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Ethiopia’s current challenges and the way forward

Ethiopian Muslims have been questing for their religious and institutional freedom, but their year-long peaceful demonstration is being portrayed as a terrorist act.

The reconciliation effort to unify the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo Church has been halted by invisible government hands. What is the way forward?

Ethiopia's current challenges and the way forward

One Response to Ethiopia’s current challenges and the way forward


    March 7, 2013 at 6:21 pm

    I call upon all speakers, moderates and participants to be honest, bold, humble, and visionaries. I urge you all to take out the social relation element out of the discussion and focus on principles and truth. I beg you all not to waste time on theorizing and hypothesizing. Our problems are clear, the solution are also not mysterious, .What we lacked to date and What I and I believe all Ethiopians do as well, is to face your demons head on, to be courageous to throw away your egos and ambitions to dust bin and face the reality even if it could damage your image and status. It will defensibility payoff in the long run and put you in higher moral ground.
    I wish all the success for the session.
    victory for Ethiopia and Ethiopians!!!

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