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Ethiopia Trains Bloggers to attack its opposition

The Ethiopian Government is trying to reduce online criticism by training recruits to attack information on the web that are critical of its administration, the Ethiopian Satellite Television Service (ESAT) reported.

Ethiopians in Washington, D.C.

Ethiopians in Washington, D.C. (Photo: Madote)

According to the report, in the second round of new recruits, 235 bloggers were trained in Adama on Facebook and other social media sites on how to shape public opinion by posting comments and documents that support the regime.

The training was given to selected people from different ethnic groups who support the regime, and that the trainees report directly to government officials, ESAT said.

So far, the trainees have opened 2,350 Facebook, Twitter and blog accounts to show the Ethiopian regime in a favorable light, and to criticize anti-government articles, websites, the Ethiopian opposition and the Eritrean government.

With a dismal one percent of people having access to the internet in Ethiopia, the likely intended target of the regime’s online strategy are the Ethiopian and Eritrean Diasporas, an observer noted.

Source: Madote


  1. The internet is a fantastic feat of engineering. As an Eritrean born in the 21st century I have adapted to the internet, it is a noble tool that can be used for those to promote both good and evil for all the world to see. I am a active activist for the Eritrean and Horn of Africa cause. However I am quite shocked by the Woyanne tactics feeding information to the globe that is evil and not just through manipulation, and dehumanization of the dispoara outside Ethiopia and yet the internal Ethiopian population is kept at bay by withholding all kinds of external information that could give new insight to the Ethiopian people. I commented multiple times to Ethiopian opposition websites and these Woyanne commenters try to be friendly with me trying to change my opinion about the Woyanne’s. The Eritrean and Ethiopian people have to embrace the internet as a tool to voice opinions that is far more powerful than any weapon. We have to unite and fight as one single entity against the oppressors when it comes to commenting, demonstrations, ..etc. The oppressors will do anything to make money this includes, selling our land, safe harbour for foreign militarists, corruption, ..etc. You have the power to makes a just change it’s You USE IT OR LOSE IT the choice is yours.

  2. Training what? These individuals trained by tplf are incompetent, idle, self-indulgent, disloyal, hired, and irresponsible. What is it that tplf trains these people with? The group has neither idea nor truth on its side, and is frequently showing us its vanity and foolishness. Since we diaspora are the target audience for these ill trained apprentices, what do we expect from them? I do not tend to repeat them, but it would be the usual stuff (limatachin, selamachin, shibrtegna, Eritrea telatachin bla bla bla, but you do not hear their dedebit doctrine which says ” shoot’m in the face ” ) and the lies. So far tplf lies and causes enormous damages to the people of Ethiopia and got away with it without punishment and consequences. I really wish that every tplf member will be stricken by what I call the Pinocchio phenomenon, causing there nose to get bigger and bigger the moment they open their mouth to lie. The world will know who they are. They say ” there goes the tplf members with their big nose”

  3. Baptized by Revolutionary Democracy and trained for rattling on social media, the zombies can’t divert the current ‘Storm’ coming to their masters. Their time is about to over.we are armed with ‘IRON Doom’ and drop each and every surface to air weapons of Mass destruction in a tandem.

  4. Nitro Ethiopians

    The diaspora opposition should have a task-force, but everyone wants to work alone because they have egos.

    Work together and dispel these idiots.

  5. it is good we see these f—ked individuals in pictures

  6. sera fete becha ! sera tefeto new facebook laye gezi makatele?

  7. The regime’s back bone support is intact. Always enjoying the support of her strategic planners TPLF feels she can wither the wind of adversity any time so long she remained docile servant to her enablers. Her enablers and far planners have helped as long as the opposition remained not focused and divorced from action such as economic boycott, we are just making mere noises. Is there any wonder then TPLF is arresting, bloggers, killing students, scaring Ethiopians of alshabaab and jamming news outlets. And absolutely nothing is being done about it. We need respect and respect is something people have to EARN it. It can be earned through engagement and action directed resistance. In this connection I want to say this about Isaias Afewerki. Without excusing the damage he has done to Ethiopia in the days of his liberation struggle (training TPLF) and the issuing problem we are forced to endure. I will say (though he is a dictator) he kept the master planners at arm’s length and in this he deserves respect. It has coasted him greatly to stand up to their face.
    He has to keep low profile in order to avoid danger. But it is worth .he kept his people free from gmo food ,vaccination, and all forms of human experimentation that is going under weyane Ethiopia might have been Eretria’s lot too. The opposition needs to wake up; we are sleeping. Or else tell the Ethiopian people to devise their means to remove weyane

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