Ethiopia: ‘Judas of Wollayta’ shattered as pagan TPLF warlords cancelled his bizarre Sunday mass

February 3, 2013

The Horn Times breaking news, 3 Feb 2013.
by Getahune Bekele-South Africa

Due to security concerns and the sectarian nature of Wollayta pastors, the TPLF has officially stopped the Sunday massEthiopia's prime minister, Hailemariam Desalegn weekly held at the grand palace and  those arrived today 3 Feb 2013,  including old as a hill self-made historian  Dr Lapeso Gedelebo are all turned away by federal police. The Ethiopian ruling minority junta instead appointed Tigray republic’s protestant high priest, Daniel Gebresilssie to conduct the service for one hour    with no outsiders allowed in except the immediate family members of PM Hailemariam Desalegn, unimpeachable sources told the Horn Times from Addis Ababa.

Since he moved to the official residence of the prime minister, Hailemariam Desalegn who claims to be an immaculate protestant Christian has been holding noisy and chaotic Sunday masses at the palace much to the irritation of his pagan masters, the TPLF warlords.

The deacons and deaconesses, the Netherlands ordained pastors-cum theologians and their prophetess wives from the emerging Wollyta bourgeoisie have been congregating every Sunday at the conspicuous palace, occupying it from Saturday night until the wee hours of Monday, some driving all the way from the rural town of Wollayta – Sodo, the birth place of  PM Hailemariam.

Nervously tolerated by Tigre palace guards and federal police commando units, the Wollyta crowd usually stays through the night reluctant to leave even after the 3pm scrumptious luncheon served by the first lady Roman Tesfaye, making the palace unavailable for state business.

According to our sources, the warning issued by palace authorities to the priestly Wollyta coterie to limit numbers of worshippers never been heeded but it was the attitude of the pastors that led to the total cancellation of the gathering.

On the pulpit decorated with TPLF flag and pictures of the dead tyrant Meles Zenawi, spurred on by the old curmudgeon Sibehat Nega’s anti-Amhara, anti Islam and anti Orthodox Church rhetoric, preacher after preacher prophesies the demise of Ethiopiawinet under the   “heavenly” rule of the puppet premier Hailemariam Desalegn.

Although such teachings were pleasing to the Tigre junta, Pastor Semaiat Toma Woldeselassie’s January 26 2013, vision of seeing the late Meles Zenawi walking in paradise with Jesus by his side was the most embarrassing appeasement which made the warlords blushed in shame while the first lady and the premier broke into song with the crowd shouting “halleluiah.”

“With all respect to protestant churches of Ethiopia, this one is of sectarian nature and their god is the dead colonizer Meles Zenawi. They are here to please their Tigre bosses and swear loyalty to the oppressive minority rule. They say unprintable things about other churches and religions in the name of prophesy.” Our source who requested anonymity said.

Nicknamed Judas of Wollyta by his own people, the prime minister has time and again showed that he is a man of very low intellect just like his murderous predecessor Meles Zenawi.

Reports are that Hailemariam is shattered by the decision to cancel the mass and from now, every Sunday, he has to spend an hour listening to the tiresome pedagogue Pastor Daniel as the warlords slowly taking control of all aspects of his life by isolating him from the people.

“It isn’t moral for a sitting prime minister to associate himself with a certain occult  powers and applaud them for hurling cheap insults on other churches and religions. Ethiopia is a secular state.” Our source added.

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10 Responses to Ethiopia: ‘Judas of Wollayta’ shattered as pagan TPLF warlords cancelled his bizarre Sunday mass

  1. Samuel

    March 13, 2013 at 5:35 am

    “P.M ” Dessalege Repeatedly told to the World and to Ethiopians in particular ,he does not have his own agenda to Ethiopia and never denied that he is there to Excute his dead masters wish and Vision to Ethiopia ,To divide Ethiopians by Ethnic and religious lines inorder to insure TPLF’s Power

  2. Solomon Dagnachew

    February 8, 2013 at 11:46 pm

    This commentary made me to remember the late myopic dictator interview with Seketure Getachew a.k.a Getachew seko on ETV in April or May 2010. During the interview Getachew Seko asked the late dictator ” what is your religion?” The late dictator replied ” I have no religion for the time being. If I had religion, it would be ‘yedero pente’ ”. How could it be of the pastor foreseeing the late genocider walking in paradise with Jesus on his side since he had no religion and killed thousands of people in cold blood? Decorating the pulpit with the late dictator portrait and minority party TPLF flag are clearly shown that the current Prime Minister is a man of two portrait. He is none other than figure head frog marched by TPLF minority Junta.
    Shame on him!!!

