Ethiopia: Dire need for Amhara-Oromo et al united action

April 8, 2012

by Robele Ababya

It is written in the Holy Bible in Ecclesiastic 3: 1 that:

“There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under the heavens”

How long ago was is it since us Ethiopians said ENOUGH! Of TPLF regime’s multiple cruelties amounting to those of theEthiopia: Dire need for Amhara-Oromo et al united action ruthless invader Mussolini? When is the intense hatred for the Amharas, contempt for the Oromos and other ethnic groups in Ethiopia going to end? When is trading in the name of the valiant people of Tigray going to end? Why has the Zenawi regime adopted Mussolini’s strategy of total subjugation of the Amharas and the Oromos in particular?

Zenawi has yet again set in motion his grand design for incurably breaking the back of the Amharas and Oromos in tandem and proceed with bringing the rest of the ethnic groups to complete submission to the misrule of the regime.

The vindictive Italian Fascist, after forty years of sophisticated preparation, invaded Ethiopia with far superior modern military weapons and highly trained army that was no match in numbers to the ill-trained, poorly equipped and bare-footed peasant militia but determined to die for their dignity, creed, family values, their land and property, and independence of their motherland.  It was during this war that the Italian Fascist invaders dropped leaflets from the air flying over villages in Tigray condemning the Amharas and Oromos and strictly warning the villagers not to cooperate with their militia in any way or face severe punishment.

In the circumstances, time has come for the Amharas and Oromos to set their relatively petty rivalry for power aside and collaborate in order to avert the grave simmering prospect of living in slavery – ironically in the country  for which their ancestors had so bravely fought and jealously guarded its independence as vividly demonstrated in the Battle of Adwa that marked the humiliation of Italy, drew respect of the surprised European powers, and became a beacon of hope for all black people living in bondage in the Diaspora. Is it not time more than any other time to wake up to the danger of extinction?

Hypocrisy  of some Western powers:

In my letter of 19-Feb-09 to Secretary Clinton I wrote:  “In the recent campaign unprecedented for the long time it took and the money spent, I was torn between the wish to see the first woman or the first African American in the White House. It is now history that Barack Obama won and other contenders bowed out gracefully setting a spectacular example to the international community which I believe hold you with high esteem for your spirited campaign for Candidate Obama to win the Presidency.”

And look at the above photograph for what I got in return to my remark, which on hindsight was a hyperbole. There is no mistaking the intimacy between the duos. But what was the warm handshaking and beaming smile about? My guess is that puppet Zenawi is saying aloud Bingo! Mission accomplished! Readers may make their own guesses.

President George W. Bush reneged on his promise not to collaborate with dictators. Secretary Clinton with her smile and warm handshake extended to genocidal tyrant is vindicating that reneging on promises was right; desperate dictators do things including torture and rendition legally barred in the United States.

Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice stood, side by side with tyrant Zenawi, on the hallowed ground of Meneliks’s City to renounce the Human Rights Bill HR2003 unanimously approved by the exalted House of Representatives of the United States Congress. She contradicted African- Americans and the Black Caucus in the House who supported the Bill from its inception to its approval. The smiling Secretary Rice posed for a photograph with the tyrant standing on her side. Her denouncing of HR2003 in Addis Ababa – lacked statesmanship and decorum and exposed her insensitivity to the agony, grief and wailing of mothers of the martyrs of June and November 2005 in the aftermath of the historic election decisively won by the opposition and ruthlessly stolen by the ruling party of the despotic ruler.

Ambassadors Aurelia Brazil and Vicki Huddleston complained about what they called ‘vitriolic’ attack on Zenawi by opposition bloggers, but disregarded the execution of peaceful protesters by trigger happy security forces under his direct command of Zenawi.  Susan Rice showed her  support for the tyrant by the intimate photograph with him. Jundiai Frazer kept silent all along – perhaps spellbound by Zenawi’s divide-and- rule atrocities like the other senior diplomats in the State Department.

Regarding British policy, I quote the following two paragraphs from my article written regarding the terrorist incident in London in 2005:

“I sincerely and strongly deplore the abortive bombing of London transport system on the 21st of July 2005, following the first devastating attack (on 07 July 2005) on the system that sadly claimed 56 lives and caused injuries to hundreds of innocent people. It is morally right that both terrorist attacks drew a chorus of condemnation from the international community.”

