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34 illegal Ethiopian immigrants smoked out of a farm in Zimbabwe

THIRTY-FOUR Ethiopian nationals, who were arrested while hiding at a farm in Marondera, appeared in court yesterday charged with breaching the Immigration Act.illegal Ethiopian immigrants

They were remanded in custody to January 19, to allow the Ethiopian Embassy to provide an interpreter, as only one of the suspects can speak English.

Among the all-male immigrants were four boys aged between 11 and 12.

According to court papers, on December 16 last year, the suspects were transported from Mutoko to Marondera en route to Beitbridge by Cletto Nyandoro and Gift Bere.

They were allegedly later dropped at Plot 3, Bemba Farm in Marondera by Nyandoro, who had gone to Marondera Town to buy some food for them.

Acting on a tip-off, police stormed the farm and arrested the suspects after discovering that they had no travel documents.

Courage Chakawa represented the State.

Source: News Day


  1. Searching for peace...

    Heartbreaking! Ethiopian are faced and living in unimaginable nightmares in and outside of Ethiopia searching for a place to live in peace. Knowing the decades of unspeakable crimes of the TPLF regime, It is not far fetched to think that the brutal TPLF regime might be spending millions of Ethiopians taxpayers money on corrupted Africans to harass and kick out Ethiopian refugees out of their countries, in order to control and muzzle Ethiopians in and outside of Ethiopia. Totally disturbing!
    Dear God, haven’t Ethiopians suffered enough?

  2. Aha as if they are some sort of animals “…smoked out of a farm” absolutely out of order, they are humans not animals and after all young souls.

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