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Ethiopia: Jawar’s new speech about the Amhara resistance

Jawar’s new speech about the Amhara resistance is a subterfuge in an attempt to get the Amhara youth out of the Ethiopiawinet.

by Kaleab Tessema

To start with, Jawar is a political amateur who engages in preaching of the ethnic animosity. He has a deep-seated ill will towards the  Amharas that threatens to kindle hostility between the Oromo and the Amhara. He has been emulating the OLF’s political rancor towards the Amhara ethnicity for the last fifty years. As soon as he landed in America, Jawar immediately plunged into the OLF camp to pursue the politics of hate. This anti-Amhara zealotry is a ‘political business cycle’,  which Jawar would immensely benefit from by raising money from credulous audiences.Jawar’s New Ploy - Hijacking Amhara Resistance

To the point, OLF is a political miscreant, that murdered innocent Amharas in the early 90’s for no reason other than merely being an Amhara. Those actions have left an indelible and unalterable impression. Jawar’s recent guileful speech on Amhara nationalism was striking. In the speech, Jawar implies that the Amhara should organize and struggle to create the Amhara nation as if he has any regard for the demonization of the Amhara at the hands of the TPLF for the last 25 years. I have scrupulously listened and watched Jawar’s vacuous speech and videos that preach sectarianism and seek to destroy Ethiopia in order to create a new ‘Oromia nation’, which will never happen.

It is interesting to note that Jawar’s recent speech about the Amhara resistance is reflective of the long time OLF doctrine that aims to expunge the name Ethiopia and replace it with the Oromia. Of course, the Oromo extremists are very much aware that ‘secessionist’ agenda is a venture, which has been an intractable political issue in Ethiopia, and roundly rejected by the Ethiopian people. The OLF tried to cajole Jawar into doing it by giving a passionate speech to the new Amhara resistance to create its nation, which will give the OLF a free ride to complete its struggle to create an independent Oromia. Therefore, the Amhara will become an extreme secessionist movement. Then, the Ethiopiawinet will vanish from the minds of the Amhara and other ethnic groups. Jawar and the OLF, deviously and systematically support the Amhara resistance to achieve their goals which is a sinister idea that could have dramatic results.

In spite of this, the Amhara protesters in Gondar showed their solidarity with the Oromo protesters by saying that “Oromo’s blood is my blood, stop killing our brothers”. This slogan made the Ethiopians come together against the fascist regime, which effectively exposed the TPLF’s poly, ‘divide and rule’ of the last 25 years. It is true that the regime was seen panicking when the Oromos and the Amharas marched together to give voice to the voiceless. These two ethnicities were rifted and looked at each other as enemies for the last 25 years by the TPLF’s fabulist propaganda.

Funny enough, while the Oromo and the Amhara youth were protesting in every city in the country against the TPLF brutal rule, the Diaspora Oromo extremists instantly held a convention in London that announced to destroy Ethiopia, which halted the impending departure of the TPLF rule.  It seems the OLF politicians are detached from the real political issues when the Oromos are killed and massively arrested by the TPLF, the OLF hypes their old and moribund secessionist agenda that helps the TPLF to stay in power. That is why I am forced to say Jawar is an amateur politician. Politicians should be very wise and systematic to know well the time and condition regarding how to win the enemy, but the OLF never comes out from its own political quagmire.

I have recently listened to a comparison analogy about the Ethiopian identity from one of the hate preachers, an OLF extremist who lives in Australia. He was trying to explain that there is no such thing as Ethiopian identity. In other words, he was trying to tell us his contempt that “Oromo nation,” which has been colonized by Ethiopia, and the Oromos are forced to accept the Ethiopian identity by Minillik. I can infer this from his fatuous utterance. This extremist should have a better understanding of the Ethiopian identity before Minillik was born. This is not a new denial of the Ethiopian national identity by the OLF, it has continued for over fifty years, and maybe this extremist thinks that his new distorted rhetoric could be a new political strategy for the OLF. Talking about the Ethiopian identity is a very impolitic idea at this point unless the goal is to help the TPLF regime to continue killing and arresting the people. However, the Ethiopian national identity is an immutable fact.

