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  1. I want to believe that this and other similar events should not been taken political events as usual. This event has its own extraordinary characteristics because its methods of struggle originates from the on-going objective political reality of the country, because its leaders and freedom fighters are not people of just political rhetoric but people of action to the extent of giving their lives for the sake of living as dignified humans (freedom or death), because its leaders are not political story tellers but doers, because their presence within the popular resistance movement is undeniably the driving force of the struggle which is aimed at defeating the ethno-centric tyranny and building of a democratic society .

    What I am trying to say is that whenever we think about joining and participating in this and other similar events , we need to deeply internalize and actualize the very glorious but extremely challenging fight for freedom and justice of which Arbegnoch-Ginbot 7 and others who share its highly desirable way of doing politics are dealing with.
    What I am trying to say is that whenever we think of such events, we desperately need to send our minds and hearts out of the hall we happen together to where those truly patriotic Ethiopians are paying huge sacrifices to the extent of giving their irreplaceable lives. Yes, let us think of how it is deeply painful to see the families of those freedom-loving patriots are paying huge sacrifices whereas we most of us are planning how to have great times with our own families.

    Yes, whenever we organize this and other similar events, we desperately need to make sure that it is not a matter of presence at all. Rather , we have to be willing and capable of making them(meetings/gatherings) substantially not only just incremental but most importantly efficiently consequential.
    Yes, the very attitude and tradition of considering our presence by paying entrance fees or giving out some extra money whenever someone begs us to do so as if the struggle and the freedom it brings about would be only for those certain individuals or groups must be dealt with critically and inexcusably.

    Yes, whenever we think and plan to be parts of this and other similar events, we have to have a very courageous conscience to see those hundreds and thousands of patriotic Ethiopians such as Andargachew Tsegie, Andualem Aragie, Eskindir Nega, Temesgen Dessalegn, Bekekle Gerba, Dr.Merera Gudina who are paying huge sacrifices in the hands of ruthless ethno-centric tyrants .

    Yes, whenever we join this and other similar events , we must be able to put ourselves in those extremely critical circumstances of the struggle in which incredibly patriotic and heroic Ethiopians such Major Mesafint of Arbebegnoch-Ginbot 7 who gave their last and never- replaceable lives.

    Yes, whenever we happen to be parts of this and other similar events, we desperately need to ask questions about what and why we have not done enough and how we move forward with extra energy and effort in order to shorten the news of horror in our country which we have gone through the last quarter of a century. It is the right thing to be critical of what the political parties have done and are doing. But, the political mentality of taking those opposition political parties or movements responsible for any weakness or failure as if our weakness and failures as participants and supporters are not responsible must be dealt with appropriately and must change accordingly.

    Simply put, it is high time to find ourselves in such events of “death or freedom” with new and genuine attitudes of doing business (political struggle) which should be powerful instruments to deal with the extraordinary situation we are facing . Business as usual , attending an event for its own sake and proclaiming our presence as something which makes us proud must change if we want bring about a democratic system in which all of us as citizens could and should live with a real sense of freedom , justices, dignity, and shared prosperity.

    Let me wish those heroic freedom fighters and all genuinely active participants all the best!!!

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