Terror plot to turn Ethiopian Epiphany celebration into an inferno uncovered

January 17, 2014

The Horn Times Breaking news
Report compiled by Getahune Bekele-South Africa

Christians and Muslim communities urged to be vigilant against the government’s plot…

Ethiopian Epiphany celebration in Addis Ababa

According to our well-placed sources in the inner circle of the ruling minority junta’s powerful and complex security apparatus, the regime has already assigned several well-trained and craven secret service agents dressed as Muslims to carry out massive bombing campaign during the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church’s Epiphany commemoration feast (Timket) on the 19th  and 20 January 2014.

The distinctly unpopular and even more feared government of Ethiopia, the godfather of terror and wanton destruction, impervious to its own People’s opinion, is now ready to use the TPLF homicide machine to inflict damage that would surpass the 2005 similar attack, which subdued the Ethiopians into modern day slavery for 22 years.

“The crazed junta, a third world political grouping obsessed with eternal power, has been planning this ferocious and terrifying attack for more than three months.” the whistle blower told the Horn Times in shocking details including names and locations of high value targets, Orthodox churches and Mosques that are marked to be reduced to smoldering rubble in a flood of fire.

The unique Ethiopian Epiphany, the ritual reenactment of the baptism of Jesus in the Jordan River as well as a symbolic renewal of the faithful’s baptismal vows; the divine liturgy is celebrated near a stream or pool at 2 am before dawn, an opportune time for federal security agents to launch Al-Qaeda style bombing rampage.

“Once the blasts turn the colorful Timket procession into an inferno, causing considerable harm and panic, security agents in Muslim clothing will follow that up by slipshod gun attacks on the devotees.” The whistle blower added.

Furthermore, the TPLF homicide agents already poisoned in the Southern Ethiopian town of Alaba Kulito since Monday 13 January 2014, to launch the terror attacks are ordered to burn down two mosques immediately after the blasts to make it look like a retaliatory attack by the Christians, the security agent who is working in the chief tug, TPLF intelligence top dog Getachew Assefa’s office further divulged.

According to the leaked critical terror master plan designed to consolidate Tigre People Liberation Front/TPLF’s power base a head of the crucial 2015 elections, the two Amhara kilel towns of Woldia and Haike in the historic Wello province are also targets.

The two towns are believed to be the strong hold of major opposition party UDJ and the shining symbols of interfaith harmony where Christian and Muslim Amharas are living side by side since time immemorial. The unabashed mission of the regime’s agents who are already in the area is to cause a sectarian strife and put the blame on peaceable and benevolent Wollo Muslims whom the junta regarded as rebels.

In Oromia Kilel, TPLF homicide squads are positioned in majority Muslim areas of Bale and Arsi provinces to attack the Epiphany festival with terrifying force similar to the Totolamo massacre of August 3, 2013, where TPLF terror squad mowed down more than 20 Muslims.

The other major principal target for the state sponsored terror to shock and awe Ethiopians is the coffee rich city of Jimma where TPLF inspired sectarian violence often simmers to the boil in the past 22 years of minority rule in the Horn of Africa nation.

Nonetheless, the top security agent warned that an attack equivalent to the Nazi blitzkrieg is going to engulf the Eastern town of Jijiga, the town that sits on major ethnic and religious fault line created by the ruling minority junta.

Ignoramus agents stationed in Jijiga dressed in ethnic Somali Muslim attire are ready to attack the January 19 and 20th Orthodox Christian church Epiphany procession, and the same agents in Christian attire and even priestly robs would then attack Mosques, an attack expected to ignite a flood of fire in the already volatile town and its environ.

Quizzed by the Horn Times over what the government is stand to gain from the blood bath, the agent alleged that  corrupt and genocidal TPLF warlords are deeply concerned about being driven out of power in the upcoming elections unless they find ways of breaking apart the unity and the strong bond that exists between Ethiopian Christians and Muslims.

“I don’t know whether the planned horrendous attack would prove a political disaster for the junta; but what I can tell you is that hardcore TPLF intelligence operatives led by Getachew Assefa started pulling together capable agents 3 months ago for the major assault on the defenseless people. The aim is to inflict enormous damage on the nation’s psyche.

“Then so called Muslim extremists, Ginbot-7, Oromo People Liberation Front, UDJP and Semayawi/blue party will be blamed for the attacks. After unhinged diatribe by TPLF propagandists, what is to follow is what we used to for the past 22 years. Wave of arrests targeting Muslim and opposition party leaders, planting and fabrication of evidences, killing innocent people depicting them as terrorists…all these to totally subdue the people and go to the 2015 elections with no opposition at all. That is it.”