“The position taken by the British government over the shooting of the Brazilian is in sharp contrast to the red carpet treatment at the G8 Summit accorded to Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, who has ordered the execution of 40 innocent civilians in cold blood, thrown thousands into jail under harsh conditions, and made many to suffer mental and physical tortures. Meles the butcher, has neither apologized to the families of the bereaved and the Ethiopian people nor instituted his promised ‘investigation’ into the heinous crime attributed to state-sponsored violence orchestrated by the very few innermost clique of Stalinists in his TPLF regime. I do not know whether Prime Minister Tony Blair has even privately regretted for inviting the tyrant Meles to the G8 Summit where the killer basked in the lavish functions of powerful world leaders exchanging smiles and champagne toasts even as atrocities in Ethiopia were taking their tolls. I doubt whether the British Prime Minister would help end tyranny in Ethiopia.”

PM Tony Blair’s successors  pursue the policy of their predecessor  on Ethiopia!

AU’s Impotence versus. Ethiopian Election 2005

On that historic day of 07 May 2005 a truly mammoth crowd estimated at 2.5 – 3 million inundated the streets and squares of Addis Ababa to support the now defunct Kinijit Party (Coalition for Unity and Democracy). That sea of humanity was acclaimed internationally for its magnificent display of decorum and civility; it ended peacefully without a single incident of violence.

The unprecedented massive support for Kinijit was followed by an unprecedented turn out of massive voters for the election of 15 May 2005 in which the ruling party suffered a convincing defeat failing to win a single vote in Addis Ababa where the AU Headquarters is located. Tyrant Meles unconstitutionally declared a state of emergency and swiftly implemented his plan B:  killing close to 200 peaceful protesters by trained snipers; throwing the true victors to the infamous Kaliti filthy prison; incarcerating tens of thousands of opposition supports, mostly young where their heads were shaven with unsterilized blades without regard to widespread STDs of that time; votes were stolen and his party declared victory overriding its even its hand-picked electoral commission announced the results.

The African Union shamefully pronounced the election free and fair and recognized the TPLF party as the winner. What is even more shocking is that one of the senior diplomats of the AU hailing from Rwanda overstepped diplomatic norms and blamed the opposition in public for the popular unrest in the aftermath of the election marked by gruesome atrocities.  It is a shame that this Rwandan forgot so soon, in the comfort of luxury that dollar-paid diplomats enjoy in Addis Ababa, the close to one million victims of genocide in his country.

It is time, more than any other time, for the Amharas and Oromos in particular, for their own sake in self-defense,  to combine their overwhelming numbers to deter the deadly threat posed against them; and to save the priceless heritage bequeathed by their ancestors in exemplary collaboration.

Let us say NO to ethnic cleansing; let us be proud that Ethiopia was the first country to develop systems of law by which to be governed; let us believe in ourselves as equals regardless of the chronological order of settling of our ancestors in Ethiopia; let us believe in our irreversible bond crowned by inter-marriage and multiple common values. It is our duty to preserve the sanctity of our places of worship in churches, mosques & synagogues in Ethiopia! So help us the Almighty God of the Universe!


Release all political prisoners in Ethiopia including

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5 Responses to Ethiopia: Dire need for Amhara-Oromo et al united action

  1. Robele Ababya

    April 12, 2012 at 11:13 am

    I thank profoundly my compatriots for taking their precious to make their educative comments. I admire their deep concern regarding the colossal damage being inflicted by the fascist TPLF regime.

  2. remove the woyane gujile

    April 10, 2012 at 11:33 am

    OLf die hards support the the fascist TPLf simply because TPLf hates the amhara. the two organisations are the same in many ways. The sad thing is TPLf hurts the ordinary oromo as much as it does the amhara. the ordinary people can be united against TPLf fascism, but those who claim to represent them work with or promote the fascist politics of the TPLf.

  3. anon

    April 10, 2012 at 10:07 am

    Once again, I thank you very much for shooting straight forward, at a time where many among us prefer political correctness. I also thank the locality and the environment you were breed and raised .It is because of these factors and for no other reason I sense in your vein the blood of Ethiopian patriotism.

