A Mafia Tyranny and corruption: What does ‘dog eating dog has to do with justice?

June 17, 2013

Justice in the eye of the ruling Woyane tyranny is a tool to sustain its rule and corruption while it is life-and-death question for the people of Ethiopia. This disconnect can’t be compromised until tyranny unconditionally surrenders for justice. Woyane relay on its army of corrupt stooges to stay afloat. And, Ethiopians relay on their people to be free. The question is Tyranny Verses the People. Which side of the divide we choose determines the fate of our country and people. No matter what, those that remotely sided with tyranny are big losers; standing on a sand ground.  The more they open their mouth the further they sink.

by Teshome Debalke

The recent arrest of a few high-level and half a dozen low-level officials of the ruling regime of Ethiopia and several associate merchants on ‘corruption’ was to detract us from the business of democracy and a call for legitimate government in Ethiopia. Any way the ruling regime and its apologist shake-or-bake it there is no way out of the question of the legitimate representative of the people’s government to come in Ethiopia. Whether Abay Dam fiasco, growth and transformation and labeling the innocent terrorist or the empty legacy of a dead tyrant and, in this case; a corrupt regime arresting its corrupt officials it wouldn’t change the journey for freedom.What does ‘dog eating dog has to do with justice?

Therefore, for whatever reasons the ruling regime’s officials and its apologist choose to divert the issue or conspire with TPLF Mafia group to deprive the people their rights, there is no question they are signing their death wish.  Beyond that; every word they utter, every propaganda piece they manufacture and all the entire maneuver they can master against the people aren’t helping them to legitimatize the Mafia regime nor proves their innocence. Instead, it would further incriminate them as willing instruments of tyranny.

Take the apologist of TPLF tyranny, particularly in Diaspora.  Their no-see-evil-hear-no-evil behavior took them where no Ethiopian had ever gone before. The good-for-noting airheads couldn’t even comprehend; questioning the legitimacy and creditability of the brazen regime isn’t a crime but a right of Ethiopians. When they go to a gutter on behalf of an illegitimate regime to accuse innocent Ethiopians terrorists it shows the bed they choose to sleep on with the blood of the innocent. Those that throw around their empty credential to give credence to tyranny might as well throw it in the rubbish bin where it belongs. They would go nowhere but down in the bottom of history.

In another hand, the ‘oppositions’ in general would do the people of Ethiopia and themselves a favor to come clean.  They have to understand Democracy and the rule of law aren’t going to be dispensed by ethnicity, religion, and region. Therefore, unless they want to retail Democracy and the rule of law as a tool of their wishes or in favor of one against another Ethiopian they can’t claim to legitimately address the rights of the people of Ethiopia as the ruling regime.  If they can’t accept the rule of law is blind and only hears and speaks the languages of justice and the universal suffrage of the people of Ethiopia the have no business in democracy and freedom.

For sure, there is no need for 100s of parties to speak the same language of democracy and the rule of law. Nor the business of democracy and the rule of law a club of friends and clans. It is a serious business of the people that requires selfless sacrifice on behalf of the people. Therefore, opposition parties have the responsibility to be transparent and shouldn’t be a hiding place for anti democracy elements against the people to the benefit of the ruling party.

What is missing in the struggle for democracy isn’t apologist of tyranny or oppositions but, independent institutions that stand on behalf of the people to make the ruling regime responsible for its crimes and the oppositions accountable for their activities.  Just because the ruling tyranny makes noise it doesn’t make it legitimate. Likewise, just because a party opposes the ruling tyranny doesn’t qualify it to bring about democracy and the rule of law to the people of Ethiopia.

What Ethiopians are faced with are too much noise from the ruling regime and too many opposition parties dispersing resources and detracting from achieving the desire freedom and democracy.

Though, I am not in a liberty nor capable of evaluating any opposition party some of them clearly insult the people’s intelligence. For example, some parties have a few pages of political program and don’t revile their leadership structure or their credential to qualify as opposition. Others seem to form a party for the purpose of distracting the struggle. A few more seem to be parties of individuals. The few parties that have their act together seem distracted by others from doing the job. What is wrong asking all parties for transparency?

The long postponed evaluation of the oppositions that delayed freedom and democracy for too long to the benefit of the ruling tyranny must be dealt with now without delay. Ethiopians have the right to know the parties that will lead them to the promise land. The question is; who is going to evaluate the ‘oppositions’ as well as make the ruling tyranny accountable on behalf of the people of Ethiopia?