  3. Selam

    February 7, 2013 at 8:13 am

    Fana, your comment is pragmatic and well said. But you definitely know that the power is in the hand of TPLF gang, and one of them Sibehat nega, one of the idiot who talk non sense and declared proudly : it is the end of Orthodox and Amhara…and menafikan are sent by evil stealing innocent souls, the bible is clear about that in Lucas 17:23: People will tell you, ‘Look, there is the Son of Man,’ or ‘Christ is here and htere,’ but don’t go out and follow them. That’s why the evil is using such men to destroy our Orthodox church because we stand by the word of God. Pente is made in west religion, they reformed the bible all the way so it can accomodate their way of life, divorcing, remarrying , same sex marriage etc..and if you notice, meles aloud all of that, in Ethiopia the capital is full of striptease club, could you believe Ethiopiawust ??? that is what sebehat nega and simon bereket and yekerut gang, are doing in our Ethiopia…This is why I ask all Ethiopians to chose a specific days and we all become one in front of God and pray for our country…pente ye genzeb ena ye poletica machine new, and HDM is much appreciated by the west who probably prefer to deal with him than the sebehat gang…the west know these people are terrorist they know it! gen they don’t care because at the end of the day, it is african people dying, not theirs…

  4. fana

    February 4, 2013 at 10:31 pm

    I don’t understand the logic of Pentes. How can they say true Christian is Protestant when Christianity existed way before the West? The only thing why Pentes want is because it is modern, economical gives capitalist way of empowerment that is why. It is very non trational. It appeals to people like Desalegn because, he is rejecting animist, traditional culture to embrace Western that comes with money by the way and gives them empowerment. It is connected with money. The same reason why today who want radical Islam which comes with money. Why do you think poverty attracts religion because they are desperate that they convert for the sake of money and livelihood.

    Why do people get attached to relgion from outside instead of getting education, learning skills and technologies from outside to develop their country, instead they bring relgion to divide people further.

  5. selamawit

    February 4, 2013 at 10:03 pm

    Hey!! the so called “Ancient Ethiopia” do u know what r u talking? don’t be foolish who was before in the Menelik palace? there is no change they are the same dictators. but they are not real protestant they don’t know the Mighty God. they are fake they are doing politics.

  6. Joe

    February 4, 2013 at 2:31 pm

    Brother and sisters “TEKEM” will blind the HODAM, especially in a country like Ethiopia were there are very limited opportunity. what the PM did not know is, He is sitting on fire.i guess it is his choice. may his God save him. that,s what i can only say. God bless our country.

  7. xanadu

    February 3, 2013 at 7:05 pm

    For me this noisy and chaotic weekly “pente costal” prayer in the palace is part of the systematic degradation and disintegration of the value, spirit. moral and integrity of the majority of orthodox and Muslim Ethiopians. It is a methodical ‘evil’ work of the ruling junta to slowly erase the spirit of “Ethiopianwinet” from the people’s heart and mind. In a short term, it is a pave towards a “Tigray-Tigrigne Republic” journey. What do we expect if we are full of side watchers, complainers, migrators, traitors, blood suckers and Butt lickers. God, I do not know what happened with us.

  8. Selamawit Solomon

    February 3, 2013 at 6:11 pm

    Slowly but surely the articulate and sneakey TPLF cadres pull the rug from
    ” PM” Dessalgen’s feet to let him know clearly Who is THE BOSS, Once it sinks to his brick head that he is just a Henchman for TPLF facists … One day he might Woke up and ask them HE IS HUMAN TOO LIKE THEM, AND DESERVE TO BE TREATED LIKE ONE ??? which eventualy shorten his “Power” i mean His Title as the “PM of ETHIOPIA”

  9. Selam

    February 3, 2013 at 4:05 pm

    The regn of Satan yelachuhal , ye he new…’Ethiopia edjochoin wede Egueziabeher tezeregaletch ” this is the time Ethiopians in the world should seriously think of organizing a week or days of prayer in which we all come together to ask God of Israel, to interfere…this is no joke…ke Fetari gar yemiyatala meguist hezbun endih sichawetubet, what are we waiting to decrete a fasting and praying time??? ESAT, ECADF you should contact our Sinodos here to arrange that …

  10. Ancient Ethiopia

    February 3, 2013 at 2:03 pm

    That means menelik’s palace became the dancing place of penetes who praise devile.. so shame.

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