    It appears to me many writers about the country in these e forums can be broadly categorized in two groups. I think only handful writers have the right approach and strategy how to deal with TPLF. Thus far You, Ambassador Imru, and Dr.Aklog have consistently called us for united action against the TPLF clique

    The second group of writers are off the mark about the overall presentation they come up with and the very little or no plan of action .It is true that not all people can see, and perceive in the same fashion. Among other things insight to events, especially the scrutiny and examination of evil, is a matter of God given discernment.

    I have always opposed the siding of some Ethiopian political parties with Hamassen to unset Legese on the ground that both EPLF and TPLF from their inception have displayed fear and mistrust towards Ethiopians. There is historical evidence that supports their open enmity towards anti Dreg Ethiopian nationalist organizations such as EDU and EPRP.
    From the get go it was the aim of TPLF not only not to work along with other freedom fighters but to oppose any Ethiopian entity to operate in Tigre.
    Such being their strategy EPLF and TPLF jointly fought against EPRP at her base Assimba.A few years later TPLF waged another war against EDU in her base at Sheraro.Again, in 1982 both fronts fought jointly to evict ELF out of Eritrean soil. Still more the two fronts in collaboration with deceived Ethiopians fought against the Derg to seize state power. What I am simply saying here is this there has is and will remain a strategical friendship so long EPLF and TPLF remain in existence.

    It is interesting that you asked,

    “When is trading in the name of the valiant people of Tigre going to end?”

    I believe this will come to an end when the Oromos and the Amharas decided to rise up and send the TPLF occupiers who have lost all sense of decency to administer in civility to their rightful place. Therefore, it behooves on all of us, without any wasting of time, to give direction to the brimming social condition. We need to be willing to pay sacrifice, after all it is matter of time the people will start to take their own individual action, and this is the worst scenario we could not afford to permit.
    Instead we have to count the coast and be willing to provide leadership and direction to positively channel the public anger.

    I am disappointed with the position of Seye last week. He said in a vague way given the international situation peaceful struggle is the only way. He also said the Military does not want to see civil war. If that be the case then why is the regime intensifying its assault in multiple fronts? It has already intervened in Somalia, It just raided across the border in Eretria. And in a bizarre of twist of events, we learned multiple domestic atrocities, such as the burning of two monastries, threatning of the Waldeba monasteries, the expulsion of Amharas from the Southern States, and the shipment of 45,000 Ethiopian girls to the Middle East.
    It is meaningless to sit by and continue to watch the acts of this regime, we simply don’t have any more time frame left ;we must hold meetings in our localities and go forward to the challenges of the time.

  4. Messay Dejene

    April 10, 2012 at 3:17 am

    Robele Ababya as usual, is at his best. Here he is candidly instructing his readers, citing our rich history to guide our actions.

    Robele recently brought to life the formidable youth army commander, Abichu, the teener from Sellalie who had wroght havoc on the Italians and their Tigrean shumbash and buluqbash with an unheard of ferocity and heroisim. That young Oromo boy who led over 200 patriots from across the whole nation during the war in Tigrai had the knack to swiftly go behind enemy lines and cause terror. He is reputed to have haunted even the most decorated Italian general.
    His absolutely right that the two single largest linguistic entities, Amaras and Oromos for the most part, determined the history of our great nation.
    The last Italian invasion is a case in point. The greatest challenge Ethiopian patriots faced then was not so much the ferenj enemy that was equipped with sophisticated aerial fire power and the mustard gass it used to exterminate our ancestors. It was the Tigrean mercinaries that outnumbered their white masters by four fold, which caused the most harm to our patriots. This is not to deny that some Tigres had also joined the patriots and died in the defence of the motherland.
    The first Woyane movement of some 70 years ago had nothing to do with what renegadeTigrean historians say. This outfit was a band of Tigrean mercinaries who feared for their lives on the wake of the defeat of their Italian masters by Ethiopian forces.
    What we see to day is an orchestrated war of agression on the very foundation of our country by incorrigible and unreconstructed Tigreans and Eritreans from within, most likely at the behest of enemies from without.
    They are ostensibly trying to avenge their suffured humiliation as dogs of war.
    Therefore, Amara and Oromos, the main obstacles to enemy agenda, must unite now as they have always done and obliterate the atrocious Woyane formation once and for all to save our country.

  5. Selamawit Solomon

    April 8, 2012 at 7:31 pm


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