In my opinion; Ethiopians are taken hostage by the ruling tyranny and distracted by100 of ‘political parties’. The lack of independent institutions to evaluate the competing parties left the people of Ethiopia confused and detracted. Ethiopian Satellite Television (ESAT) would do Ethiopians great service to device a program in order to evaluate political parties as well as civic organizations to sort out the doers from the talkers to clear the way and speed up the process of freedom and democracy.

That bring us to the question; where are our intellectuals to come together to evaluate the extent of the ruling regime’s crimes and the work of the opposing parties? Until they come forward to establish the institutions to help sort out the mess the journey for freedom and democracy will be delayed unnecessarily to the benefit of the ruling tyranny.

Ethiopians in general and the young in particular must step forward to setup the institutions to evaluate the extent of the damage the ruling tyranny caused and to evaluate who among the competing parties best serve the people of Ethiopia.

That said; the number one problem Ethiopians face today like every tyranny ruled people is corruption. Unlike what many believe, political power is fueled by chronic corruption of ruling regimes from the top-down than the bottom up.

Therefore, contrary what the sorry Woyane apologists want us to believe by arresting low level corrupt officials, the business of Ethiopia is decided in the backroom by the top ruling Mafias group known as TPLF. Politics…is simply a front for what is already decided in the backroom.

The level of corruption may vary from one tyranny to the other; depending the knowledge and appetite of the associates and partners of a given tyrant.

Some tyrants raid the public vault and involve in petty corruption and trade.  Others focus on raw material extraction with their foreign partners and get their cut in ‘Swiss bank’. A few like Woyane create criminal syndicates and engage in all kinds of corruption and extortion and strive to earn legitimacy in the world community.  Regardless of the level of corruption, if you want to do business in tyranny infested nation like Ethiopia you either have to be partner with the ruling regime or pay your dues set by the Mafia group themselves.

There is no honest business in tyranny. Every business; from a small corner store all the way to a major industry that operate in Ethiopia is owned/ partner of the Mafia ruling regime or pay its dues for the cadres of the regime to stay alive. Therefore, people shouldn’t be fooled by the elaborate propaganda of the Mafia group; talking about investment and development. In short, doing businesses in Ethiopia is doing business with Woyane. Without the ruling Mafia’s partnership anyone that claims to do business in Ethiopia is a Woyane or corrupt enough to shut his/her mouth to cash-in on the opportunity afforded to him/her by the regime or taken hostage by the ruling mafia.

By nature tyranny is brutal in politics and Mafia in the economy. The merger of the two (politics and economy) makes Woyane the most deadly tyranny Ethiopians ever seen in history. Therefore, any opposition to the regime that doesn’t addresses the Mafia operation as much as the brutality of the regime is delaying freedom and democracy. Likewise, anyone that legitimizes and covers up or excuses the regime is part and partial of the system or a beneficiary.

It is important to note; brutal and Mafia regimes like Woyane know well they can’t sustain their operation without involving substantial number of local and foreign partners to legitimize and protect their interest from the public and the international community.  Therefore, they strive to bring abroad partners prone for corruption and shop for foreign governments and organizations that provide them stamp of approval for their illegal activities.

In case of Woyane and several African tyrants the government of the Republic of Communist China volunteered to partner in crime of corrupt of African regimes. As a role model of most African tyrants the Chinese Communist regime in its quest to tap on the resources of Africa chose to join the Ethiopian Mafia group and protects its partners in crime in the world stage. Therefore, Ethiopian oppositions have the responsibility to challenge the Chinese government as much as tyranny at home to stop associating with corrupt regime and its associates and warn the consequences. It must also be notified not to harbor the corrupt associates of the tyranny and the ill gotten money.

China and other countries’ governments and private parties that partner with corrupt regimes in Africa would make big mistake collaborating with corrupt regimes against the people of Africa.

2 Responses to A Mafia Tyranny and corruption: What does ‘dog eating dog has to do with justice?

  1. Reporter

    June 21, 2013 at 6:00 pm

    There’s definately a lot to learn about this topic. I love all of the points you made.

  2. Suleiman

    June 20, 2013 at 8:28 pm

    Mr Debalke
    you are one of the very few Ethiopian Scholars who described TPLF for what it is -The Ethno fascisit dictatorial Regime in Ethiopia

    Thank you Sir ~!

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