To that extent, when Shabia and Woyanne were in the bush, their hidden political agenda was to evanesce Ethiopia into nonexistence by creating an envious environment between Ethiopia’s ethnic groups that leads to the war. For the record, the late Melese openly said that ‘Ethiopian history is only 100 years, and its flag is a piece of rag’, but when his erstwhile friend, Isayas Afeworki, invaded Bademie, he gave a speech to Ethiopians standing alongside the flag that he belittled it, to retake Bademie from Shabia by saying that ‘Ethiopian history is three thousand years,’ which later made him under pain of ignominy.

As far as I know, the Amhara nationalists are not as narrow minded as the OLF. Everyone knows that when the TPLF seized Addis Ababa, the TPLF’s major role was supporting the Bedeno and Arbagugu genocide by campaigning for other ethnic groups to look with an invidious eye upon the Amharas. I have mentioned in my previous pieces the TPLF’s diabolical actions against the Amharas. I am so glad that the Amhara resistance is fighting this vampire regime in Gondar without respite that will bring the demise of the TPLF era once for all.

Interestingly enough, Sebahat Nega and Samora Yenus the TPLF officials, bragged that they buried the Amhara and the Orthodox church. Obviously, the TPLF could not eliminate the Amhara and the Orthodox church; this was indirectly a threatening message for non Amhara ethnicities who may try to resist their power that they will have the same fate, what the Amhara had.

But the heroic Gondare showed its determination more than ever before to curtail the TPLF brutal rule at any cost. It was stupid of the TPLF to undermine the Amharas, who are a ferocious warriors who can not bargain with their identity or land. There is good evidence that the Amhara resistance in Welkait and elsewhere dislodged the TPLF hireling armies within less than a year. The TPLF thinks that annexing fertile lands from Gondar and Wollo by force will bring prosperity for the people of Tigray. Rather, this creates a big enemy that the Tigray people will have to bear the repercussions of with high grimaces on their face from the rest of the Ethiopians.

Of course, millions of Amharas have been killed by the TPLF for the last 25 years, but the TPLF will pay the price sooner or later. The TPLF, like it or not, the Amhara people are not going to remain silent until they get back their land that was forcefully taken by the expansionist, TPLF regime.

As I mentioned above Jawar turns his face with his adroit tongue to propel the Amhara nationalist into his dirty ethnic political acrimony that pushes the ethnicities into an endless war, which threatens the existence of Ethiopia as a country. Jawar assumes the non-Oromo opposition party is an Amhara party, as if the Amhara ethnicity is the arch-enemy of the Oromo ethnicity; whereas the Oromo and the Amhara lived peacefully side by side for thousands of years. That is how history has been written.

If I recall correctly, about five years ago, the OLF was lead by General Kemal Gelichu, and G7 was lead by Dr. Berhanu Nega. These parties announced that they would work together and their announcement was posted on several Ethiopian outlets. Then quickly, Jawar wrote an article criticizing the G7, which was posted on Ethiomedia and entitled “The ‘new’ OLF: Much ado about nothing.” Jawar decries that the OLF has been hijacked by the G7. He insinuates that the G7 is an extreme Amhara party.

I criticized Jawar’s article that the G7 was not an extreme Amhara party. It can be viewed at the following link.



Finally, I have been extremely critical of the Oromo extremists and the way that they poison the minds of the Oromo youngsters to have repugnance towards Amharas. It does not matter that Jawar is an adroit speaker, it is obvious he is not very adroit when it comes to Amhara nationalist. The Amhara resistance will never be enticed by Jawar’s recent venomous speech that promotes secession element, is a sign of a criminal epidemics that affects society.


  1. Jawar is naive. Shame for those who follows him blindly.

  2. Jawar is naive. Shame for those who follows him blindly.

  3. Homegrown terrorists

    Not only the evildemented Woyanes, but other evil separatist groups that have been badly brainwashed against Amharas by TPLF, should be considered as suspects of the recent bomb explosions in Amhara areas.

