Woyane’s New Love for the Diaspora and Growth and Transformation Plan

April 5, 2011

By Teshome Debalke

After 20 years of dividing the Diaspora by ethnic origin and religion Woyane finally is falling in love with Ethiopians in Diaspora to send its delegates all the way to North America to ‘discuss’ the Growth and Transformation Plan, it is a miracle. In other words, the racist Woyane is transformed to embrace ‘Ethiopians’ in Diaspora as one big family.


Ethiopia's Prime Minister Meles Zenawi

Meles Zenawi of Ethiopia


Contrary to what the regime and its cadres preaches the evidence shows Growth and Transformation Plan and the ‘discussion’ with the Diaspora has noting to do with growth or transformation of the Ethiopian Economy or the Diaspora role in it but everything to do with in order to save the Woyane’s corrupt economic interest and the regime’s survival.

The Ethiopian Diaspora in North America and Europe are the last frontier Woyane could not be able to contain through bribes and treats. Therefore, the palace gang in consultation with their cadres conceived a different approach to divide the Diaspora. Instead of ethnicity and religions that runs out of steam to sustain Woyane for this long, the next and only best thing turn out to be GTP, what a smart idea? Who would disagree with Growth and Transformation of the Ethiopian Economy, but Woyane itself?

The problem with the GTP and the Diaspora conference, it is designed to confuse the people at home and thwart the Diaspora from joining the struggle to oust the regime, noting more or less. If Diaspora investment is the reason why wait 20 years-after Woyane did everything imaginable scum to set-up its criminal enterprises in place to dominate the economy.

Organized by the regime’s cadres in the Ethiopian Embassies in Washington, Ottawa and the Consulate General in Los Angeles it is clear they are too clumsy to coordinate their defunct plot between them. It seems they have no clue of what the Growth and Transformation Plan of their own regime. The two invitation flyers and the attached literature (see the documents below) speak volumes how the out of control cadres are getting free rides on the expenses of the people of Ethiopia without much challenge. They seems as confused as the regime what to do to with the Diaspora that is increasingly getting bolder in going after the tyrant by organizing to put the regime out of business.

What is even more surprising about the ‘conference’ is the Ethiopian Investment Commission, the sole responsible government agency that should promote investment in the country- led by Director Abi Woldemeskel is no where to be found. In fact, the man that was appointed by the regime is out of sight when he should be the sole responsible person to promote investment around the world. He must be too busy luring Indian and Arab investors with handsome business opportunity for Woyane businesses.

It confirms the regime’s motive has noting to do with Diaspora to invest on GTP in the country but an attempt to discourage them from joining the struggle against the regime. In addition, none of the concerned government entities provide any information regarding GTP to Diaspora.

Furthermore, the so called the conference Coordinating Committee that came out of the woodwork to make us believe they are innocent Ethiopians whose mission is only to see their ‘people’ can benefit from GTP. It sounds as if they are couched to follow instruction from the regime and its associates when they selectively pick and choice what to say contrarily to standard investment promotion pitch.

Conspicuously absent from their PR stunt and their literature is the 100s of Woyane businesses that are causing havoc in the Ethiopian economy through massive corruption and crowding-out private traders. The massive land handout in favor of foreigners against Ethiopians is none issue for them.  The regime cadres encroaching in every conceivable business activities with the help of the regime are fair enough for them to ignore but yet, they want us to believe their motive is to lure Diasporas to investment to help their people and themselves knowing the reality of the country. what a petty.

For those gullible Ethiopians that are already involved in corruption to set up shop their fate is entwined with the regime.  For others that are willing to accept the Woyane bribe in promises to riches on the back of Ethiopians deserve what ever comes to them. But one thing the delegates must answer for the Diaspora and the world at large is to disclose the Woyane business holdings and the identity of those who run them. Foreign investors the regime provided land for cheap in the back door must also be disclosed to the public. Short of disclosing every business dealings the regime and its affiliates involved in amounts conspiracy to lure investors with false and misleading information and the admission of guilt of massive corruption and embezzlement of public resources with serious precautions for all involved.

The one thing postive about the conference is the opportunity for the Diaspora to know who is who in the family of Woyane cadres in North America that caused unspeakable crime against the Ethiopian community in Diaspora.

Every Ethiopian in Diaspora should be there with their cameras ready to expose the regime’s  cadres and ‘delegates’ (more like the messengers of death) to let them know there is noting they can do to sustain the tyrant and get away with crime against Ethiopians.

Independent Media outlets should cover the entire episode to make sure the delegates and the cadres would not get away like they do on the defenseless people at home.

It is rip the Ethiopian community must come in union to tell the corrupt and brutal regime enough is enough.

Beka is one word the regime will hear until it surrenders power to the people of Ethiopia; no GTP would save it from that reality.


1. A massage to Ethiopian national in regard to Growth and transformation Ethiopian Embassy Washington http://www.ethiopianembassy.org/PDF/GTP01.pdf

2. Growth and Transformation plan Conference from Consulate General of Ethiopia in Los Angeles


3 Responses to Woyane’s New Love for the Diaspora and Growth and Transformation Plan

  1. samuel

    April 7, 2011 at 3:02 am

    They have done nothing for twenty years in power,What are they going to change by
    coming here. I believe they want to divert attention here in order to do whatever they
    want in the country otherwise no one would listen to them anymore and almost everyone is saying BEKA,BEKA

  2. Melchsadik

    April 5, 2011 at 2:32 pm

    please,do you know if this” merchant of death “coming to Toronto ?

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