in the middle of Woyane imposed State of Emergency will tell you why the uncivilized regime is still in power. It reminds me the article “Is Woyane spilling voodoo sprite on Ethiopians to stay alive?” I wrote to illustrate the same drama the unknown fellow and Al Amoudi are pulling.

I wouldn’t recommend anyone to listen to Al Amoudi making a jack ass out of himself pretending to love Ethiopians in the last hour but, to point out how Tenaadam and ZeHabesha (run by the same individual[s]) including Satenaw) playing Ethiopians posting staged drama and fake news I warned them not to do with no luck.

Therefore, I decided to investigate Ze Habesha further why they post fake news from unverifiable sources. To my surprise, I found out it has no restriction whatsoever to the Ethiopian audience at home unlike any other blocked websites, per Alexia http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/zehabesha.com,  coincidence?

As I said before, no one is immune from scrutiny when it comes to the rights and liberties of the people of Ethiopia. Therefore, Ze Habisha, Satenaw and Tena Adam are warned not to play Ethiopians again like I warned many other Medias, organizations and individuals before.  You do it right or don’t do it at all. Playing Ethiopians by pretending to love them is a crime you will regret to commit.

Finally, as they say; ‘charity begins at home’ so accountability. If you are not accountable on what you do, you might as well officially declare war on the people of Ethiopia like Woyane. Hiding behind anyone including TPLF is not going to help you.

The article is dedicated to all Ethiopians that came forward to defend the people of Ethiopia from Woyane and the like.


  1. Time is up for a Regime built on hatred. We Ethiopians will build a new regime built on Love.
    Get ready to detox our current rouge, corrupt and illegitimate rouge regime and it’s sympathizer back to reality. Beggars can’t be Choosers.

    Teshome this one is a masterpiece.


  2. well said. Zehabesha is a weyane tool. The individual running the website/youtibe account is a weyane Tigre

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