  4. The Wind of Unity is Blowing against separatists

    People like Jawar live in a untied and democratic country. One hopes such kind of environment would teach and transform narrow minded, driven by greed and hate people like Jawar to a more peaceful and tolerant person/s. Well Jawar is not such kind. Jawar is driven by personal and undeserving gain and ambition to be the supreme leader of Oromiya. He doesn’t care if Oromos are suffering today in prisons, begging on streets, Woyane torture camps and refugee camps. Jawar is eager to and divide everyone into every small group using religion, culture, speaking dialects, rich and poor and any thing but peace and unity.

    I’m sure there is personal benefit to people like Jawar from money collection at every hate speech meetings. It makes people like Jawar feel a very important person. Jawar is fighting against the wind of unity and peace that is currently blowing among Ethiopians

  5. Tizita
    Thanks for your remarks. I am totally to blame for not expressing clearly. Coming back to my comments, i was actually referring to Jawar Mohamed who manufactures and manipulates history in a variety of ways in order to create dissonance among ethiopians.

  6. I don’t know about you, Jawar, but my loving, merciful God tells me to be kind, to serve and help others unselfishly. It’s beyond me to comprehend what kind of hate you carry in your heart against Amharas to say that Amhara and Oromo Muslims shouldn’t pray together! I feel sorry for you that the hate you are carrying around in your heart must be so heavy and unbearable! I have been struggling to understand how any human being believes that to hate and terrorize people around the world, to exclude, to separate, to divide, to torture, to decapitate, to rape, to massacre men, women and children is Godly, then what are the duties of Satan?
    Jawar, you are a real bully!

  7. Eyob,
    After I read your comment, I read over and over the article, which the author illustrated nicely that shows the OLF’s action against Ethiopians, and what do you mean “little knowledge is dangerous”? You mean the author is lying to us. Please be clear. For your information, I find the article carries the fact and which reminds me what Jawar has been saying against Amhara. In fact, Mr. Tessema did not mention Jawar’s chanting that “Ethiopia is out of Oromia” and the Oromo Muslim and the Amhara Muslim can not pray together. Is it not absurd? I agree with the author of this article and meant the truth.

  8. As the saying goes Little knowledge is dangerous! It is nice to have your own opinion, it’s also okay to be proud of it, it’s even okay to play with your own opinion in your own time. But it’s not okay to try to shove it down the throats of others. Inaddition Besudes don’t try to foment hatred towords Ethiopia. In any case Not in My Name!

  9. Jawar and other OLFiets used to claim to have about 70,000 hard core supporter in the country and diaspora, 20,000 sympathizers as well. This was a substantial amount of human power had it been used for real and genuine change. However the leadership has been squabbling with the rest of the population and among itself far too long and no tangible results for the suffering community.
    Supporters have been paying the ultimate price on false promises on misguided political agenda ( an isolated paradise ) at the heart of Oromya, the leadership like Jawar as a supreme deity.
    It is known, OLf rank and file supporters has been paying a dear price while it’s leadership collect contributions and live a life in diaspora. The most disappointing is, no one has stood up for those innocent lives. Instead everybody is crying on only the atrocities commuted by those extremists, sometime ago.
    It is also known that currently support number is no more there. Jawar and his cohorts want to keep the status quo. They still believe, if they sacrifice 3/4 of its supporters, the leadership will be content with the remaining, as long as they are alive and have the dirty positions and that hypothetical pocket of paradise.
    The Ethiopian people, the youth in particular have understood their dirty ambition and tricks and expect nothing different and tangible. It has already begun, and it is about time those selfish individuals will definitely be out of game. I do not know wether those individuals will appears before us again turing their jacket inside out. We will see.

  10. What a coward!
    Jawar, why don’t you go after the vicious TPLF regime that are looting, mistreating, incarserating, burning, and massacring your country Oromo men, women, and young Oromo students? It’s obvious that you are another brainwashed victim of TPLF, or even some other international extremist groups. It is unfortunate that even education can’t erase or heal a mind that is stained with hatred. No wonder the entire world is being terrorised by brainwashed individuals that only believe that their way of life and religion is the only way. Frightening to know that there are other racist Ethiopians, other than TPLF, that are brainwashed and filled with unimaginable hatred and that dream and live to see more distractions and bloodshed. We don’t need Binladen!
    Where is our Nelson Mandela? Where is our Martin Luther king?

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