Global Alliance for the Rights of Ethiopians in Saudi Arabia

November 16, 2013


A Global Coalition, Global Alliance for the Rights of Ethiopians in Saudi Arabia, has been formed to coordinate efforts to stop violence against Ethiopians in Saudi Arabia On Tuesday, November 12, 2013, concerned Ethiopians and Ethiopian Americans held a conference to deliberate on effective strategies to respond to the recent Saudi government’s deadly crackdown on and inhuman treatment of immigrants from Ethiopia and formed a Global Alliance to coordinate efforts.

The following prominent activists were elected to lead the Global Alliance:

1. Activist Abebe Gellaw

2. Activist Berhanu Damte (Abamela)

3. Activist Tamagn Beyene

Ethiopians all over the globe have been following the shocking inhumane violence committed against Ethiopian immigrants by the Saudi, Police Security Forces, and government backed youth vigilante. We have followed the events that were unfolding in Saudi Arabia with great sorrow, horror, and anger. The atrocities committed by the Saudi Police and youth backed has now reached intolerable heights. The random killings, gang rape, and severe beatings of defenseless Ethiopians underscore the urgent need for action.

At this time and age, killing unarmed civilians is an act of moral depravity. The act of Saudi Security forces and the youth vigilante against Ethiopian immigrants can simply be characterized as among one of the gravest human rights violations in the world. It is also a crime absolutely prohibited by international law, including the UN Convention against Torture.
The video reports and eye witness testimonies confirm Saudi Arabia employed an extensive use of torture and savagery. These acts affirm the need for an immediate action and condemnation by the international community. These acts of gross human and civil rights violations calls for United Nations investigation and inquiry into the full extent of the crime against humanity committed by the Saudis. Presently, Ethiopian immigrants in Saudi have been subjected to extra-judicial killings, gang rape, torture, and mass arrests. The continued killings, rape, and arrests serves as an irrefutable evidence of the Saudi government’s brutality, utter disregard for the rule of law, and humanity.

Many Ethiopians have also been expressing their anger over the Ethiopian government not only for its failure to respond to the crisis situation on a timely manner, but also for making the country hostile to its own citizens. It is a well known fact that most young Ethiopians, besides facing high rate of unemployment, are subject to some of the most serious rights abuses, including extrajudicial killings, incommunicado detention, arbitrary arrest, torture, and inhumane prison conditions. As a result, each year thousands of Ethiopians flee their home country in search of a better life.

Using social media and other channels Ethiopians allover the world have launched campaigns to expose the atrocities and demand the Saudi government to immediately stop the violence against Ethiopians. A series of public meetings and street demonstrations have also been scheduled in many big cities to call upon the international community denounce these brutal acts and initiate formal investigation to bring those culprits to justice without delay.

The Global Alliance is formed in response to the call from members of the Ethiopian Diaspora, disturbed by the cruelty, inhumanity, and degrading treatment of Ethiopians in the hands of the Saudi government Security forces.

The Global Alliance, therefore, seeks to bring awareness about the savage crime committed against Ethiopians in Saudi Arabia to the international community. The Global Alliance shall employ all means at its disposal to alert the international courts, civic and human rights organizations, civil rights advocates, donor nations, individuals and groups to join in the effort to prevent yet another global crisis or genocide of Ethiopians from taking place in Saudi. The Global Alliance is sincerely concerned the events unfolding in Saudi Arabia eerily bares resemblance of the Nazis actions against the Jews prior to WW II.

This Global Alliance shall summon the support of attorneys, legal professionals, and experts in international human rights violations and work diligently to bring charges of crimes against humanity against the Kingdome of Saudi Arabia, and make an effort to assist the victims obtain justice. The Global Alliance may send fact finding mission to Saudi Arabia to gather information and detail ways of reaching for the victimized Ethiopians in Saudi Arabia.

The Global Alliance calls upon all Ethiopians and members of civilized society to join us in condemning the killings, rape, and torture. We further call upon all to support our efforts to bring those responsible, for authorizing the use of cruel and inhuman treatment of Ethiopian immigrants, to be held accountable for their actions. We, also, ask all Ethiopians and human rights advocates to join the Global Alliance and provide information, share ideas and expertise as well as donate resources, in advancing the causes of saving lives and stopping the massacre of innocent Ethiopians by the Saudis.

All Lives Have Equal Value!!!
ሁሉም ህይወት እኩል ዋጋ አለው!!!

Contact information:
Telephone: (877)RING-ETHIOPIA or (877)746 -4384
Email address: [email protected]

2 Responses to Global Alliance for the Rights of Ethiopians in Saudi Arabia

  1. yohannes t

    November 18, 2013 at 5:51 pm

    Yohannes Deboch why r u so mad thatBirhanu Damte came to his senses and joined the opposition.We welcome those who changed heir mind.due to the facts on the ground.Is it not why we r fighting? to win people over.I personally welcome all who chsnge their mind with open arms i.e,DR. NEGASSO SEYE ,GEBRU ETC.

  2. deboch

    November 16, 2013 at 2:07 pm

    Birhanu damte was until recently woyane’s puppet. how soon do we forget that he was beating Meles’ drum like Solomon Tekalegn. He is a dog that barks where ever he fills his belly.He is damaged good and should not be trusted for such a serious responsibility.

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