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Ethiopian Orthodox Tewhaedo Church Holy Synod Statement Of Declaration

A statement of declaration released by the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewhaedo Church-in-Exile based on deliberations at its latest Synodal Meeting held from January 15-18 in Los Angeles, California. The statement discusses in detail the failed peace and reconciliation effort to end the division within the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church (EOTC), why it failed, and who was responsible for the failure. Moreover, the declaration contains several resolutions intended to reach out to all Diaspora EOTCs, including those that have remained neutral for almost two decades, while offering a set of goals that the Exiled Synod seeks to accomplish in the years ahead.

Furthermore, this declaration is intended to provide the facts that truly explain the circumstances leading to the illegal dethronement of His Holiness Abune Merkorios from his patriarchal see, as well as the canonical and practical justifications of establishing a Holy Synod in exile. Above all, the Exiled Holy Synod, via this statement of declaration, wishes to remind that both the clergy and the laity should not recognize the outcome of the pending election of the 6th Patriarch for the EOTC because it would be a serious breach of the longstanding canons and related practices of Oriental Orthodox Churches. Read more…

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