Another source familiar with TPLF intelligence operation said the TPLF junta’s past nauseating claims that it had foiled terror attacks were all pure fabrications used to instill fear and impose martial law. A cowardly act that exposes the moral makeup of TPLF warlords who, after 22 years in power still prefer to use terror rather than dialogue to remain supreme rulers of the impoverished nation.

To balance our story we called the office of the feared top spy Getachew Assefa, but the Horn Times was issued with another landline number to call his deputy Ato Esayeyas whom we are told is the alleged coordinator of the bloody attack. Nevertheless, a female officer at the intelligence headquarters in Addis Ababa screamed several epithets and slammed the phone shut when we asked her about the alleged terror plot by the ruling minority junta against the people.

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9 Responses to Terror plot to turn Ethiopian Epiphany celebration into an inferno uncovered

  1. Nancy

    January 26, 2014 at 3:15 am

    Thank you for the awareness , however the current government has tried before and nothing napped, of aires they will destroy more history, culture, and identity of Ethiopians.

    The only option for Ethiopians is to satnd together, T the same time, in different location and demand free country otherwise no salvation will come down from heaven.

  2. Suleiman

    January 25, 2014 at 12:04 am

    TPLF and Its inner Circle Eritrean Askaris ,Who ruled Ethiopia Since 1991,Will do anything and everything to distroy and dismember Ethiopia and its great history.Their main Goal is To send their army of Cadres in all mediums Possible to Creat antagonism and conflicts between Muslims and Christians and mainly between Oromo and Amara Ethnics .We Pro-Unity and Pro-Democracy Ethiopians be vigilant and Must fight against This Sons and Daughters of Bandas Askaris and their Paid cadres

  3. Bequele

    January 23, 2014 at 5:38 am

    Many thanks to the horn Times for making it possible that the malicious designs of the Woyane/Eritrean occupation forces to complete the unfinished business of their Italian masters.

    Really, nothing should surprise us about these invaders who are descendants of traitors in Italian uniforms whose role was the wanton destruction patriotic Ethiopians from Wollo to Wollega.

    The unrepentant Tigrean and Eritreans who have occupied our country were sired by traitors.
    The onus of liberating from these wicked askaris rests on us Ethiopians. I repeat the responsibility to rid the enemy of our country rests on the shoulders of Ethiopians.
    This is the sacred duty of all Ethiopians. One very important factor that has aided the enemy is the seeming rift between Ethiopians mainly between the majorities (the Amaras and Oromos ) which for the most part is concocted by our mortal enemies -Woyanes and their fellow Eritrean mercianries.
    For the sake of our motherland, Ethiopians should rally as one people. We must sting the enemy and their collaborators with passion.
    That is what my hero and distant relative Geresu Duki did with valour.
    Ethiopia will prevail. Biyti kenga injirati !!

  4. Solomon Dagnachew

    January 18, 2014 at 8:36 am

    The recent avalanche of Mockumentaries made by Getachew Assefa and his homicide boys and presented on ETV are a trailer of a terror plot on Ethiopia Epiphany feast on January 19 and 20. It doesn’t surprising us because EPRDF/TPLF is a state terrorist and has been killing innocent civilians in broad day light in cold blood for the past 23 years.

  5. Teamer

    January 17, 2014 at 8:31 pm

    Everything is inevitable in a country where political operative are pops, priests as well as Islam preachers. If you have group of peoples or elites, who are sadist and play in the name of almighty God, how it is possible to avoid the price of the evil in such a country. Let us wait and see if we learn form the consequence of the Woyane theater.


    January 17, 2014 at 6:40 pm

    My highest appreciation goes to those who are in the TPLF womb and sneak out information to their fellow citizens.

    Thank you

  7. Najib Mohammed

    January 17, 2014 at 6:30 pm

    ሙስሊሙንና ክርስትያን ኢትዮዽያንን በመንግስት ሰይጣናዊ ፕሮፖጋንዳ ሊለያዩት ኣይችሉም፦ ኣልሏህ ሰላምንና ፍትህን ኢትዮዽያ ላይ ያስፍን፦

  8. Chuchebe

    January 17, 2014 at 5:37 pm

    This is a Good information!
    Although it is important to let the world know about this heinous crime in the making, why not writing such alert in Amharic so as to alert Ethiopians at home. Apologies if it was already communicated in Amharic.

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