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Gosaye Ethiopia Movement: Response to Solomon on Mixed ethnicity in Ethiopia

Gosaye Ethiopia Movement

On his recent article on EthioMedia website about mixed ethnicity; Mr. Solomon Regassa explained the various problems facing millions of mixed Ethiopians and how we can politically organize ourselves to address them. We, at Gosaye Ethiopia Movement (GEM) and activists worldwide supporting our cause, highly appreciate the recent interest among many scholars and writers alike, regarding the plight of “mixed” or “ethnic Ethiopians.”

Photo ECADF File: Addis Ababa 2005 Ethiopian election, opposition parties rally

Photo ECADF File: Addis Ababa 2005 Ethiopian election, opposition parties rally

But We were forced to respond to Mr. Solomon’s article because of his misrepresentation of what our GEM organization stands for. Whether unknowingly or by mistake, Mr. Solomon falsely claimed that our GEM organization is against ethnic-based politics and claimed that GEM dismisses ethnic organizations in Ethiopia. However, this is far from the truth. Yes, we do support “challenging the (TPLF) system that forces people to pick just one ethnic heritage,” as Mr. Solomon suggested. But GEM does NOT seek to dismiss or vilify any ethnic-based politics or groups. In fact, one of the main goals of the GEM movement is to make people aware and proud of their diverse ethnic heritage in Ethiopia. In our case, we want mixed-Ethiopians to be proud of their multiple ethnic heritages, instead of choosing only one side of their mother or father, i.e. maternal or paternal side.

So GEM does not reject ethnic-based groups. In fact, we have publicly supported Oromo, Sidama and other ethnic organizations before. We also recently published a statement denouncing the illegal imprisonment of Oromo opposition leader Dr. Merera Gudina.

We have even applauded the rise of the new Amhara nationalists. We believe in the principles of collective rights and federalism, in any form, as long as there is equality or one group does not oppress another group. Unfortunately, mixed ethnic Ethiopians have been systematically marginalized by the current TPLF regime and by many opposition groups. So We must stand up for our rights while also defending the rights of Oromos, Amharas, Tigrayans and other single-ethnic identities.

As Mixed-Ethiopians, we are “Ethnic Ethiopians” since both our tribe and our country is Ethiopia. Mixed-Ethiopians share common values of multiculturalism, multilingualism and other progressive principles, while united psychologically, socially and politically as well as sharing intertwined destiny as “Ethnic Ethiopians.” Mixed-Ethiopians have common homeland, historical experience and national consciousness.

We hope that more and more Ethiopians will begin to embrace their multi-ethnicity and avoid choosing only one part from their whole identity. We believe mixed ethnic Ethiopians are the largest ethnic group in our country, therefore we are the silent majority.

Over the last centuries; oppressive and undemocratic Ethiopian governments as well as single-tribe based narrow opposition movements have forced millions of mixed-Ethiopians to abandon their full identity and adopt a new single-tribe identity. With the help of the Ethiopian people, the GEM and other advocacy groups hope to reverse this trend to save our identity and protect our collective rights.

GEM activists currently operate in dozens of colleges and schools through out Ethiopia. Our goal is to empower mixed-Ethiopians and restore our Ethiopian ethnicity. We welcome more Ethiopians to join our new movement online on Facebook or support our cause by opening new branches or chapters inside Ethiopia and worldwide.


  1. Thanks Gossaye Ethiopia, I am also ethnic Ethiopia

  2. This great initiative by the GEM group is long overdue since most of us Ethiopians do not have one ethnicity. We have many ethnicities.
    For example, in shoa, wollo and Addis Ababa, almost everybody is mixed with 2,3 , 4 or even more ethnicity if we trace our great grand parents. Let us remember that many Semitic and Cushitic language speakers began to marry each other over 400 years ago after the Oromo northern expansion into wollo and Gondar. So some of us have ethnic mixture since 16 th century or 17th century. Some of us speak only Amharic now but our great great grandfathers were one of those Oromo speakers who immigrated to wollo or Gondar or raya etc.
    So why do we buy this new propaganda by TPLF that we have only one ethnicity???????? We have to refuse to choose tribe and chose “ETHIOPIAN” label as our tribe name when we register ID in Ethiopia.
    That is the only solution

  3. Calm down Lusif? and T.Goshu, it is true Woyane always work with anybody to go into its shallow/narrow ethnic shoes and I guess that is their ultimate goal; undermining people who think beyond. They are ashamed of a person who is thinking positive and working with anyone regardless of her/his ethnic background. let’s think now differently I want to be identified as a person and as an Ethiopian who is not overwhelmed by ethnic differences and who accept diversity, this may not give comfort to somebody who feels to be identified with some specific ethnic group and may not be inclusive of others or think them as not an equal, etc. Most related theories of ethnisim informed us to be careful on such line of thoughs but at the same time we came from a family with some background south; north; east; west; – sharing Oromo; Amhara; Gurage; Tigre; Sidama, Afar; Wolita, Somali. etc. ! Don’t you think we’re blessed to live together thinking of something good is happening truly to each other. Let’s us think positive and God bless you all! we will never die of hating each other and we will be tolerant enough to solve our problems; the governing body; the Woyane shall come to its senses or face its demise or killing of the country; though I don’t easily share this idea and alas no dictator is different. it is a disaster to anyone BUT the country will never die before someone and I don’t think we will start now. Think great, do good, be well and God bless you all. Cheers

  4. Lately, I have found it is necessary to pray incessantly for myself for good health and long years, so that I could stay in good shape to see the ultimate fate of my country.
    My parents were Ethiopians. I am reduced to an ethic group. Now a mixed and an alien within an ethnic group. I am afraid, the next step would be to take away my membership and chase me away from my residence— my country. In this perverted grossly selfish community, how could I be sure this won’t happen.
    I do not get what the ulterior motive of this groupis, I clearly see the immediate objectives. Collect a few contribution bucks from here and there and melt down into the oblivion. That is it. The poor, so called mix still inside a furnace being overcooked. If that is what you want, please do not west your energy, do not confuse innocent people. Ethiopia is a country of many wonders. Just travel to Dallol and throw yourself into that melting lava. So that you can come out being minted into an Ethiopian.

  5. Here we go ! mixed movement ? I am afraid we will going to form triple-mixed, quadruple-mixed, …., multiple-mixed movements. I do not know what kind of identity crisis it is. Yes, not to be proud of being an Ethiopian born to parents of different ethnicity but Ethiopians is a terrible identity crisis . And to establish movements of mixed not only once but multiple times shows nothing else but a mockery of Ethiopian political struggle to be free together as human beings of the one and same homeland. Hate to say but I have to say that this is a making of Ethiopian politics just kind of kids entertainment (childish paly) . It is a childish game that takes the great country we claim to be proud of down to a road that leads to a cliff that ideal to commit suicide.

  6. Over 50% of Ethiopians are mixed but sadly woyane has divided us to pieces. Even most Oromos are not real Oromos. They speak oromigna but their ancestors were sidama, hadiya, garage etc

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